Magical Girl Roleplay Ideas (Vote which ones!)

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  9. Actually, I have my own idea...(down in the comments)

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  1. The one with the most vote will be the one we go with. If others get a satisfactory number of votes then we can visit them later on when I feel that I have the time, or, with permission, someone else can take the lead of them. Some of the ideas are sort of a stretch to be called "magical girl", but I believe that they're all close enough to the concept to warrant their inclusion. If you have your own idea, please feel free to share.


    Dragon Ball Z style. Magical girls ("girls" can actually be adults as well) can destroy cities without too much difficulty if they set their mind to it and have different "suit levels" that they can transform into given enough experience and raw talent. Earth magical girls are the underdogs and are invaded by magical girls from other planets, but some planets are helpful. Battles will be fought most often like bosses where there's a large gap in power that we must overcome as a team, although some battles are swarm based where each of us get to show off our powers crushing numerous opponents at once. Rule of cool triumphs in this roleplay rather than realism. Like Dragon Ball, we may include a plot device allowing us to come back from the dead, but this is up for debate.


    Fantasy/slightly futuristic-ish setting where opposing countries use magical girls to fight their wars. They are more technology focused in their suits and abilities, so for example would summon a fan on their back to fly and laser canons to blast at opponents, plus summon armor onto themselves for better defense than a frilly skirt, but are limited in their summoning so have to choose their best load-out. They could potentially destroy cities but would have to charge up a lot at their most powerful. Most are weaker and battles would be fought like normal war, rushing around shooting first and asking questions later, but boss battles will also exist. Our group will fight the huge empire who is supposed to be able to wipe out our little nation off the face of the earth in seconds flat. Let's prove them wrong.


    Magical girls take on the role of samurai in feudal Japan. Oda Nobunaga and his elite magical girl forces are trying to unite (conquer) all of Japan, just like real history (well, without the elite magical girls...or were there?!). How will our efforts to stop him change history? Can we even manage such a feat? Magical girls from overseas may also show up to try and influence the future of Japan for their own benefit.


    Dark setting where monsters roam about and have devoured most of humanity, forcing them into the last few bastions of hope. Magical girls can also be called Monster Girls, infused with certain monstrous traits to give them the edge in battle when they unleash their alternate form during their transformation. Victory is slim, but perhaps some might make it out if we really set our minds to it. Otherwise...yeah, humanity is pretty much doomed, and so are our characters for the most part.


    Magical girls and boys (boys being more common in this than the other ideas) are actually called Masquerades and the style of this setting is Halloween Town from Nightmare Before Christmas mixed with a fancy masquerade ball. Seriously, the massive city that is this setting is obsessed with this look. Masquerades are a more subtle take on the genre and are often employed by rich and powerful people to act as assassins, sometimes against each other. They have some magic but also use guns and stuff with a nostalgic, oldies feel to them and also some steam punk. Masquerades are the weakest magical girls of these options so can be realistically fought by normal people but are still very much feared opponents to have to face. They can also be called Gun Girls.


    Post apocalyptic but with a more whimsical feel (and conspiracy thrown in) rather than doom and gloom all the time. A giant magical explosion wiped out most of the modern world, knocking society back to the stone age and awakening magical abilities in young women. Propaganda and tradition rule most of the smaller towns that still exist, but they are mostly happy in their ignorance and following orders from the tribal leaders. Magical girls are like an art form (dancing and all that) and even their fighting is considered art. They fight other clan's magical girls to resolve issues between them but not often to the death (them being a precious resource and all, why waste their lives on every squabble that comes around?). Our characters may uncover a conspiracy and get into some dangerous circumstances, perhaps banding tribes together to overcome.


    Magical girls are artificially created to take on roles of various military vehicles such as tanks, artillery, destroyers, bombers, etc. by summoning said equipment onto their bodies (or not if we totally abandon the magical girl concept), but not in the exact shape of vehicles around them. It's more like armor plating and weapons that their designated vehicle would use but still relatively human shaped. Some can also be normal canon fodder roles. This idea is kind of like #2 but looks more WW2 in style and even more large scale warfare that will not be taken quite as seriously. After all, a little girl firing off a massive warhead from her back is too zany to not just let loose and "have a blast" with it. Despite being artificial, the girls will slowly begin to develop actual human personalities during which they are all slaughtering opponents by the dozens.


    Modern setting; magical girls are fighting monsters while keeping these antics hidden. You know the drill. Classic magical girl genre, but character death is possible. Not nearly as dark as #4, though.
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  2. I can't really think of any ideas of my own, but #7 reminds me a lot of KanColle and Strike Witches. Also, I cast my vote for 8.
  3. That and also a Steam game called War of the Human Tanks. A fantastic game despite the silly-ness.
  4. 3 or 7.

    7 is more mecha musume but yeah.
  5. My own Idea is to use Princess: The Hopeful, a fan-made game set in White Wolf's World of Darkness
  6. Looks like the traditional magical girl idea is in the lead. Can anyone else make a comeback? Tune in tomorrow to find out!
  7. I'd take part in 4, 5, or 6.
  8. Looks like we might be going with #8 after all. Do you guys think it would be fun to include a much smaller scale magical girl war type thing inside it? Like an elite evil organization that wants us (the good magical girls) dead.
  9. If you're going for 8, mix in some of the pkans from 1 to 7.
  10. In that case, here's the new combined idea.

    Magical girls are artificially created by the government to combat the threat but they don't know it. The monsters are a far greater threat than most people realize and there's even a team of bad guys working with them to bring the apocalypse, resulting in some magical girls fighting among themselves but also some of the bad guy team are normal humans. Magical girls die with frequency (some of them like red shirts from Star Trek) although ours can survive.
  11. A+ Star Trek usage. Count me in.
  12. Alrighty then, looks like it's settled. I'll start working on the OOC for a modified #8. People can still vote on other ideas if they really feel like it for the next roleplay we get around to.
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  13. Magical Girl turf wars sounds like fun.
  14. If they are artificially created then they'd likely all be part of the same team besides the magical girls that rebel, limiting turf wars unless it was indeed mostly these two groups at odds. Don't know if they'd have a really good reason to kill each other at the moment unless a plot idea pops up.

    EDIT: Or there could be natural magical girls and some of different types such as dark magical girls.
  15. Or maybe if you take the idea from Madoka that they're all competing for something... Then they could choose teamwork or lone wolf.
  16. I said red shirts, but they should actually be known as red skirts. :rotfl:

    They won't turn into witches or be like zombies, so something else to compete for. It could just be power crystals to upgrade their abilities, although that may be too generic. It could be wish related, but then we go to Dragon Ball Z ripoff territory.

    Oh yeah, and I'll use idea #1 suit levels so they can upgrade their abilities by transforming while already transformed, but at the start we will mostly be stuck in suit level 1.
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  17. Lol! Well if they're artificially created (or at least some of them maybe), it's possible they'd have limits to their power. They can run out of magic and so what they're fighting for is a power source that'll allow them to continue fighting? XD idk, just throwing ideas put there. Everything just sounds so good!
  18. Maybe the power struggle is not from actually defeating the monsters, it will be something else they need to fight over.

    EDIT: The monsters are attracted to it to so they just so happen to have to fight monsters as well.
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  19. I'm typing up the ooc right now and it should be done within 30 minutes or so. Did you guys like the idea of different suit levels?
  20. Attempting to level up and failing will lead to many a hilarious moment.