Magic or No Magic, People Fall in Love(OOC-Sign Ups)

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  1. Meruhen

    A small village, two hours away from the city by train. This town isn't famous. There are no famous landmarks, and absolutely no noticeable people have come from here But that doesn't mean it isn't special. It has a mysterious natural beauty, and local legend surrounds its beauty. They speak of tales of spirits who wait for the one they love, or the tricky kitsune who enjoys pranking the occasional person. However they are just stories. They couldn't be anything more. And yet, for some reason, these stories are still being told, and people continue to experience the events in these tales. And the one that seems to occur the most in this town?...

    People falling in love.

    The most common legend in this town is that people in this town will always find love. Whether they were born here and soon leave, or moved in only a few weeks ago, they will find someone. Or so the legend says. Whether or not someone believes it is up to them. Magic or no magic, this town is special. And legend or no legend, people continue to fall in love


    Character Sheet

    Short Bio: (You only need to include why they are here in this town, and for how long they've been here)
    Extra: Anything you wanna add on.

    (Note! Your character is allowed to be related to, or a cause of some of the paranormal tendencies with the town. Just remember that normal people don't really understand. Maybe your character doesn't either!)


    Info On the RP

    This is taking place in a moderate fantasy setting. While there are tales and legends, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding these supernatural happenings.

    This is centered around the romances that spark around town!

    Please note that this village is in Japan



    -Keep it PG-13
    -If you don't want to keep it PG-13, then take it to PM
    -No OOC Drama please! Lets all try to be friends
    -Regular Site Rules
    -Have Fun!

    I may add more to this later​
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  3. [​IMG]

    ≈ Name ≈
    Hamasaki Kaeru
    ≈ Age ≈
    ≈ Personality ≈
    Bubbly | Energetic | Mischeivous | Nonconforming | Sociable | Optimistic | Determined | Supportive | Rebellious | Procrastinating | Open-Minded | Curious | Adventerous
    ≈ Short Bio ≈
    Kaeru was actually born and raised in Meruhen, spending the first 18 years of her life there. She had been living with her parents and her three older siblings. When she graduated high school, she left to go travel for three years before finally coming back to attend college, which is what she's doing now.
    ≈ Crush ≈
    OPEN! (Ask me~)
    ≈ Hobbies/Talents ≈
    • Writing
    • Playing piano
    • Listening to music
    • Dancing
    • Watching movies on Netflix
    • Anime and Manga
    • Knitting

    ≈ Extra ≈
    • Loves coffee.
    • Is in love with the concept of "love".
    • Loves holidays.
    • Loves all the seasons, but winter is her favorite.
    • Is allergic to peanuts.
    • Frogs are her favorite animals.
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  4. Accepted. I'll be posting my characters when I get home
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  5. [​IMG]

    Matsuwa Yuuto


    Slacker | Friendly | Enigmatic | Joker | Teasing | Playful | Childish

    Short Bio
    Truth be told, Yuuto had no idea why he is here. He has very little memory of what happened, save a few blurry images. However, he has been treated fairly, and welcomed in the town. He is currently being given an apartment in exchange for manual labor... which he never does.

    Not yet

    -Just lazing around
    -Not a bad whistler

    He often plays with the kids of the town
    He is often being chased by his landlord
    He absolutely hates fish


    Ikehara Chihiro


    Distant | Oblivious | Forgetful | Quiet | Eccentric | Blunt

    Short Bio

    Chihiro actually moved here recently. Boxes still need to be unpacked, and she has no idea how to get around town. She moved here due to its proximity to the city. She makes trips there once a week at least. She never says why.


    She actually isn't a very good student, especially struggling with math
    She often has some kind of paper, be it a book, or a pile of scratch paper, an entire note book, or just a regular book for reading
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  6. [​IMG]

    Hibiki Ives Ito/Ito Hibiki



    Quiet | Observant | Enigmatic | Curious | Perfectionist | Calculating |

    Short Bio:

    Hibiki is a former resident of Meruhen. His parents filed for divorce shortly after his fifth birthday. Custody was awarded to his mother who relocated the pair to France, where he resided twenty years. After graduating from University, he landed a job as a graphic designer. His father passed away nine years ago, and left him a large inheritance, including an estate. The young man showed no interest in the property till last month. His motivation for leaving France is unknown.




    - Graphic illustration
    - Gardening
    - Herbalism


    - He works during the day and has thus become a night owl.
    - He’s interested in the town’s legend, but has no interest in pursuing a romantic relationship (at the moment).
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  7. huh... So It seems that this will absolutely take place in winter or fall right now. Everyone seems to have gathered images of people in warm clothing
  8. We're having cool weather withdraws.
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  9. Can I reserve a spot and having something up tonight?
  10. Sure! Though, I am not going to allow any other reservations after you until those who expressed interest on the IntChk decide to join, or I deem it's been long enough
  11. [​IMG]

    Noriko Kobayashi


    Troublesome| Energetic | Adventurous | Kind | Non-competitive | Honest | Gullible

    Short Bio:
    Noriko 's Grandfather has been living in Meruhen since Noriko was little, although the superstitions and rumours about the town stopped her from visiting.
    When her Grandfather's heath starts to waver, Noriko decides that she's too old to let a silly legend scare her and prevent her from meeting him. She resides with her grandfather, taking care of him and the house.

    None yet
    - Dancing

    -Noriko adores cooking and cleaning, the idea of being a housewife appeals to her greatly but she wouldn't tell anyone since it's so stereotypical and embarrassing.
    - She likes to put on a brave face and pretend she doesn't care, but is actually incredibly cautious when outside, for the town legend scares her greatly.

  12. accepted. If anyone wants to make a second character they may. Also, if the current age trend continues, I'll likely change Chirhiro's age
  13. Getting my stuff together for a post weekend-monday was filled with cleaning.
  14. No problem! I may start the thing fairly soon. Seeing the IC might draw in a few more people
  15. [​IMG]

    || NAME ||
    Florence Amelia Hawthorne.

    || AGE ||

    Florence originally seems cold and off putting, however, she is actually a sarcastic, witty girl with a quick temper and even a quicker tongue. She definitely is a force to be reckoned with, even if she doesn't appear like it at first. She speaks in metaphors and riddles, definently sort of an odd one compared to those she hangs around. Her entire being is just one big ball of metaphors, as no one really know what she's talking about. She tends to hide her emotions between an annoyed expression or an all knowing smirk. Some say she's an asshole. Some says she's a know it all. Some even say she's a crazy day dreamer who needs a reality check. But who is really under the cliches she spews, nobody truly knows.

    || BIO ||
    Florence is not only odd in personality, but also odd in inhabitation. Originally from Manchester, England, Florence finds herself in this odd, small town for certain reasons and those reason only. She's not tied here from family, nor is she here just to lead a normal life. Florence is there to get to the bottom of all the legends, a crazy journalist who thinks she can find her big break in a small town that seems to be ran by cupid himself. Nobody really knows that she's a journalist, instead, she works a small job as a local barista, but really eaves drops on the conversations of others, talks to locals, and meanwhile all recording it down on her laptop. She's determined not to return to England without some sort of story to publish.

    || CRUSH ||

    - Reading.
    - Writing.
    - Traveling.
    - Memorizing book quotes.
    - Psychology.
    - Dancing, even though she's awful at it.

    || EXTRA ||
    - She has a strong British accent, despite the fact she speaks fluent Japanese.
    - She swings both ways, but leans a little closer to women.
    - Her eye color is a golden hazel.
    - Her favorite book is either To Kill A Mockingbird, or the classic Alice In Wonderland. She keeps hardcover copies of both books by her bed stand, and is constantly reading them on repeat.
    - She answers to both Florence and Amelia, despite Amelia being her middle name.
    - She lives in a small, two bedroom apartment on the East side of town.
    - She has a pet cat, whom she had named Scout.
  16. accepted

    I would enjoy some more boys in this before we start. Also, I don't think I will accept any more people, with the exception of those with reservations. Anyone here is allowed to make a second character as well, but only if you think you're capable of it.
  17. WIP. Finding dude pics is tough.

    Hoshi Ryuusei


    Ryuusei is a naive little laddy. He is rather new to many concepts and doesn't understand many things. Additionally, he is mildly curious and will ask 'what is that' or something along those lines. His naviety may know no bounds, but he is wary of people not from the town, avoiding them before anything bad occurs.
    He is, however, interested in making new friends with others in the town, since he finds them familiar and less strange. The town is small after all, it's easier for a community to connect.

    Short Bio:
    Ryuusei is an only child in the Hoshi family. This young child was originally from Tokyo, but his family had moved here a year ago for a more peaceful, adaptive life. Ryuusei never did make friends in Tokyo.
    While here, Ryuusei encountered an odd mirror. It seemed strange, but then a voice spoke to him, saying that upon reaching adulthood(13th birthday), something bad would happen. He has not forgotten this ever since.
    As his 13th birthday draws near... well he hasn't forgotten those words, but he doesn't actually believe it'll happen.



    Extra: Anything you wanna add on.
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  18. Um, can I join this? I would like to make a female character ^_^
  19. Sorry, but we'll have to see. I've currently have three CS in the process, and we are rather high on girls
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