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  1. ~~~ Welcome to The Magic Home Roleplay ~~~
    You Will have families ~~~
    ~~~ Find NEW Friends and find LOVE ~~~
    ~~~ Be Yourself! ~~~
    In this RolePlay There will be 4 Families.
    The Jones- Demons, and ANYTHING evil.
    The Jacklyns- The Angels and anything sweet including animal breeds.
    The Chanckers- The normal Humans
    The Fallers- Anything other then the above.
    Now as you choose your family you must
    Choose one of the following quest's
    1. Find Love and Marrige
    2. Find a place to live with a better Family
    3. Become a god
    4. Live a Happy Life
    5. Live a terrible life
    If you cannot choose the above make your own.
    Now For rules.
    1. Please keep the sexual-stuff in private
    2. You must not have more than 3 Powers.
    3. I know not everyone can be nice to everyone,
    but try making friends then disobeying others.
    4. There is NO school but if you want to ill make another
    thread for you to go to the magical school

    All Roles accepted! No rejects! Just reply to this message and you
    must have:
    Age, Name, Family, Race and Bio!
    You may include other stuff like photo's but thats only optional

    Heres an example!
    Name- Lili Benny
    Age- 14
    Family- The Jacklyns.
    Race- Wolf/Angel
    Bio- Has been sweet and kind for everyone
    and hopes to set out on an adventure
    for the new, Find love and escape home.

    Secret- Can tell the future​
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  2. Name- Arcturus (Arc)

    Gender- True Gender Unknown

    Family- The Fallers / The Jacklyns
    (Affair between a Faller and a Jacklyn)

    Race- Shifter

    Bio- His Bio would be extremely long. Here's the short version, though.

    He lived life alone in the forest, teaching himself. He was forced out by a forest fire and ended up in a village where he was adopted. Bandits slaughtered many, then he accidentally shifted to protect his sister and ended up killing everyone. He left and was adopted by a priest who taught him to control his powers and how to use ice magic, but who then died. He has been wandering ever since.

    Preferred Appearance- [​IMG]

    Personality- He is fun-loving and and mischievous.

    When he touches an organism, his body absorbs a small amount of DNA and stores it for later use. He can then shift into that organisms's form.

    He uses ice magic.
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  3. Name: Madi
    Age: 14
    Family: Has none
    Race: Ninja (In training)
    Bio: Parents where taken away from me at the age of four. I lived in a forest trying to protect my self from evil. Until a someone found me and sent me into a ninja training school. I have now just live on the streets.
  4. Grimm K Jones

    Fallen Angel

    Grimm is the youngest son of the Jones family. He cares little for his family because there evil ways and wishes to stop them from turning the world into ash. He seeks sanctuary with the angels, but only when he is able to purify his dark soul will they allow him Passage. He travels the world seeking for a way to obtain his goal.​
  5. Name
    Kali Jones



    Kali is the second youngest of the Jones family and is a far descendant from Satan. In her previous human life, she lived a very poor life where she worked as a prostitute. Now, she is very seductive and could care less about her reputation. At night, she wanders the dreams of innocent men to try to seduce them. She's out to find love and marriage with either a male god or a male human. Her powers consist of a Love Charm and Invisibility. She wishes to attend the School of Succubi.
  6. (Do the "Families" live together or are they just related? And can I live in the same house as you Chick? Just trying to come up with a beginning for myself.)
  7. They can be related or they can be a part of the homes. Whatever the character decides to do.
  8. (Is this directed towards me or are you rping without Kazuaki?)
  9. (I am seriously confused about what is happening. Explain pls.)
  10. (Ok so i bursted out of the home crashing the window. I started flying then saw Kali, I heard an explosion (AKA A tree getting chopped down by a man) Now I'm talking to the man. Summary- Complete XD)
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