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  1. Wanted to start a fast-paced (like 1-2 posts a day minimum) magical creature boarding school RP, because I'm a tool and love me some tropes (tropes are a part of a balanced breakfast). Wondering, do people enjoy those here, or are those not too popular around here? It's a more literate crowd, obviously, but I'm sure there's a few who still love the mind numbing genres that have been overdone but are still fun.

    Might make it a camp or "safe" town kind of thing instead. Just something with magical creatures, something really overdone with more of a twist, and more fast paced. Any ideas on how to make this stand out a little more? I already have some old characters that I want to revive and make better.
  2. You'll be hard pressed to find anyone with the time and energy to crank out two posts a day. The base idea is sort of interesting, though it could definitely stand to be fleshed out.
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  3. I've noticed. It kinda irks me that people are more slow here (I came from an extremely fast paced site, like upwards of 20 shitty posts a day, roughly 5 if you were decent), but I've been trying to lower my standards. Though if I can't even find people who can post twice a day, it's gonna be hard.

    Anyway, yeah, I want help with the fleshy bits. I have no idea how to make this into something that's overdone but with an underdone twist (or something along those lines). Was thinking maybe using uncommon creatures (so no werewolves or vampires or anything in that vein), but I do kinda like some of the common ones (like demons, I have a major hardon for demons).
  4. How about all Humanoids? No monsters. Just creatures with a Human form.
  5. You're never gonna be short of Magical School fans on this site... what you're short of is people with time and energy. People value quality over quantity here, which means very few people are capable of churning out 2 posts every day. That's why, on Iwaku, you join a whole bunch of slow RPs instead of just 1 or 2 fast ones.
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  6. You've got a large number of members on this site who have school, work, and social lives outside of RP. I'm not trying to come across as rude, but the amount of posts per day shouldn't speak to a writer's abilities. If you want blazingly fast posts, you're going to forsake quality for them. If you want engaging players and writers who care about developing plots and making well-rounded characters, you're probably going to have to come to terms with slower posting. Because members here are often involved in more than one RP at a time, you're probably looking at a few posts a week from each player, not a few posts a day. You are also much, much more likely to attract quality-driven players if you don't require daily posting. Just throwing that out there. c:
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  7. I too have school, work, and a social life outside of this site, yet somehow I was able to manage 3-4 well worded, long posts a day before. I never said anything about the amount they post is telling for their abilities, kinda put words in my mouth there. And 1 post a day honestly shouldn't be blazingly fast. We're not writing novels here, we're having a conversation in the eyes of another. Anyway, not looking for drama or that kind of input about what I should be expecting and that I should change myself to cater to others (already had too much of that BS in my life to care anymore), so if you could kindly take that elsewhere that'd be great. If any of you feel that you absolutely need to have the last word, please don't clog up my thread, and just PM me.
    I am looking for ideas on how to make this interesting with a more rounded plot. Seems like everyone's ignoring that part of this thread...

    Though I will keep in mind the advice to just join a ton of slow RPs. Just wish there were more that I enjoyed... Guess I'll just have to make more.

    Actual stuff pertaining to this thread starts here.
    So I was thinking about making it teacher based. You know, instead of roleplaying students, people roleplay the teachers. I was also talking with someone about adding the sense of danger of a serial killer in a nearby city, which means the teachers would need to be on high alert to protect the students. Also was thinking a college level academy instead of high school, thought it would speak more personally to others, considering many people seem to be college students or at least know enough about college to know how to deal. Don't really want it in the Libertine section, because I'd like more people to join, but I also would prefer it being older people as characters, so risque themes wouldn't be directly frowned upon by society.

    Also, for some more attuned to this site: Is Libertine only for sex centered roleplays, or do they want particularly violent ones there too? I've only been on 17- content sites before, so I have no idea about any of this Libertine stuff or actually allowing adult things. I would like this one to be rather violent (serial killer and all), just wasn't sure about the "adultness" of it.
  8. Libertine is purely for sex themes, and it's to prevent over 18s RPing sex with under 18s, which is illegal in most countries. Violence etc is perfectly acceptable in the normal sections, but many highly violent (we're talking like, actual torture here, not just a bit of stabbing) GMs will only accept players over 18. There's no Iwaku rule that prevents under 18s from joining such RPs, but the GM can deny them at will. Some GMs also impose their own age restriction if they want the RP to be particularly serious, because under 18s tend to be pretty naive and not exceptionally good at dark plots.

    I think having a serial killer wouldn't require an age restriction, and definately isn't Libertine. If you want them to be dismembering their victims and hanging their entrails on notice boards though, you should probably put an informal age limit on it.
  9. Alright, that's what I figured, but thought I'd confirm. Thanks! There wouldn't be explicit torture. There may be allusions to torture, but nothing explicit.

    Think I'll go ahead and make this. I think I'll just keep students and professors as characters, but it will definitely be a "college" rather than high school. I'll post a link when I'm done. If anyone has any thoughts as to what to add, feel free to post.
  10. Intrested, Totally up to the DM/GM but I Remember a Supernatural Highschool roleplay that was where a high-scifi world and a high-fantasy world met and there was a university (18-25 years old) for those 'exceptional' to those worlds, so not just normal mages, but mages who at 15 years old could shift entire continents, or kids who could build Mecha from scrap at the age of 15. Fantasy creatures abound, high-scifi crazies run wild, and its up to the Teachers to keep them inline. Obviously the teachers will be grown up versions of them, so think Mages who can go 'fuck off' to death himself, and guys who have quantum computers for brains.
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  11. That sounds like it would quickly become a self-perpetuating superhero fight though, with everyone constantly one upping each other and with no restrictions on how much they can do that.
  12. That depends on your group, if you have a bunch of people intent on fighting, yes. If you have a bunch of people exploring the personalities of their characters ect. then not so much. Our's was going totally fine untill someone decided they were going to have an entire tribe of orcs turn up and start causing problems.
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