Magician's apprentice roleplay

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  1. Nella Turner was completely and utterly ordinary until the day she wandered into the renowned magician and playboy Alistair Wormwood's mansion by accident (she thought she was exploring an abandoned cabin in the middle of her new woods). Suddenly she has mythical creatures after her hide as she quickly discovers that she isn't so ordinary after all. She's extremely powerful and someone's been hiding her from the magical realm, for want purpose is yet unknown. Alistair, feeling responsible for Nella's plight, since it was his examination spell that broke whatever was hiding her, takes her on as an apprentice and now has to be her guide in a strange and new world.

    Nella, short for Marinella, is somewhat conflicted and confused. A part of her is really excited to be on an adventure and learn magic and a lot of these creatures are really nice and that fox spirit seems to like her a lot. Another part it completely terrified and holy shit is that a chimera WHY DOES THAT HORSE HAVE FANGS AND HER FOX JUST SET ITSELF ON FIRE WTF. Doesn't help that her 'teacher' is kind of an ass. She's kind of timid and unsure of herself but is also eager and a relatively quick learner.

    Alistair Wormwood is a playboy with an ego, he's very charming and he unfortunately is very well aware of it. That said his status and wealth is far from unearned, he's very clever and he's got the magic to back up his ego. He treats everyone with respect, though he is a bit franker with closer friends. Despite not wanting an apprentice, when it becomes apparent that Nella REALLY FUCKING NEEDS HIM, he accepts responsibility as being essentially her legal guardian within the magical world. This is going to be an experience, that's for sure.

    No romance. I realize that this is like the perfect set up for a cheesy love story but Alistair is almost ten years older than Nella who's only fifteen so EW NO. Their relationship is going to be very big brother/little sister or student/teacher.

    AlsoI'll be playing Nella.

    Let's take this idea and see where it goes!