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  1. Group Roleplay, Adept and upwards.

    Hello there, I have a little project I have been working on that follows the events of a near extinction event. The setting is one where humanity finds itself in a world changed by something they can only explain as magic. After a strange, massive entity enters earths atmosphere, meteors pelt the earths surface and leave in their wake a strange magical mineral of sorts. Leaving behind Towering crystal formations that warp earth into a strange, hostile new world. Humanity finding themselves face to face with giant sea serpants and all sorts of warped beasts.

    A decade or so later our rp would take place. When humanity has started to slowly recover and actually started mining after crystal shards to harness the magic for their own gain.

    Expert from the OOC:

    In the year of 2050, Earth faced a a possible extinction event. The sudden appearance of a giant celestial body blinked into existence outside of our atmosphere, sending a chock wave that displaced and detroyed most if not all satellites we had in orbit. And then it begun to crash down towards earth. What first was believed to be a giant meteor turned out to be something else. The massive thing was alive and the size of a small city. And then it shattered and rained down onto the earth as a hail of massive crystalline meteors. They punched down into the earth, piecing down to the crust in some places, causing eruptions of lava. In other places, they hit the ocean, and sent massive Tsunamis across our coastlines. And their effects were not limited to normal physical phenoms. The crystals drastically affected the areas around them. First came the kinetic shock waves of their impact, that leveled everything in a radius around each that was several miles in circumference. But, what came afterward was very unexpected.

    Instead of sweeping our planet in giant clouds of dust and ash, the giant crystals that were now embedded into our planet warped the areas around them. In the Amazons, the crystals warped the wildlife and fauna, hyper charged and mutated it into something more fit of myth then reality, and on the plains of Texas, giant beasts were suddenly roaming, the oilfields lost to violent, revolting fauna. The oceans filled with sea serpents and other creatures of myth that turned our navys into scrap metal and made traveling by a sea a nightmare. And in the Northern hemisphere some places were flash frozen with ice that do not melt, enitire cities swollowed by overnight glaciers. All across the world, mankind lost to the new world that was created before them. Eradicated by the natural phenomenons and the powerful new creatures that roamed our earth

    This RP would start of in one of the West Coasts safe havens called "Ambrosia" .Humanity lost a lot of its technology, such as its satellites and pretty much all its communication channels. But a lot of weapon technology is preserved, as in the end, those are down to mechanical components generally. But with the advent of magic, a lot of rule of cool weaponry will be just as viable :D. Swords, mechancial magitech bows, mecha axes with magic properties? You know it.

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  2. Sounds awesome! I'd die hard for this if I understood what magitech was! When you say that, do you mean Steampunk or magical technology?
  3. Not like I would've known when my search engine said magitech was steampunk in parentheses. :P
  4. Hah. Well. People acredit Steampunk to pretty much everything these days. magitech simply means you apply magic to modern technology. A good example for this is Final Fantasy games were magic powers robots and stuff in some games.

    In this case, people use crystal shards to power machines in different smart ways. Such as a engine using thunder magic to power electrical engines. Or fire shards for heating systems.
  5. Ah, I see. Well, I'm interested. You planning on having a few more people to join before starting?
  6. It's a group RP. So i cannot go with just one player XD.
  7. I know. I just didn't know if it was a group roleplay or not. You didn't state so, unless you meant to imply that indirectly.
  8. I didn't state so, but I tried to imply it. But i should proboly put it in the opening post.
  9. Is there any character sheets you want us to fill out? Or will that be revealed when we have a significant amount of people?
  10. This is just a interest check. Everything will be much clearer in the OOC
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