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  1. The Story

    Whether you like it or not, you've had a bad experience with magical girls: Once a symbol of hope and justice, now a symbol of despair and anarchy. It's your job as a Hunter to kill these threats and save humanity.

    Or you can become a magical girl and fight the hunters.

    Are you ready?

    Le Sign Up

    Magical Girl Appearance (If a magical girl, duh)


    Type of Magical Girl (Puella Magi, Sailor Scout, Precure, etc.)
    Rank (If a hunter. Rookie, amateur, etc.)
    Magical Girl Grade (F = Very Weak , SS = Overpowered / Colossal Titan)

    Weapon (s)


    Total Kills

    Other Trivia:

    +Be nice
    +No godmodding
    +Stay grammatically correct
    +Have fun!

    Accepted Hunters:
    @Cats as Rex Price

    Accepted Magical Girls:
    @WeepingLiberty as Evanna Winters/Dancing Captor
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  2. I'll be back soon with a completed CS, but I might need a little clarification first. I might just be tired so please forgive me; but the skills... How should those look? Words? Numbers (system)?
  3. I have a question. If our hunter is not a magical girl then do they have any special gear to fight the other magical girls, or do they just have normal weapons?​
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  4. Hunters are either ex magical girls/boys or normal people. So normal weapons.
  5. They can either be letters F to SS (SS being overpowered and F being very weak) or <<insert number here>> / 10.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Name: Rex Price
    Title/Alias: X
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Serious, quiet, with loner tendencies. Enjoys solitude and tends to sit back and observe. Private, rarely talks about their feelings. Can be insensitive to the hardships of others. A planner. Well-organized and hard-working. Works steadily towards identified goals. Focused, with well-developed powers of concentration. Will usually accomplish any task once they have set their mind to it. A perfectionist. Clean, thorough, detail-oriented. Avoids mistakes. Logical and analytical. Not adventurous or spontaneous. Realistic. Doesn't appreciate strangeness. Conventional. Interested in supporting and promoting traditions and establishments. Dislikes countercultures. Dutiful, always follows the rules. Punctual. Finishes tasks.

    Bio: When Rick was 12, him and his younger brother, age 11, went to explore an abandoned house. The young boys looked all around the house, but there was one room in the house that seemed a bit off to them. When the two walked into the room the room changed into a dark scenery. The boys where terrified and had no idea what was going. All of a sudden a witch formed right in front of the two boys eye's. The younger brother passed out, and Rick stood in shock. The witch then trapped the boys in two separate cages. Then a magical girl broke into the room and started to fight the with. Rick was filled with relief, but the witch was two powerful for the girl. The magical girl blind the witch for a few seconds. Those few seconds bought the girl enough time to get Rick out of the cage, and get him out of the house. The girl left Rick's brother behind though. As she carried Rick out the house, he kept on hitting her on her back telling her to turn around and save his brother. The magical didn't listen, and when she took Rick out of the house, the house disappeared along with Rick's brother. Ever since that day Rick has always blamed magical girls for the death of his baby brother.

    Rank: Senior. (I don't know what the other ranks are.)

    Weapon (s)
    *Mike and sally- Two pistols. (In picture.) Mike and Sally is Rick's number 1 go to when he goes up against a magical girl/boy.
    *Two knife's
    *Grande (2)
    *Sniper. (Only if he goes on team hunts.)
    Sniper (open)

    *Hand to hand combat.
    *bored games

    Strength: 9/10
    Speed: 8/10
    Melee: 7/10
    Ranged: 5/10
    Magic: 1/10
    Tactics: 9/10
    Charm: 0/10

    (Just came up with a random number. I don't know what was the max.)
    Total Kills: 25
    Solo: 13
    Team: 12​
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  7. Accepted ya be!
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  8. This makes me sad that your other Magical Girl RP died so soon. :/
  9. I know. I'm kinda sad too.
  10. Well this one will be different. We'll keep it alive. ^.^. Hopefully I'll have some time to work on my CS's today, I'll post them as I finish them.
  11. Here we go, character 1 of 2: ((Had a quick question about the "Ranged" skill. Is that referring to skills with a ranged weapon, ranged magical attacks, or either/both?))

    Name: Evanna Winters
    Title/Alias: Dancing Captor/Eve
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female

    Eve’s “normal” look has only two differences from her Magical Girl appearances: Less flashy clothing, and the lack of a pale glowing mark on her forehead. She stands at 5’7” tall and weighs approximately 158 lbs. Often times she can be found running around in shorts, t-shirt and converse shoes (very rarely does she dress up).

    Magical Girl Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Evanna is the type of girl who just wants everyone to be happy and to get along. Her view of the world can be considered naïve, or at the very least childish, and she is much more trusting of others than she should be. She’s not so incompetent that she can’t recognize danger when she sees it but she has a nasty habit of ignoring this particular gut feeling to try and “fix” whatever it is that is targeting her. Due to her overly trusting nature Eve also forgives people too readily, even if they have hurt her or people she cares about in the past.

    Despite her childish qualities, Evanna is surprisingly very intelligent. Anything regarding numbers will knock her on her ass, but reading comprehension and language skills come rather naturally to her. If you asked any of her friends, they’d all tell you that half of her waking moments are spent with her nose in any kind of book she can get her hands on. Unfortunately this love for knowledge simultaneously makes her a space case, most of the time.

    Even so, Evanna’s greatest quality would be her loyalty to friends. No matter what’s going on, Eve will drop everything and run to the side of a friend in need. Some might believe it’ll be her downfall, but the stubbornness she inherited from her father won’t allow her to believe that she can beaten; that there’s nothing she can’t accomplish if she puts her mind to it.

    Bio: Some Magical Girls are born, others are made… Evanna is a little bit of both wrapped in a neat little bow. Her mother was an active Magical Girl back in her younger girls, back in a time where Hunters weren’t as big of a threat as they are today. Some of her magical power carried over to her baby, but it was so weak at first that even her own mother didn’t see it. Even though it grew over time, Evanna lost her mother to an illness when she was still very young. Raised by her dad from the age of four, Evanna grew up to be rowdy and a bit without grace, adopting more masculine hobbies than the girls her age did. It’s because of this Eve (13 at the time) found herself in the basement of a fortune telling shop on a dare, wandering about the dusty backstock with a mission to bring back proof of her adventure. To this day she doesn’t know what drew her to the cabinet, but something about caught her interest. When she opened the door she was faced with a beautiful deck of Tarot cards unlike any she had ever seen before. The sound of a closing door startled her and, without thinking, she stuffed the deck in her pocket and ran.

    A few weeks later, while she was playing around with the pouch, she discovered a small charm bracelet tucked away in a hidden sleeve. Marveling at the single charmed ringlet, Eva decided to try it on; that’s when her whole life changed. Whatever magical power that had been growing inside her since birth was finally brought before her as she made a “contract” with the cards she had stolen. For the next year Eva used her newfound power to try and better the town, fixing problems from behind the scenes and bringing joy to those around her. It was long, however, before things started to change. Recently she’s noticed some shady kinds of people following her around, and they don’t feel friendly.

    Type of Magical Girl: Card Captor (Card Captor Sakura)
    Rank: N/A
    Magical Girl Grade: A (Advanced)

    Weapon(s): Magical Staff (the charm on the bracelet); A Reaper’s Scythe (the staff transformed by a card)

    Skills: Speed Reading, Trivial Memory, Speed Casting/Summoning, and Combat w/Weapon.

    Strength: 6/10
    Speed: 8/10
    Melee: 4/10
    Ranged: 7/10
    Magic: 8/10
    Tactics: 4/10
    Charm: 9/10

    Total Kills: 12
    Solo: 2
    Team: 10

    Other Trivia: Eva has a “pet” bird she nursed back to health in middle school. She’s named him Leo, and he is a Black-Shouldered Kite.

    Show Spoiler
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  12. You be accepted! And ranged can mean ranged weapon and magic.
  13. Aaaaand, here we have 2 of 2:

    Name: David Summers
    Title/Alias: Obsidian (Sid for short)
    Age: 39
    Gender: Male

    Standing at a height of 6'4" David weighs about 220 lbs, a slender man but tougher than he looks. His natural hair used to be much lighter but over the years it has darkened from a dirty blonde to an auburn, complimenting his hazel eyes in the creepiest of ways.
    Show Spoiler

    David is a sweet and caring fathertly figure, a little quirky for sure, but difficult to hate. He was not unchanged by the tragedy that struck his family, but for the most part he retained this core quality. With the loss of his only child, David became obsessed with finding justice for his daughter... A sense that was quickly corrupted into a need for revenge. His newfound hatred is not for the Magical Girls however, it is for the magic they possess and while he takes no pleasure in ending their lives, he does so with the reassurance that it's what's best for the world.

    Dark David aside, he is quite the entertainer. He loves telling stories and can often be found sitting on a park bench speaking to a horde of kids, an activity that doesn't bring him as much pain as it used to. To add to his quirks, David is a lover of sweets and spicy food but cannot stand anything bitter. Even though he doesn't wear a mask, people can't tell he's Obsidian because the difference in demeanour is so great... Not that most people are entirely aware that such things exist in their world anyway.

    David was the wild type as a kid, always staying out too late and getting into trouble over the silliest of things. He maintained this crazy persona even as he grew up, becoming the life of the party through his high school years. Something happened, however, that changed him slightly when he got to college. Can you guess? Yup, he met a girl. She was the prettiest girl in his Astronomy class with a brain to match. No matter how smooth he thought he was, she had a witty counter for every single advance. He couldn't believe his failure, and was on the verge of giving up when she approached him during lunch.

    Wrapped around her little finger, the two of them started eating lunch together everyday. Lunch turned into a relationship, and after a year and a half of dating, David proposed to her. A couple of years later his daughter, Mia, was born. She was the light of his world, and he wanted nothing but to see her smile. The proudest a dad could be, David watched her grow up to be just as witty as her mother, getting away with everything even at a young age. But something changed with her after she turned 10. He couldn't place what it was, but he could tell something was different about her... But before he could find out, Mia went missing. They found her body in a nearby forest a year later. Stricken with grief, David visted the spot where they found her everyday, trying to find some clue as to what happened to his beloved daughter.

    That was when he was approached by an older Hunter, a man who explained everything. He told David about a Magical Girl who fit the description of his daughter. Apparently she had been tricked into giving up her soul, forced to attack other Magical Girls until finally a group banded together and took her down. It was hard for him to believe at first but after a while the reality of the man's words set in and he realized. All of his pain stemmed from one thing: Magic. He figured he couldn't have been the only one to suffer from this phenomena either. Determined to bring it to an end, David asked the Hunter to train him in the ways of Magical Girl hunting... And this Obsidian was born.

    Type of Magical Girl:
    Rank: Amateur "Proficient"
    Magical Girl Grade: N/A

    Japanese Katana (shown in picture); Hunting Dagger (x2); Small Handgun (rarely used).

    Combat w/Blade, Eating Large Amounts of Food, and Playing the Guitar.

    Speed: 8/10
    Melee: 8/10
    Ranged: 3/10
    Magic: 0/10
    Tactics: 6/10
    Charm: 6.5/10

    Total Kills:
    Solo: 5
    Team: 15

    Other Trivia:
    In addition to being able to play the guitar, David's wife taught him how to play the piano. He isn't the best but it still sounds pretty good. Speaking of his wife: After the death of their daughter, David's obssesion carried over into his homelife. Overwhelmed by it all, his wife moved out to stay with friends until he got his act together.
  14. I may be interested. I was thinking of created a magical girl war roleplay myself, but not sure if that would be stealing the thunder or not.
  15. [​IMG]

    Name: [BCOLOR=transparent]Katarina Alamanni [/BCOLOR]
    Title/Alias: Kat
    Age: 18.
    Gender: Female


    Katarina had grown accustomed to being independent and striving for the best, no matter the consequences. In a sense, you could say she'll take the chance if it's beneficial to her or her companions. In a way, this does make her cut out to be a bit reckless in the eyes of others. However, the female doesn't seem to mind if she gets herself in a difficult situation as long as she accomplishes the goal or cuts down the enemies before her. For her, she makes it a priority to protect others before herself first though that may because of her past experiences. Of course, Katarina may come across as reckless due to her desire to protect others before herself.

    When it comes to intimacy or caring for others, Katarina is the type to and balance out her needs with everyone else's. However, she'll often find herself placing others before herself . In a sense, she places their needs before her own while trying to keep herself a priority as well. With that being said, she's quite loyal- to the point of following someone even if she questions their morality and actions. Nonetheless, she can also be quite curious and playful towards other often giving them the same treatment as old friends.

    The brunette has an awful habit of admitting her thoughts to others, often making her come across as open and vulnerable. Despite her caution, it's practically nonexistent when it comes to her friends and loved ones. Katarina sees no reason to keep quiet about her own emotions and thoughts when it comes to them. However, she will keep quiet about feelings of intimacy. She sees no reason to bring up anything during the ongoing fights though she will occasionally give signs of her affection to those who hold it.

    Due to her upbringing, she's quite stern and merciless when it comes to people threatening her or others. Katarina sees no reason to let them harm anyone else, though her views have changed recently due to her friends. Her compassion can easily be seen through her eagerness to help those in need. She can be quite a caring soul at times. Despite that, she can have a sharp tongue when she's angry but she usually keeps quiet during those times.


    A small incident in Katarina's past had placed her in a difficult position, resulting in her wish being granted by a strange being- a small cat-like creature. Her desire to protect her younger siblings from being separated due to her parents' divorce had led her to this position. With the contract already being arranged, Naomi didn't see anything wrong in hunting down witches until one of the attacks hit close to home one evening.

    The death of one of her younger siblings had forced her to realize what this path would bring her towards. Hunting down witches at the call of a strange creature wasn't something Katarina planned to do any longer. This eventually led her to separate from her group, being deemed a traitor in the process, as she tried to hunt down witches separately.

    As of now, Katarina is still struggling to get a hold on her situation but she's faring well so far. The only problem now is finding a way out of the contract that she was made, considering she had already lost one of her siblings, while the other had been convinced to leave with their father. Being in the contract wouldn't bring any good to her, especially now that she was vaguely aware of how bad this could go.

    Type of Magical Girl: Puella Magi ( Former )
    Rank: Amateur "Proficient"
    Magical Girl Grade: Former B class.

    Weapon (s): Katana, dagger and occasionally magic.
    Skills: Scouting, tracking, research, infiltration, and swordplay.


    Strength: 4/10
    Speed: 7.5/10
    Melee: 5/10
    Ranged: 3/10
    Magic: 8/10
    Tactics: 4/10
    Charm: 7.5/10

    Total Kills: 13
    Solo: 5
    Team: 8

    Other Trivia:
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  16. [​IMG]

    Name: Alastor Alf Heron

    Title/Alias: Wolf boy- a simple play of the meaning behind his name.
    Age: 19

    Gender: Male


    Alastor can come across as rash and proud at times, especially when it comes to fighting and protecting someone by his own power. The man doesn't enjoy relying on someone else's power to help himself or others. He prefers doing things out his own will power and strength. However, he will recognize his own weaknesses and ask for help if it's desperately needed. Of course, Alastor might end up beating himself up if he has to rely on others help. After all, his immense desire to surpass his brother led him to try the very hardest to surpass any expectations thrown his way.

    The man is fairly observant which can be quite useful, considering he can catch on to another's body language quicker. However he won't reveal anything unless it's crucial or it's harmful to the person involved. Instead of using this knowledge to his advantage, he prefers to keep a secret until he feels that it is necessary to speak up about the issue. If the situation were reversed, he wouldn't hesitate to confront the individual involve and inform them that some things are better left unsaid.

    Unfortunately for Alastor, his loyalty can be a terrible thing at times. The ravenet is the type to remain immensely loyal to someone, to the extent of ignoring their wrongdoings. He'll often turn a blind eye and act as if he can't see the obvious faults in those he trusts. An example of this would be this strained loyalty to his father, Deimos, who he can't seem to say no to. This can often contribute to Alastor hurting himself more emotionally and drain him mentally.

    In regards to intimacy, Alastor can be quite eager to give and receive affection. One might say, he's practically shameless when it comes to affection. He sees nothing wrong in expressing his emotions though he'll refuse to act on any impulses in public, preferring to do it discreetly in those cases. Anything past a few subtle looks and touches are something he prefers to keep hidden. His mother did raise him to treat women gently though his thoughts can be rather contradicting at times.


    Alastor was raised in this type of lifestyle- hunting down magical girls or boys that appeared. His father frequently told him he needed to hunt down every single one that appeared. Whatever those circumstances were.. they didn't matter. A magical boy/girl was still magical in the end. That was reason enough for his brother, effectively convincing him to wipe them out from a young age. From there the mentality of a eliminating began to grow tremendously.

    Naturally, this has led him to take quite a few lives without the true understanding of the individual's actions. However, guilt isn't something that can easily be found in the man's thoughts considering the orders he was given. After all, his father's word is something he's learned not to go against- no matter the circumstances. There's that and the simple fact eliminating magical girls/boys helps him maintain some form of control over his life again.

    Rank: Professional.

    Weapon (s): Daggers, hand guns, and the environment around him.
    Skills: Tracking, interrogation, team play, and observation.


    Strength: 7/10
    Speed: 7.5/10
    Melee: 6/10
    Ranged: 4/10
    Magic: 3/10
    Tactics: 4/10
    Charm: 7.5/10

    Total Kills: 15
    Solo: 8
    Team: 7

    Other Trivia:
  17. This went kind of quiet.... Hello! *echo echo*
  18. Did the GM leave the site or something?
  19. I guess so. So who should be the next GM?
  20. You had the first CS up, do you want to do it?
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