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  1. So funny story: I was on Untap and everyone was arguing over the best Ravnica Guild. So I brought up wanting to do an RP and a bunch of people wanted to do that. So I made this. I expecting most of the people to come from that chat, but if you aren't, welcome.

    This is a plotting for the main RP which will be set on the magical city-plane of Ravnica. Which consists of 9 guilds (actually 10). This RP is more for people who know what magic is and like Ravnica.

    I do know @F0X would be interested.
  2. I very well might be interested!!
  3. Cool cool. Any idea what guild (or none) your character will be aligned with?
  4. Well the question is would our characters be planeswalkers or something else? Because I could have my character be from another plane, but go to Ravnica to learn about the culture and kinda falls in love with it. That is my general idea for a character at the moment. She'd probably be aligned with the Izzet or Azorious Guild though. Not 100% sure, haven't thought into the character much.
  5. That's a neat idea. However, if you think about it, Planeswalkers are rather powerful. I was thinking not to use these are planeswalkers and instead use the hole planeswalker thing as a later arch of some kind.
  6. I see. Well, if/when you have more information let me know.
  7. I have the rough draft of my character set up.

    Ravnica RP Character: Ilesthia Mistlight
    Race: Human
    Sex: Female
    Age: 19
    Colors of Magic: White, Blue, Black
    Guild: Izzet (formerly Orzhov)

    Ilesthia was born into a Blood Baron's family, growing up with everything she could want.
    She was bored.
    When a rogue Izzet chemister kidnapped her to finance his lab, she had found her way out.
    The first thing she said when her crystalline prison had evaporated was an offer to work together.
    The chemister awakened her blue magic, though she had no red magic.
    When her family negotiated her release and sent thrulls with the money, she and the chemister killed them and took the money.
    They used the funds to create what is now known as the Cyclonic Rift, but the chemister died in the process.
    Ilesthia took their creation to the Izzet League, where she was treated dismissively until she released the spell.
    Once a team of weirds dug her out of the rubble, Ilesthia was made an Izzet guildmage.

    Ilesthia never wanted for anything.
    She was surrounded by servants, wealth, and the sight of her family punishing and subjugating everyone in their path.
    She's arrogant and believes that accumulating and using wealth and power is a far greater calling than morals or kindness.
    However, she hated the stagnation of the Orzhov. They did nothing with their power but accquire more power.
    Ilesthia's drive to rule all of Ravnica with her family's wealth and power were stifled by Orzhov tradition and intolerance.
    Being a daughter rather than a son limited her as well.
    As an Izzet guildmage, she has the chance to apply energy and resources to whatever grand experiment she chooses.
    However, she is still dissatisfied with the League's reluctance to use their power.
    Her ultimate goal is to be the most powerful being on Ravnica and to crush anyone who stands in her way.
    If she meets someone more powerful than them, she plays a submissive role until she finds a way to destroy them.
  8. Interesting.
  9. Do you like the character?
  10. Yes I do
  11. Do you have a character set up?
  12. I'll join, but I have no idea what ravanica is. So you might have to explain it to me, if that's okay with you of course.
  13. Well, Ravnica is a world that consists mostly of one huge mega city which is the world's namesake. This is is ruled over by 10 guilds. Each with 2 colors of either: Red, Blue, Black, White, and Green. Each guild has different roles in the city. Like the Blue White guild, Azorius Senate is the main governing body, while the Blue Black guild the Houre Dimir which is only a rumor a is like a big thieves guild.

    You can find more info here: RAVNICA of here Ravnica - MTG Salvation Wiki

  14. Since Ravnica is a giant city, it lends itself to several plot archetypes:
    Mystery-It's a city of sabotage, master plans, and dark rumors. Say an Azorius senator named Nhillosh was killed, for example.
    And say that assassin proclaimed it was the beginning of a Gateless Revolution and burned himself to death before he could be captured.
    How would the guilds react?
    -Azorius and Boros would be the most aggressive.
    -Simic and Izzet probably wouldn't care.
    -Gruul and Rakdos would take it as a sign to wreak havoc.
    -I don't know how the other guilds would react.
    The assassin could be Gateless, or they could be from a Guild that would benefit from mass chaos and death- say, Golgari, Orzhov, Rakdos, or Gruul.
    This genre offers a plot that can carry the RP even when one or more of us doesn't know what to do next. It would be by far the easiest to roleplay.

    Political/Psychological Thriller-With all of the guild politics, this could be a tale of representatives of each guild trying to outmaneuver each other.
    Everyone would have hidden agendas as well as overt agendas, and alliances would be fluid and fickle. This one would have the most opportunities for friendships and romance.

    War Story-This one leans more towards a Ravnica AU where the Guildpact was permanently disbanded. It would be the hardest to write the backstory for, but it would be the most open-ended.
  15. Interesting. I do agree that Ravnica would definitely be a good place for quite a few stories. What time frame are we going with? Current home of the Jactice League Gatewatch, around RTR, or around the original block?
  16. That would depend on what kind of story we wanted. If we wanted to be more apposed to each other probably the first set.
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