Magical Families

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Should there be more families?

  1. No, Its fine as the amount it is in.

  2. Yes, Add more families such as...

  3. Yes, Its a perfectly fine amount of families

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  1. Lili- *Pouts up to room stumbling on all her books and music discs then flops on bed * PSH... I... i-i need the Animal-God... It has not been my favorite day *grabs favorite book and flips through pages as fast as she can to look up some stuff*
  2. ( ok )

    Grimm soars through the air flapping his pitch black wings , He closes his eyes as he feels the wind brush across his face " ahhh" He opens his eyes only to see a flock of birds directly in front of him " wha......ahhh!" one of the birds crash into Grimms face . He had lost focus and begins to free fall " AHHHH U STUPID BIRD!" He crashes through the roof of a building landing on a table. " ouch" He spits out a bird feather as he rubs his head. " huh" He looks up to see a girl holding a book. He begins to lauph akardly " heh....uhh..."
  3. -Lili- *Looks at the boy fallen through the roof* Well... *Face turns red* who are you! WHAT are you! *Lili says in a suprised voice but yet her face looks straight and red*
  4. -Lili- *Looks him in the eyes with fierce face but red at the same time with a dagger she pulls out in her back pocket putting it close to his neck* Don't let me kill you. Ive just gotten out of the school grounds. For winter break of coarse! Now let me go and get out of my way *Puts dagger back into pocket and countinues reading*
  5. Kira stands up slowly trying not to scare her any further " wait ... i can explain" He leaps into the air and trys to call forth his wings but fails causing him to crash back down on the broken table " ouch....bad idea" He looks back at the girl " ok.... i know it looked like i just ran away..but..but" He really did not know what to tell her.
  6. Kali walks through a burnt-looking forest. Everything was covered with ash. Small red coals were still burning. She coughed loudly and continued walking. She hummed to herself softly, listening to the birds squawking all around. They seemed very disturbed. She peered through the blackened trees which she assumed had fallen because of a fire. There seemed to be a small dirt path leading somewhere. She decided to follow it to see where it goes. The dirt path opened up and she could clearly see farther down the road. There was a village! "Hmmmm..." she mumbled. She decided to walk down to the village. There was no one to be seen. "Hello?" she called out, hoping for a response. She passed several houses. Through the windows, she could see that the interior of all of the houses were tore up like there was some kind of battle. She peered closer. She gasped. There were skeletons of humans lying in and around the homes. She decided to run. Kali was a Succubus but whatever came to this village was not a force to be reckoned with. Kali was several miles out from the village when she stopped to catch her breath.
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  7. (Hmm... I'll just live nearby, then...)

    Arc hears the crash from Lili's house. Rushing over, he unlocks the door with a spell and runs inside. "Lili what happened?" He pauses when he sees the Grimm on the table. "Uh... Did I intrude on something?" His cheeks turn slightly pink.
  8. Lili- countinues reading and says"Well, your gonna fix this, don't even try running. Your surround! Don't try, they will get you to just like they did to me." Lili sighs "Im a angel, your a devil, good mix. You see what I'm trying to say" Lili trys acting normal but face is still red. Lili starts shaking in fear of the boy. "Now what do you want with me? I know you are trying to get something. Well if you are your in good hands! My mother sell's weapons and clocks!" (Yes i said clocks xD)
  9. (What good mix is this? O.o )

    Arc nervously shuffles from foot to foot. "I am so confused..." Ice starts to slowly snake out from where he's standing. (It's a nervous habit. His powers activate sometimes.)
  10. Lili- Lili stands up as if she was going to start crying and goes up to hug him. She wispers into his ears "Don't leave, I'm alone..." She lets go with one tear drop falling down her face. "Ive never seen a-a real species besides my mother and brothers." There becomes a sudden pause in the room as if everything was stoping. "Its dangerous for the-the time continue-" She pauses again in stress and puts book on the bookshelf and starts crying randomly sitting on her bed. She looks Grimm in the eyes with tears going down her face. "I-im alone" Her face and body pauses again. As it was some glitch her body twitches around and her body changes color for 5 seconds. Then Lili goes back to normal. "Trust me ill show-tell-THING... Ill tell you what happened... Happen-sss..." Lili trys holding in her breath, trying not to say a word
  11. Grimm uses this distraction to work his way towards the door hoping he could get out unnoticed.
  12. Lili- Looks at Arc (The boy i was talking to before was grimm xD) "Arc... W-what h-how did y-you come" She looks into Arc's eyes and her eyes get a small glimmer... "So Arc, You know I'm an angel, and a fox..."
  13. Lili- Looks at Grim. "GRI-" Shakes head a bit. "Grimm don't go i need to show you something.... And yes i know your name... In the future we are.... Friends i should say"
  14. seeing that he could leave, Grimm opens the door and heads out. He looks around smelling the a familiar scent. He sighs when he realizes it was one of his older sister " idiot .. what is she doing away from home?"
  15. (I was confused because he wasn't there. That I could see at least.)

    "Uh... Yeah... And I came in through the front door... Should I go?" Arc takes a step towards the door.
  16. Lili- Grabs both the boys shirts and pushes them onto the bed and lets go. She stands up with something mischievous in her eyes, you can see it "Guys.... I can tell time. I know when and where you die and what happens after that. To tell you straight.... I did it..." Her face is red in shame and still kinda afraid of the weird looking Devil sitting on her bed. She starts crying as if it was her mother dead by her own kind.
  17. Lili- "I didn't kill you.. i just... started something.. kinda... Dumb, and stupid of me..." Her body shakes a bit looking at the two boys in fear and eyes start tearing up again
  18. (Btw, the more emotion that arc feels the more his ice does. That could be embarrasment, anger, nervous, etc.)

    Arc Blushes slightly at being forced onto Lili's bed. "What are you talking about?!" He's starting to get freaked out.
  19. Grimm was confused at the girls reaction, he looks at the boy next to him " do you know her?" He asked with a confused face. He looks back at the girl " and im not a devil im a fallen angel " He says before sticking out his tongue.

    ( im just winging it XD )
  20. Lili- Lili looks deap into Grimms eyes. "You... Are Going... No-where!" She tried saying in a deal tone but always ended up high-pitched. Her Fox tail and wings burst out.
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