Magical Rebellion (OOC and Sign Ups)

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  1. Setting: America, Present Day

    Plot: For 20 years, "Crystal" and "Indigo" children have lived in harmony with society. But now, a new regime has entered America, with threats to abolish religion and replace all the churches and other holy places with research institutes. Crystals and Indigos have established an underground resistance to regain the democracy they have known for so long. Will the resistance succeed? Or will they be subjected to their extermination?

    • Bright colored glow around their bodies at night
    • Usually kind and adventurous
    • More nature connected abilities
    • Love nature
    • Purple glow around bodies at night
    • More hotheaded and protective
    • More intuitive abilities
    • Older

    • Your character may die, so no making your character immortal.
    • If you plan to play as a government agent, no bursting in and arresting all the Crystals and Indigos right away.
    • This includes Anime Physics, so I am recommend you find an anime image to describe your character (not required)
    • Romance is cool, but if you plan to have sexy stuff, take it to the Private Messages or use the spoiler tag.
    • Spolier tags also apply to triggers
    • All Iwaku rules apply
    • Have Fun!

    Name: Marjorie Winston

    Age: 15


    Type: Crystal

    Personalty: Marjorie is a sweet, innocent girl. She is willing to help anybody in need, and volunteers at a pediatric hospital when she has the time. She is also insecure, having her father killed in a drunk driving incident and her mother with lung cancer.

    Bio: She was born and raised in Pittsburgh. As a child, she saw a lot of hardships living in the city. Her mother worked as a firefighter, which had it's own risks, and her father worked as a bartender to make ends meet. Five years ago, her father was killed when a drunk driver hit him head on, leaving the family with almost no funds. Not soon after that, Marjorie made ends meet as a artist, which for her age, she drew surprisingly well.

    Special Abilities (If applicable) : Marjorie can control ice and water, communicate with aquatic life, and draw someone's picture with only one glance

    Weapon (If applicable): None
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  2. Hello there! May I make a character?

    Name: Ailis Elisabeth

    Age: 14

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Type: Indigo

    Personalty: Blunt, slightly bossy, but almost ridiculously protective of her loved ones, Ailis tends to taunt people and try to see if they accept her. If they do, she will drop it and try to become friends with them. With a temper that activates at the slightest things, she seems like a jerk at first, but will accept anything lower than murder or betrayal if you can access her sweeter side.

    Bio: A normal, uneventful life.

    Special Abilities (If applicable) : Controlling fire.

    Weapon (If applicable): Knives, guns, rope, pipes, clubs, slippers, computers- anything nearby can and will be used as a weapon when Ailis wants it to be one.
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