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  1. Once you turn 13 you will know what you are human or power or magical creature. Once living together in peace humans and powers' live together on earth, until the humans started to fear the abilities the powers' had. When I human was killed after a fight between a power and human. The fear from the humans caused chaos making the powers and magical creatures leave earth the planet the once called home. Now they live on there own planet but, some humans came with in secret and are being found its not a problem for the powers' or magical creatures, but when some of them start to threaten to tell the other humans on earth the powers' and magical creatures fear that history might repeat and they may have to leave there planet again.

    - swearing is allowed just don't over do it
    - sexual topics and rape are allowed just don't go in to very deep detail
    - abuse can be incorporated just lets keep it under control
    - violence and torture can get graphic but again I ask we don't have it happening all the time

    Power Abilities:

    - fire
    - life/healing
    -natural disasters
    and others you can think of also you can have up to 4 powers

    Magical Creature types:
    or others that you could think of

    Your Character:
    - picture optional on what they look like if you don't add a picture or don't want to you can say what your character looks like
    - Name:
    - Age:
    - Gender:
    - Type: power or human or magical creature (if magical creature what kind)
    - Ability/Abilities: (if power)
    - any other information you would like to say about your character
    - background: it can be long and detailed or short and to the point

    My Character:

    Name: Raylyanna
    Age: 16
    Gender: female
    Type: Power
    Abilities: Ice, Fire, Nature, and Life/Healing
    she has long blonde hair blue and red eyes shes not afraid to defend herself if she has to she is skilled in knife throwing.
    background: Raylyanna lived a hard life throw her 16 years living with her abusive adopted father after her mother was murdered in front of her when she was 10 years old and her father left when just shortly after the death of her mother after being in foster care until she was 12 when her abusive father adopted her. because of the adoption she now has an older brother as well.

    Side note: if anyone would like to play as family for my character its fine just say something and if you would like to play as family for anyone else ask them.

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  2. Sounds like a pretty good one
  3. Name: Ryuketsu Zanari (Ryu)
    Age: 17
    Type: Power
    Abilities: Blood Magic, He also uses a scythe because he is useless without spilled blood (See my explanation of Blood Magic).
    Extra Info: Blood Magic- to make this character not to powerful I am making it so that he can only manipulate blood that has already been spilled.
    He can control and manipulate blood as you could think what water casters do, except he can't create blood making him pretty balanced in my opinion.
    He can mold the blood into any for like small solid shards or into a a powerful fire hose type attack given enough blood. This is why he mains usually on his scythe
    because of the small amount of blood that is available.
    Back story: Ryu's parents had killed themselves for an unknown reason while Ryu was 2 and his brother was 4. After this Ryu and his older brother lived together working anywhere they could just to keep a small shack above their heads
    and sufficient food to eat. A couple of weeks after Ryu's thirteenth birthday, he and his brother had gone out with some money they had saved up for his birthday. They enjoyed their money with entertainment show tickets with local
    performers. One of the performers who came up wasn't on the list of the announcer's. The man raised a hand and a very black magic came from his palm releasing dark magic missile type attacks. Ryu's Brother with great reflexes saved his
    brother by taking the attack in the back for him. As the audiences bodies fell to the floor Ryu looked in fear and disbelief. He could not except his brother's death, the other person left for him was gone. After excepting the event a few
    seconds later, Ryu looked up at the man, he was grinning and giggling with insanity. Ryu became so enraged and knew he was powerless all he did was shouted as hard and loud as he could, yet what he had caused was much more than
    powerless. The blood from the fellow audience members sporadically shot across the performing area in arrow like projectiles. The man had not been hit by any of these uncontrolled attacks and then walked of stage saying something
    Ryu could not pick up due to his rage filled state. After that day, Ryu took his brother's and his own belongings and traveled the land to seek this man who had caused him so much pain. Yet he was not too keen and fighting this

    Pictures! Ryu
    -[​IMG] [​IMG]

    Sorry for the somewhat cliche pictures. I will possibly draw ones for my self like the scythe.

    Also any suggestions or anything are welcomed! To be honest this is my first forum based RP i have ever applied for so it will be a pretty big learning experience for me!
  4. Name: Rosalina Grace
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Type: Power
    Abilities: Illusionism.
    Other: Rose is a very kind person, who usually gives everyone she meets a chance. She doesn’t usually like to be involved in fighting, but she knows how to use a bow and arrow in case she needs to defend herself or others.
    Background: Rose grew up with a very privileged life, with a fairly wealthy family. When she turned 13, there was an attack on her home, and her mother, father, and siblings were killed. She managed to get away, after much coaxing from her brother, using secret passage ways around the home. Right after she left, she ran into a few men who tried to take advantage of her, but she got away by making an illusion. From then she has been wandering, trying to find a place to stay for a while, but being very cautious around people.

    (The picture of Rose is at the bottom, and is also my profile pic)

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