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  1. The Signups are OPEN!
    Spots Left: 6

    Rating: PG-13
    GM and Creator: Fowlishness
    Roleplay Era: Victorian England
    Expected Post Length: 1 to 6 Paragraphs

    Welcome to Magic & Secrecy!
    Greetings, reader, to a tale of magic, learning and exploration of a fictional world present inside the more mundane one of the Victorian London. From this night forth you will take charge of a character of your making and make him or her advance in this strange new world that is the routine of a Sorcerer or Sorceress.

    Your Protagonist, once they are created and accepted, will soon find a very peculiar leather-bound book... a grimoire enchanted especially for those starting their lives as a magicker. Beyond the first page and ritual, the rest of the imposing book's pages are blank, waiting to be revealed to your character as they progress and become more knowledgeable of the Arcane Arts. A mere young adult, barely out of their teenage years, this will be a big step for them, will they dare cross this invisible line between normality and the magical? It's your job to make sure they do, or their fate will not change at all!

    Many things and skills they will learn, and the first step is to create them...

    Character Sheet:



  2. Wait how is this "realistic fantasy"? I'm pretty sure magic isn't "real". Either way though, if done well this could be very good. Especially if you manage to get in victorian prejudices against witchcraft etc.
  3. Oh, I though this meant Fantasy in the world we live in, changed ^^'
  4. This sounds great- would you mind if I join?
  5. Do go ahead! :)
  6. I'd like to reserve a spot, if that's okay!
  7. Thanks!1 I should hopefully have my charie up today!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.