Magic vending machine

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  1. I think I remember this from a Redwall forum...

    Person 1: Inserts fish:
    Person 2: Gets fish and chips
    Inserts gun
    Person 3: Gets shot
    Inserts yacht

    And so on and so on

    Ok, so, I'll start.

    Inserts shoe
  2. Gets fired (Getting the boot.)

    I insert my heart and soul.
  3. Gets inspired

    Inserts myself
  4. Gets evil clone.

    Inserts a goat.
  5. Receives 'Goat Simulator' (Google it)

    I change the settings to 'Rough', then insert a block of granite
  6. Gets crushed by a giant rock like thing.

    Inserts a blade
  7. Gets a free shave.

    Inserts a halfway-done AP English essay that I should be working on right now instead of derping on Iwaku. XD
  8. Gets it .

    Completes it and puts it back in.
  9. Get an F due to 'cheating'

    Inserts an annoying teacher.
  10. Gets dragged accross a room (I've been dragged around by a teacher 3 times...)

    Inserts a toe
  11. Gets a really cool velociraptor claw-toe.

    Inserts a mug of mint tea.
  12. Gets a cup of tea with LOADS of sugar

    Inserts a coffee bean (Umm... strange question, but can I refuse when my doctor tries to take my blood pressure to see if I can stay on tablets?)
  13. (I think you can refuse any medical treatment, period. The right to bodily integrity and whatnot. Whether or not this is a good idea of a different thing altogether though.)
    I get concentrated caffeine tablets.

    Puts in said caffeine tablets.
  14. (I can't though, because my mum would make me do it... I'm screwed basically... ok, another strange question say, his guy was in school, and had 30 mins to kill or make himself seriously ill or something, how would he go bout doing it? I really need to know!)

    Gets cofee

    Throws coffee away and inserts mouse
  15. Receive: A mouse-shaped mouse pad.

    How... odd.

    Insert: A spork!
  16. Gets: a fork and spoon.

    Huh. Saw that one coming.

    Inserts: Mark Wahlberg.
  17. Gets: a rapping action movie star.

    Hey wait, isn't that the same thing we put in? Well, that's disappointing...

    Inserts a smaller model of the magical vending machine.
  18. Gets: 200 pennies

    Inserts a wet lily pad.
  19. Gets a frog.

    Inserts a bag of grapes
  20. Gets: A bottle of wine.

    Inserts: A broken cell phone