Magicpunk fairies in space, or something

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  1. In some distant age, in a place far away, fairies called Aeva are commonplace and exist alongside sentient life. They're born alongside those lucky enough to have parents who also have Aeva companions. The fairies aid their partners in every day life, from communication with other Aeva pairs to providing shelter. Woodland Aeva settlements often have entire cities grown right into the trunks of the trees they live among. Natural cave structures can be modified and reinforced to be safe and convenient for habitation, with bio-luminescent flora or crystals providing light as needed.

    There is one known continent within the world. Many regional bedtime stories tell of other lands, a continent beyond the seas, and islands in the sky. None who have left to explore have returned, but life on the continent isn't so bad. The skies are blue, the air is clean, and the grass is green. But, well, that peace can't last forever, can it?

    This is going to be a Magical Girl RP set in my own setting. Characters may start with or without a fairy, and everyone may or may not get their super magical girl powers at the same time.
  2. Character Skeleton

    Photo: (You can use description or picture. This is magical girl, so anime pictures prefered.)





    Hobbies/Interests: (Basically, list some things your character likes. Any amount.)

    Dislikes: (Like Hobbies, only what doesn't your character like)

    Extra: (This is for anything else you want to inform us about your character.)

    Fairy Name:

    Fairy Element:

    Starting with Fairy?:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.