Magic or No Magic, People Fall in Love

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Find love huh? I can't say I can believe that. Seems a bit too good to be true. However, there is definitely something strange about this place. It feels familiar...

"Gaaaaah, I can't remember anything still!"

It was a chilly autumn's morning, and sunlight was streaming into his room. Yuuto sat up in his bed cross-legged.

"But that dream, I've been having it a lot recently. It only started when I got here though. I guess it must mean something..."


"Gah! I gotta get out of here before she makes me work!"

Running out of his room, he immediately ran back inside. After a few minutes, he ran out once again, clad in several layers of clothing, a scarf flying behind him. He had no intention of working. And so he ran down the street with reckless abandon. No different than any other morning truthfully.


The young writer was sleeping in late today. It was a Sunday, so school was out for the day. She would be out for the better part of the day. Or so she has planned​
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"Gareki, noooooo~!" Cried a feminine voice, which cracked slightly with the amount of sadness within it.

Kaeru Hamasaki, a young woman at the radiant age of 21, was curled up in her bed, under her warm, comfy covers, with her laptop resting upon her lap. You see, it was Sunday, which meant that it was the last day of her anime binging. She had just finished the anime Karneval and was positively sobbing as she watched the last few minutes, hands pressed against her mouth, muffling her pained sounds. She always got sad when an anime ended, but, sometimes, the ending brings her to tears, depending on how it ends. Taking in a shaky breath, she exhaled it and tried her best to wipe away any intimations that pointed to her crying fest. Luckily for her, her roommate was out doing God knows what right now and wasn't there to witness a red, puffy eyed and sniffling Kaeru, who was feeling this way because of an anime. Her roommate would comfort her, but would be confused all the same. Though, she wouldn't question. Kaeru was truly grateful for her roommate.

Pulling herself somewhat together, she set her laptop aside and slid out of her warm bed, shivering slightly at how cold it was in the room. Because of the temperature, she was adorning a frog sweatshirt and red sweatpants with a pair of fluffy, warm socks. Shuffling her way towards their kitchen, she didn't feel like making an actual meal and settled on a sandwich. One can never go wrong with a good sandwich. As she made it, her mind wandered around, wondering what she should do today. With no classes for the day, she was free to do as she pleased.

What I should be doing is homework, but I know that I'm going to wait until the last minute, Kaeru thought with a slight shake of her head. Well, there was always coffee-shops to sit in, stores to spend her money, and libraries that she could go to. Maybe she'll run into someone she knows! Smiling at the thought, she finished making her sandwich and began to eat it. As she ate it, her mind was thinking about what to wear. It was chilly, which mean she was going to have to bust out the warm clothing. But what, though...?​

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Noriko Kobayashi

The chill wind breezed past Noriko, she shivered and pulled her jacket tighter against her chest. Sunday was the day when Grandfather always wanted his fresh produce from the Sunday markets, which always resulted in Noriko trekking through the harsh winds to get them for him. Noriko loved doing things for him, it was one of the few things she could do for him, since nurses did most of the care taking at home.

Once the fruits were brought, Noriko started off home. Grandfather usually didn't wake up until mid afternoon and it was still reasonably early, her eyes darted around, scanning the area for anything threatening. She shook herself, as stupid as it was to be scared of an old folk tale, she couldn't stop herself from being overly cautious every time she left the safe haven of her home.

"But to hell with caution!"

Noriko uttered aloud, as if by saying so she could scare away her insecurities. Her keen eye spotted the local cafe across the road, perhaps she was over reacting slightly, but she still felt the need to psyche herself up in order to enter the establishment.
Ordering a small decaf, she sat down at a table facing the icy landscape. A wide smile spread across her face at her little victory.

Dragonslayer Ornstein

Kyoshiro was awake all night, a sudden spark of ingenuity hit him then. He decided to add to his already lengthy repertoire of books that haven't been published yet. He also decided that it would be a good idea to branch out into a different genre than the normal high fantasy style he has become known for.He toiled throughout the night, writing three novelettes that really piqued his own interest, hopefully it would pique the interest of others as well. He put each into their own separate emails and emailed them to his publisher. He Kyoshiro stretches and looks out the window, he tilts his head quizzically then looks to his alarm clock just at it goes off with what seemed like an ear splitting BZZZT BZZZT BZZZT BZZZT, he quickly turns the alarm off and shakes his head, another night spent writing, it was definitely something about this town that made everything just flow better. He got up and took a quick shower, getting dressed after toweling himself off, he grabbed his green winter coat and light brownish gray scarf and, waving to the innkeeper, goes out for his morning jog. He stops and looks about, seems that the town is still pretty quiet save for a few people running early morning errands, he shrugs and starts off down his normal route, luckily despite the snow, there was enough shoveled/plowed to make it not quite as hazardous to jog. He stops at an intersection and looks around yawning, Ki really needed a pick me up before continuing, reprimanding himself for not getting something at the inn he sees a coffee shop and heads in, there he orders a large cup off coffee and sits down at a table, leaning back and sipping his coffee, relaxing for a little bit before continuing his run.
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