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Random idea that I came up. Schools always have a ton of extra curricular activities, you can get into sports, or music, or various clubs. What if one school had a club for those that wanted to be the magical defenders of the campus, because the campus needs it? If this is a High School plot, they even have to have wavers from their parents, and if it's a college plot there's all that getting use to a new place vibe. The talismans at the school would also have to except new candidates. And what would happen if a guy wanted to join the club?

I envision this being either a jump in RP, or at least a light hearted put in your bio and start playing type thing.

Thoughts? Ideas? Murderous rage?
My money could go either way for Highschool or College. With a college there's a bit more sense of a place to defend, since you've got an entire campus instead of just one building.

Also you'll need to consider if characters will have purifying powers, just beat monsters into submission, or be a mix of both with some characters being incapable of doin' the whole sailor moon cleansing thing. I'd probably go for the latter, because then you could have some friction between characters about it.
Well that brings up the question on if the monsters are 'just' monsters, or are they 'people'....

Ideas from chat:

Way back yonder rich dude builds home, stuff constantly attacks, but mages in family blahblahblah home donated to become a school blahblahblah oh it's the location, not the mage family that was attracting all the attention blahblahblah students defend school blahblahblah

So it's either a hell hole or a prime energy source so there will always be things coming after the school.

Any one story though could be short, but there will always be a next time.

... works well for chat games too.

More run on ideas:

Types of characters needed

Magical Girls
Love Interests - Fellow students or Teacher's Assistants
Best Friend Kidnap Fodder

Basically everyone should be a student. I'll allow one or two TAs and I'll have a GM character as the advisor for the club.

Talismans are owned by the school. Using them is in accordance of club policy and will must be returned upon graduation. Failure to do so will result in hexing.

Talismans choose the girl, not the other way around. Only the 'chosen' ever even notice the advertisement for the club.

Talismans are elemental magic and are represented by a totem animal. Animal can be mythical, but please no completely made up ones.
I might join to be That Guy who doesn't know what the club is, but joins it because you need extracurricular activities.
So I can't have a Rainicorn as an animal.

Moonshire Private College, near Black Lake is a prestigious school with a long history. It has been the alumni to some of the brightest minds and inspiring leaders not only in the country, but around the world, yet is small enough to attract those with bigger ambitions then pocket books.

Moonshire started as a large manorhouse out in the wilderness. It seemed though from the moment that it's owners stepped into their half finished home strange things began to happen. The owners though were from a long line of wizards and at first figured that the problems were due to family enemies.

It was not. By pure accident it was built upon the spot where several ley lines intersected. It was a nod of power and with the construction of the manor it was noticed by all types of people and creatures.

Many epic battles and a few generations later the manor is donated to become a new school. More buildings are added on to the land to support the college and everyone could laugh off the old ghost stories about the properties past.

Except not everyone laughs.

Through the door, that looks to go into a maintenance closet is the club home room for the Dream Gate Guardians. It's a club that a select few girls every year join. It's not a slumber party club though. It's a defense club. A magical defense team, working to keep any baddie that wants to attack the school to get to the power source away.

How it all works

Girl finds the club by 'accident'. She then is told to select a fetish, though that word might not be used at the time. The fetish are carvings on pieces of wood in similar size and shape to a book mark. The carving is a guardian animal either real or mythical and there will usually be fringe on the end of the fetish, making it look even more like a book mark, with colors corresponding to the guardian animal, their totem.

They first meet their totem in a dream and learn about the totem and why guardians are needed. Never has a girl refused the call.

How they fight. While magic can manifest itself in the here and now, the best way to fight those that are trying to get to the energy source is go to into the Dream Time. This is where magic is wilder, where your senses are stronger, and where many things are more alive.

Battles will be fought mostly in the Dream Time. Injuries inflicted during battle in the Dream TIme will be less sever in the here and now, but you can die in the Dream Time and it will manifest in the here and now in some 'logical' fashion.

(Okay it needs a bit of cleaning up, what other info will be needed in the OOC beside bio sheets?)


Alright so the way I see it you can have one offensive power, one defensive power(healing can be defensive, but only one person please), one 'special' power that can be developed later and of course their can be combo attacks (GM discression). I think what I want to do is tell people to have their element and their totem match. Ex. Fire Lion, Moon Unicorn. It doesn't have to be perfect, but the powers need to revolve around them.
*shakes fist at Ocha* Oh how you pander to my whims!

Magical Girl Koori: ...Greatest opening sequence ever: "You've seen the fliers posted in the commons room of your new school, all of them advertise a club where one's potential is explored and somehow, magically, you become a new person. You never paid attention to them much but one day on a whim you decide to follow the directions for the club's meetings. As you open the door the softly wafting scent of pastries fills your nose and ahead of you are seated three senior girls. A sort of halo seems to envelop them and you're compelled to step into the room when the sudden tinkling of their ceramic cups snaps you out of it. "Hello freshman. Sit, would you like a cup of tea?" they ask.
. . . I almost wanna say that I would join this just to be male kidnap fodder for magical girls to rescue.


Yes. Yes... Those women are hawter than Link is. D< I think all along, it should have been a lady rescuing a frickin' Prince.
If I'm still playing the odd guy out who joins the club, should it be because he accidentally sees a real-world magical girl fight, and they make him join to shut him up? I'm still totally down for playing the club's bridge bunny(Who is a guy... kinda the opposite of a bridge bunny now that I think of it...).
I might allow you to enter the Dream Time by way of old family line of seers Spammy. You can be as confussed as fuck the first time you see it their fighting and then be dragged to the club after being spotted once or twice.

Orion do it!
Been poking around creatures and I think the Feathered Serpent is the best one I could come up with. Raven will work too if someone else wants to be the snake girl.
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