MAGIC: The Gathering. Do you play?

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    We play EDH format mostly.​
    If you play Magic WE WANT YOU!​
    Moonlit Blade, Jinx, The beautiful Malakee and myself have been playing on Skype LIKE ALL THE TIME and WANT MORE PLAYERS. I cannot stress enough, we are SUPER CASUAL and want to play with anyone and everyone.​
    If you play Magic: The gathering, SEND ME A PM.
    Relaxed atmosphere, chill people, super awesome.​
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  2. I play but I, sadly, do not play EDH and don't have the money to go get the cards for EDH. Do you all have programs like Cocatrice you might use?
  3. Just come play with us! It's hella easy to make an edh deck.
  4. I really should have ya'll teach me one of these days....preferably when i'm not balls ass tired or super stressed @_@
  5. Eh, I don't really play but I has a friend who's teaching me how to play.
  6. I play, and even have a decent White/Black life gain deck, but I don't have a Skype, or a webcam to do so. However, when I get one, I will gladly hop on and play!
  7. Do i play? :D NOPE
    Did i just want to post in here? :D YES
    Have i heard of this? I think so... *shrugs and walks off*