Magical Team Starlight and the luna Incident

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    A purple hue cast ominously down onto the surroundings of the sleeping city of Neo Vetrice. What looked like an abnormally fluffy and cute white mouse skittered along a cobblestone alleyway, a movement that broke the otherwise stillness of the scene. It paused once it reached it's destination at the feet of a figure cloaked in the shadow of a building. It began to pant now, clearly showing signs of a recent struggle. A hard fought victory.

    "That...was a close one..." It said to her telepathically. Despite it's words and physical exhaustion, it still sounded chipper in it's mental voice. "But it's good that we got that out of the way."

    It glanced back the way it had come, broken floor panels and debris littering the area. That, along with blood and ice. It wondered if every battle would be that difficult or if the one who had caught onto their plans so soon had been one of the more powerful ones in the first place. It trembled with excitement at the thought of more battles such as that, despite the fact that it could have easily spelled their doom and was an impromptu one. Following the instinct of the Luna, it enjoyed fighting more than all else. Too bad it had to be secretive most of the time in between letting loose. Once their plan was a success, however, they wouldn't have to hide their true nature any longer. That day couldn't come soon enough. It wouldn't doubt for a second that they would succeed in their goals.

    It wanted a new battle right now, but unfortunately they needed to gather more intelligence or something first. Something about a human school where magical girls secretly went to. It wasn't the brains of this operation by any means so it would just go along for the ride until it's services were needed again.


    The next day...

    Akemi Hisakawa let out a sigh of relief as the school bell rang, signifying the end of school for the weekend. She swiftly began to make her way to the magical girl clubroom, eager to gather more information about them from some new sources who had taken notice of her club and agreed to meet with her after school. She was a magical girl herself, but was admittedly new about it so was always open for new information wherever it may come from. As she approached the room she heard worried voices speaking inside.

    "We lost contact with Natsuko last night and she didn't show up to school today. She said she was following someone suspicious but was cut off. You don't think something-"

    Akemi opened the door in a hurry, interrupting the voice as the people in the room turned to her as she stepped inside excitedly. Her "spidey senses" were tingling. Something big was about to go down.
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  2. The infectious light of the purple moon filled the night's landscape, casting ominous shadows off the buildings within the city. It's light never quite reflected properly off the windows, seeming to fall flat and shroud them with their haze. It was a comfortable feeling for the shrouded figure, a sense of home and of self. A movement on the ground caught the figure's eyes, stooping down to gently pick the critter up from the cobblestone.

    "What a nuisance." The feminine voice hissed, surprisingly melodic despite its source. "Good work my friend."

    The being could have responded to her companion telepathically if she so wished, however she preferred hear her own voice; especially when it echoed in the haunting silence of night. The maiden stepped out from the shadows, her snow white hair darkening to a pitch black as the rest of her demonic form faded away behind her human disguise. Her slit, crimson eyes fell upon the shattered remains of her opponent as they shifted into a cold, slate grey.

    "Pity. She was actually kind of amusing." The girl smirked without so much as a shred of remorse. She stepped lightly around the bloody remains and sharp icicles left over from the battle, offering a place on her shoulder to her tiny companion. "Come now. I have homework to finish."

    She flipped her long hair behind her as she walked off into the night, leaving the poor girl behind to be discovered by authorities the following morning.

    Lithia stood up from her desk as the bell rang, lifting her packed bag over her shoulder before heading out to the club room. It wasn't a far walk, in fact she was usually among the first to arrive after classes had ended. Upon her arrival she could immediately feel the unease filling the room, the reason she could surely guess but she knew playing dumb was best.

    "What's wrong you guys?" She asked innocently, placing her bag down carefully on the floor. Immediately her classmates began talking, spilling their concerns over their missing friend. I figured as much, but they won't trace it back to me. At least not for a while. She thought confidently to herself.

    Thia was shaken from her thoughts as Akemi came crashing through the doors, the others immediately looking to her for guidance... After all, she was club leader. The dark haired girl folder her arms across her torso, hugging herself as if she were worried.

    "Akemi..." Thia trailed off, matching her expression with those of the others. She was proud of herself, having gradually gotten better at mimicking the facial expressions of those around her. They weren't quite perfect yet, but it would take a true expert to be able to tell the difference. And as far as she was concerned... These kids were just a bunch of amateurs.
    It was midday when he found it, the now active crime scene. Nietzsche clenched his fists in disgust as he looked on, not at all surprised that nobody knew what to make of it. Regular people wouldn't have been able to sense it, but with all the time he had spent around magic... It's presence was unmistakable. He couldn't see everything, but if he had to guess, it was most likely that a local magical girl had met a cruel and untimely death at the hands of a wretched Luna. The foul beasts were becoming more and more active, but what concerned him was the sole victim. Memories of the night he and his sister were attacked flooded his mind, the boy taking a moment to shake the images away before leaving the scene.

    It was strange, no matter whether it was a lone wolf or a whole pack, when a Luna attacked there were usually more than one body left behind. Screams, blood flowing down the street... Something to indicate that it had ever existed. He feared that one with a taste for magical girl blood had entered the city.

    "Magical Girls." The Leo boy groaned, slapping his forehead in irritation. He turned on his heels and began jogging toward the city's high school, having almost completely forgotten the meeting he was supposed to have with the local girls. Nietzsche himself was new to the city, having only moved in within the last few days. He was excited to meet new people, to gather information, and to get stronger as a Magi Wielder, but there was something in the air that spelled trouble... An unshakable feeling of dread as he rushed toward the school he would be officially attending come the start of next week.​
  3. Akemi couldn't provide any useful information to the flustered girls that almost immediately surrounded her as she entered the clubroom, pelting her with question after question that she had no reason to know, having been at school the entire time of the incident, the same as them. She honestly tired of the situation rather quickly, but knew that it would be impolite to act irritated in the eyes of her panicked underlings. She couldn't blame them either.

    Her eyes locked with Lithia, one of her most promising subjects, over the bobbing heads of the girl's in front of her. She gave her a shrug as if to say, "what can you do, am I right?"

    Nothing much came out of all the chatter until a few minutes later when a grave faced, clean shaven male teacher dressed in a crisp suit entered the doorway. Akemi had a really good idea what he was going to say before he said it. She didn't even bother turning to face him, but instead stared down at the floor as he spoke.

    "I have saddening news. Your fellow classmate, Natsuko Nishimura, was found dead by police at around noon today. I believe some of you had said something about a suspicious call made by the victim moments before her disappearance?"

    There was much sobbing as the news broke. Some of the students decided to go with the man and tell him what they knew in an attempt to help find who did this, some excused themselves and went home for who knows how long, while others remaining in the clubroom to console each other. Akemi was a good shoulder to cry on but she, herself, shed no tears. Instead her face showed that she was in thought, calculating how to proceed. Once the room became more silent besides the occasional whimper and sniffle, she spoke.

    "She was a beloved member of our club, and she shall be missed. Let's arrange a proper memorial service for her for on Monday," she began, looking at each of the girls in turn. In doing this she also made sure that the only girls in the room were magical girls before proceeding any further. Most in the club were to begin with, while others were simply interesting in magical girls and didn't know the truth. Luckily those girls had already left.

    "In the meantime, let's be careful out there. We had no knowledge of a portal in need of closing, so this wasn't a planned battle for us. This also means the enemy Luna, if it is an attack by them and not a random act of violence, shouldn't have been able to know to attack her either. Somehow the enemy knew she was a magical girl. I doubt she was just walking around transformed so it must be from something else."

    " think the perpetrator knows about us?" a girl asked, wiping her nose with her sleeve.

    "I fear that is one option. Natsuko was a powerful member, so we know that our enemy must also be powerful, or perhaps got lucky or took her off guard. Either way we need to keep an eye out for them and stay in groups of at least 2 to 3 until we get more information. I will call the girls who left to make sure they know about this."

    The other girls nodded at this in agreement.

    Akemi walked over to Lithia, letting out a reassuring smile. "I don't worry about myself, of course, but I still wouldn't mind pairing up with you for a bit, if you don't mind."

    Akemi and the other girls were oblivious to the tiny Luna hiding in Lithia's hair, observing the scene with a hungry glare.
  4. Lithia stiffened as the man entered the room, confirming the fears the rest of the girls had. She couldn't stand the sound of their whining, but she maintained a straight face as if she were fighting back tears. The man asked her the same few questions he asked everyone else, questions she answered vaguely as she honestly didn't know what her classmate was up to before she began sticking her nose into places it didn't belong. She was quite relieved when a decent amount of the club members excused themselves from activities, going home to rest after this "trauma".

    As Akemi began talking Lithia backed herself up against the wall, crossing her arms in boredom. There was nothing worse than listening to these girls prattle on about how great this Natsuko girl was, and how much she was would be missed. It almost made her regret killing the nosy child. She groaned internally when Akemi mentioned pairing up in groups of 2 or 3 when it came to doing anything from then on.

    This might complicate things a little... But let's play along for a little while and see how things go.

    She reassured her hidden companion, exhaling slowly to relieve some of her built up irritation.

    Something closeby caught her attention pulling her focus momentarily from the present, only to be yanked back by Akemi's voice speaking to her.
    Of all the people.

    "Not at all. I'd feel much safer with someone so capable having my back in a pinch." Thia's lips curled at the edges in a forced smile, the best she could do for the moment. Then again, the girls were used to her awkwardness by now, so it wouldn't seem too out of place anymore. She opened her mouth to say something else but was interrupted by a strange feeling in her gut. A shudder ran down her spine as her eyes flicked over to the door.

    "We have company." She mumbled, curious but wary of the quickly approaching presence.


    "I can't believe I forgot." Nietzsche growled to himself, running as quickly as he could. The kid travelled light so the trip was rather easy, it was just the distance he had to travel that took him so long. On his way out he noticed a few girls leaving with puffy eyes and running noses, undoubtedly the classmates of the dead girl he saw earlier. He felt bad for them, there was nothing worse than loosing someone considered a friend... Though he noticed such things were overly exaggerated when it came to girls. An image of his sister's face popped into his head causing him to hesitate in his steps. Shaking his head he jogged on toward the clubroom assigned to the magical girl "club".

    Taking a deep breath, the boy reached for the door and knocked before letting himself in. He was met with the sight of quite the distraught faces, it was any wonder why any of them stayed instead of going home. But he admired their strength, it was something he was sure to keep in mind if he was to be working along side them for a while. Clearing his throat, he looked around the room solemnly.

    "I'm sorry to hear about your friend... Wish there was something I could have done to help." He nodded his head respectfully to the group before gritting his teeth and continuing.

    "My name is Nietzsche, Nietzsche Leo. I'm looking for a miss Akemi Hisakawa?"
  5. "Speaking," Akemi replied, taking a few steps over to him. "I had heard that you'd arrive. Didn't think you'd already have a case on your first day with us, though. In all honestly I'm mostly only interested in magical girls, or magia as they're called,'ll do as well when we need all of the help we can get."

    She nodded towards Lithia. "Me and Lithia are going to team up for the time being, so it might be nice if you tagged along as well and I can show you the ropes. Of course I don't officially have much authority over you besides kicking you out of the club if you get on my nerves."

    "What would you like us to do, Akemi-san?" One of the girls asked.

    "All of you girls just need to stay safe until we get this mess sorted out. I'll call you if we get an update on the situation," she answered. "The club is dismissed for today."

    The girls slowly began grouping up and filing out of the clubroom until only Akemi, Lithia, and Leo remained.

    "So...what do you guys think should be our first step? It's possible the killer might try to strike again, so we could try to draw them out somehow..."
  6. Nietzsche wasn't surprised by Akemi's reaction to his lack of natural magical abilities, he was quite used to it by now so it didn't bother him nearly as much as it used to. He was, however, concerned by her quick acceptance of his assistance. Usually the Magia were against working with wielders like himself, finding it demeaning to "give away" their power to the mundane. This group however was either incredibly open minded or in serious trouble after this attack. He was hopeful of the former but betting on the latter.

    The boy nodded his understanding of the situation, remaining silent as the club members inquired about their instructions. He disapproved of her decision to just send them home to rest, as it didn't appear any of them had seen recent battle but he decided it was best not to step on any toes right off the bat. Maintaining his manners, he nodded politely to the departing girls until he and his new "partners" were the only ones left in the room.

    Once the room had cleared out, Akemi began what sounded somewhat like a battle strategy. Yet another surprise, though this time it was a good one. He posed to respond but was quickly cut off by a voice he had yet to hear.


    He turned a questioning gaze toward the quiet brunette, taken off guard by the ferocity of her voice despite the lack of facial expression.


    Thia kept her eyes on the newcomer from the moment he walked through the door, studying as much about him as she could from sight alone. Akemi seemed to have been expecting him, which eased her mind slightly, but she wasn't about to relax yet. A stranger would probably pick up on details her "friends" would likely overlook due to familiarity. It was due to this distraction that she was quick to object to Akemi's proposition of drawing out the murderer... Speaking with slightly more force than she had intended.

    "I don't think that's a wise decision. We have neither the information nor the man power to deal with something like this. We'd be flying completely blind."


    His eyes narrowed as she spoke, eyebrows furrowed in thought. The girl had a point, but there was something about how quickly she protested that grated on his nerves. Still, a voice of reason was still a voice, and it was not one he was about to ignore. She had brought up a point that would allow him a step through the door to proving his worth to the natural born Magia.

    "Lithia, was it?" Nietzsche asked, nodding his head toward the pale youth. He paused for her to nod her acknowledgement to his question before continuing. "That's not necessarily true. From the battleground left behind, I was able to deduce a few things about your attacker. I've already inquired about your friend's magical abilities, so from that I can already tell you that your mysterious Luna is an Ice magic user."

    Thia maintained her calm outer appearance, but internally she was fighting the instinct to rip the man to shreds.

    Gruddur, are you awake? She thought to her tiny companion who had decided her hair was a good place to hide. We might have a some more work to do. Be on your guard.

    "That is a magic we share in common it seems." Thia said with a frown. "I've sparred against Natsuko on a couple of occasions, and neither time have I come close to beating her. If we really are dealing with an Ice Luna of that caliber, I'm not going to be much help in a fight. I think we should hold off until we know more about the situation."

    "If we wait around more people are going to die, we can't just sit on our hands while that vermin run rampant in the town. If one can slide by detection, than more can too, we have to put a stop to it before it becomes a disaster." Nietzsche snapped, clenching his teeth with regret the moment he'd finished. He, however, was not going to take back a single word. These Magia needed to see the gravity of the situation, and if that meant turning into the mean guy, he was fully prepared to do so.
  7. Akemi stood silently as the two got into a little argument about her plan. She didn't mind having her orders questioned, but it was kind of annoying how Thia wouldn't just go along with it and try to find the killer now. She hated waiting games so wanted to be the one to draw them out as soon as possible without any other fellow club members needing to get involved. They were probably too shaken up at the moment to be of much use...besides one or two.

    "Well, if you're so against it then you don't need to team up with me then, Thia," Akemi said with a slight scowl. "I could have Haruka and Ayumi join me instead." They were her two most promising members besides Thia now that Natsuko was dead, so would serve as a good replacement for Thia in order to hopefully take down the threat. "Oh yeah, and the new guy too," she added on, nodding to Nietzsche.

    "Unless you have a better plan of action?" Akemi said, pulling out her phone to prepare to give the two a call if Thia couldn't come up with something she liked.


    Gruddur was indeed awake and scratched lightly at Thia's scalp to signify this. He was getting rather impatient at this human meeting so was glad to hear that he may get in on some action pretty soon. It took all of his negligible will power to stop himself from pouncing on Akemi right this moment.
  8. Thia ground her teeth together in her annoyance at the situation. If Akemi decided to cut her out then she would have no way of knowing what she and the new guy had found out... Or whether any of it pointed back to her and her partner. After debating internally with herself, Lithia finally sighed with defeat.

    "If you truly thought they were better choices as partners, you would have assigned them to you in the first place." She said as she uncrossed her arms. "Put the phone away and think about this rationally. My stance on this has not changed but I think we might be able to come to a compromise on the situation. If you're so keen on drawing this monster out into the open then fine, but you'll allow me to act as the bait instead." Nietzsche glanced at Lithia suspiciously, narrowing his eyes as he spoke up.

    "Wasn't it you who just said, only a moment ago I might add, that in a fight against another Ice Magic user that you wouldn't be much help?" He questioned, not quite understanding where this girl was going.

    "Indeed I did, and if you're talking in terms of advantages than that would still be true. However, the point of this compromise is not necessarily overpowering the enemy... But outsmarting it instead. Our magic should end up cancelling each other out, or at least evening out the field between us. I will draw the Luna out into a deserted area where I can keep it busy. You and Akemi will hang out on the outskirts where you can study its movements, its habits." Lithia matched Nietzsche's gaze as if daring him to challenge her... Which in all honesty was probably the most activity her face had seen in awhile. Dropping his eyes, the boy ran his hand through his hair thoughtfully. After a few moments, it was his turn to sigh.

    "I hate to admit it but I think I can see your point. My only reservation is that this would be a race against time... Both of you will be fighting to tire the other out, if you collapse before we have a chance to strike, the whole plan would be blown."

    "Not necessarily. When I joined this team, I joined prepared to give my life to protect the city against these threats. The data you collect, whether I win or lose, will help you figure out a way to take down the Luna quickly. So, Akemi, what's your call?" She challenged, turning her gaze back to her leader.
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