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  1. Magical Girl Online is where you take the role of a magical girl on an online MMORPG called, well, Magical Girl Online. Although its creators intended it to be just a bit of fun, it has turned into more of a popularity contest between girls to show off what they're capable of.

    It is your job as a new player to the game to rise above everyone else to become the best player in the game.

    And remember if your not on Magical Girl Online, you don't exist.
  2. Marking interest. I like this idea.
  3. Interesting~
  4. I'm interested
  5. Sounds really fun, are there certain cut offs for powers? Skills?
  6. Which brings a separate question to mind: are there classes, or just stats based on how the girl in question performs?
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  7. Yes, there will be stats. However, they differ depending what class your in. Example: Fighter has high attacks, but low MP, Cleric has high MP while low attacks and health and Ranger has, also, low health but high attacks.

    This can also add to "evolving" your class as you keep levelling up (Magic Knight for fighter, battle priestess for cleric, hunter for ranger)

    Hope that makes sense.
  8. So you are basing this RP on classic MMORPG styles with your own personal magic girl twist. I like it, I'm excited to see interest flock ^^
  9. So, DnD classes?
  10. XD the only thing of RPG I can relate to, I dunno any others. Sorry.
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  11. So, is there a sign-up thread coming soon?
  12. Already up it be.
    Just check my profile.
  13. You caught my eye as well
  14. I'm interested
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