Magical Girls Must Die! - A Hunter vs Magical Girl RP

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  1. The Premise
    Whether you like it or not, you've had a bad encounter with a magical girl: Once a symbol of hope and justice, now a symbol of despair and anarchy.

    It's now time for you to take action and join the M.G.H.T.F. and kill all ze magikal guurlz1111

    ((Any questions, just form an orderly line to the left. And yes, you can be a magical girl if you want))
  2. Can you play one on either side or just one character? And age limit?
  3. You're able to create two characters maximum. Be they both hunters, magical girls or one magical girl, one hunter. The starting age minimum is 14 and there's no limit to age.

    Hope that answers.
  4. Sweet, thanks. I'm in. ^.^
  5. Yay! Welcome aboard, @WeepingLiberty !
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  6. I'll bite.
  7. I'm down.
  8. Sounds like a fun idea c:
    I'll go ahead and start creating a character for this. ​