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  1. So I was wondering how many people would be interested in a magical girl rp I had a certain idea in mind for it and its an idea that I've been trying to drum up for a bit now.

    I was thinking of using concepts normal magical girl concepts as a basis for this one which is just your typical magical girl transform fights a monster and brings hope and light to the world.

    I am trying to avoid the magica madoka style of magical girl lore just because I don't want this to be dark and sad not that I don't think madoka ^^

    Anyway I have a little sample story


    Legends speak of a great treasure that is said to grant the finder of the treasure the power that transcends all realms. This item went by many names however one stood out among the rest.

    This item was called the "Miracle Spirit"

    This item of legendary power was held in the The Spirit Kingdom, the item and its powers would found its safety and protection for many years.

    However one day the Abyss Legion would descend upon the The Spirit Kingdom in an attempt to claim the Miracle Spirit.

    In a last ditch effort the King of the spirit kingdom separated the miracle spirit into five pieces scattering them across another world the human world.

    Now with the Spirit Kingdom taken over by abyss there last act was to impart there greatest treasure to one of there own the Spirit Bridges and Soul Brushes, to aid in a quest to recover the miracle spirit fragments and call upon it to defeat Abyss and return it to safety
    So yeah that's a little story there to sorta get an idea and if your interested just reply and please only respond if you truly are, I've had a lot of people bail out before the rp began so sorry it that was rude :(​
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  2. Come on it could be pretty good :3
  3. I find this... interesting. - w-
  4. Oh yay should I add you to the interisted list ^^
  5. Magical girls that transform, fight monsters, and bring hope and light to the world?

    Yes. Just...yes.
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  6. yup yup :D
  7. So yes I should be putting up more details and recruitment pretty soon ^^
  8. okay just making a ground check since that lost if anyone was still on this?
  9. I wanna join, I wanna join!
  11. We're only one away from the magic number
  12. Yay! Going to go posty!