Magical Girl RP (inspired by Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

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Should both Sexes be allowed as magical characters?

  1. Yes (please explain your reasoning below)

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  2. No (please explain your reasoning below)

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  3. I don't care

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  1. (Forgive me if this does't make much sense. I can't sleep and I'm posting this at 5 AM. Please leave any questions you may have below. I'd love to see some interest... if I get enough, I'll make the rp, I suppose.)

    So where do I start...

    For those of you who know of Madoka Magica, the plot I have in mind is pretty similar with a few tweaks here and there. For those of you who don't... I'm not going to spoil major plot points just yet.

    Here we go.

    Your character is found by a creature called Kyuubey. It promises you one wish of your choosing, in exchange for you becoming a magi (That's what we're calling magical girls/boys until we have the gender question ironed out), and hunting down creatures called specters. Magi are humans with magical powers, who pull their magic powers from a crystal they carry with them. Specters are the condensed embodiment of human despair and negative feelings. They may take many monstrous forms, and cannot be seen by normal humans. They own their own pocket dimensions called dungeons, which must be traversed to reach the specter. When specters are defeated, sometimes they drop little black shards, called grief shards. These are vital to a magi's power, as, the magi can pull residual magic off of the shards, and re-charge their crystal. Grief shards can only be used a number of times depending on the power of the specter defeated. After all residual magic is pulled from the shards, they are given to Kyuubey, who disposes of them.

    This is a group rp Idea, and you all will play your own magi.

    That's the basics without spoiling any of the plot. I may have not given enough details, or missed something key in my tired state. As I said above, feel free to comment on this, or ask questions, and if you plan on playing, please vote.

    Now, before we get too far, I have to make this known. This will be an Intermediate to Advanced roleplay. I'll be asking you to make well-written characters, and post one to two paragraphs with relatively good grammar. (We all make mistakes, so all I ask is that it's easy for others to read, and understand. I'm not going to be mean if you slip up a spelling here and there, or whatever.) I may ask you for an RP sample when we get down to making characters in the OOC thread. I think that's all for now. (I'm going to be gone for a few hours because I have school, so expect me back in around 8 hours.)
  2. I'm interested.

    And I'll vote for both sexes because inclusiveness.
  3. It's nice to see some interest here, but I think I'll need more to start us up. I want about 5-7 players. I'll set up the OOC if we get 2 more.
  4. You have my interest!
    I think both sets should have powers, gives them both something to do!
  5. Looks like it's just the four of us for now. I'd rather not wait longer for fear of intrest being lost and such, so, do you all want me to begin setting up the thread when I get home?
  6. You have me too.
  7. Im interested!
  8. 6 players? Wow, you guys are awesome! I'll work on the OOC and link it here when I get back home in about 2 hours. Only one player spot left!
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  9. Interested, if only because I have a few characters sort of cooked up for this sort of thing. But given my own schedule issues meaning I'm too busy, it's probably best if I stay out of this one. I've got enough to keep up with as it is. ...and will eventually get another crack with said characters, should the reboot of the game they were in happen.
    I just watched this series, and I would love to be a magical boy. :eyepopping:
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