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  1. Navegation Panel Roleplay Introduction and Guide ← Know everything about Magica★Girls ONLINE Roleplay
    Character Profiles Signups ← Become a Magica Girl and protect mankind
    Roleplay Rules ← Know the do's and don't's of the Roleplay
    Chat Room You are here!
    Magica Girls' Census ← Know the number of Magica girls in the roleplay
    Travel to Main IC

    This is the place for everyone to ask any questions and related stuff about the upcoming Action MMORPG Magica★Girls ONLINE. Anyone can also say any coments, plan stuff related to the roleplay (when the IC is availlable), chill out, have fun, ANYTHING! This is like a "Chat Room" after all.
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  2. First of all, amazing song selection for the trailer. I downright love that song.
    Secondly, I can't wait for this to come out! I would love to try out another MMORPG RP. I always find those so much fun to do.
  3. @Kobal Ah, thank you, Koba-chan! yeah, i'm still working on the remaining info and trying how to make a table for the CS. is kinda difficult making one here.
  4. Koba, huh? That's a pretty sweet nickname.

    If you need any help, I can become a Co-GM if need be!
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  5. Seems interesting! Good luck
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  6. Shinku updated Magica★Girls ONLINE with a new update entry:

    Rules Completed and Character Profile Template Availlable!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  7. Shinku updated Magica★Girls ONLINE with a new update entry:

    All Berserkers Info fully uploaded and new Navegation Panel added!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  8. Just thought about going on Iwaku and checking out the new threads. Love love love this!
    I'm so posting up! :D Awesome idea.
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  9. I'm gonna say this again once more people join, but if anyone wants their character to have a relationship with Yoko of any kind (friend, rival, etc.; either pre-established or developed during the role play), just send me a PM and we can talk about it! We did this in other RPs I'm in, and it helps keep players active and aware of how they interact with other characters.
  10. @Little Redd January Thank you! i'm you you liked it and welcome to the roleplay! Everything's gonna start this Thrusday and I'm as excited as you! xD
  11. I'll just write that in my agenda. 8< -Scribbles.- Okay, scheduled for Thursday! >:D
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  12. @Trionfi I'd be happy and willing to be a friend or rival.
  13. I changed Nataliya's theme around. It will be her singing voice as well as her theme.

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  14. Yes, I already heard it. I've bookmarked every CS of the roleplayers that made their Signups. That way, I can check on them easily. That was a good theme and pretty voice. Also, did you read the "Roleplay Walkthrough"? I've been uploading some info all day and I just need to add the "Character Deaths" and the ICs tomorrow before launching the whole roleplay. @Angelic Fusion
  15. @Shinku

    Yeah, I just skimmed over it all. Im not a giant fan of dice types of roleplays but the way you laid it out makes me want to give it a non-opinionated try. Also because its not entirely diced based and its not overwhelming.
  16. Yes, I'm also a not fan of dice based games, but I just give it a try on this roleplay. That way, I will avoid roleplayers go all god mode. People will only throw dices during a fight or for open chests. @Angelic Fusion
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