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    Name: Elizabeth (Lizzy) Silverstein
    Status: Witch
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Size: 5'2, 120lbs

    Bio: Victim to a fatal car accident caused by a drunk driver, Lizzy lost both of her parents, and half of her face, half of her neck, her right shoulder, arm and hand ended up burnt, all of which she usually covers up with a magical glamour. Angry at the man who took her parents' lives, even more after the justice gave him a far too low of a sentence after he left the hospital, she decided to summon a demon who'd get revenge for her.

    Persona: In order to keep herself sane, she has strived to find good and beauty in life again. The good side of this, is she spends lots of time in nature. The creepier side of this, is she spends a lot of time stalking people, specially families with small children, awed by how happy people can be, and trying to get nurtured by that happiness. She's a big nerd, always studying and drawing. She's also flexible from her meditation practice, but strength and running definitely aren't her forte.


    The witch had decided to perform her ritual on a whim, so she hadn't checked the moon to see if its phase would empower her spell, but the stormy sky was a fitting mood for her intentions. Lizzy usually didn't wear any special garments for performing her magic, but this time she was wearing a long black tunic, covered with protective sigils on the inside. She knelt in the solitude of the abandoned house, her mother's grimoire open before her.

    She inhaled deeply, her eyes examining her mother's drawing, depicting a demon. Demons were hard to handle, and usually asked for great sacrifices, but not this one. Her mother had bound him, and he was his servant for the rest of her life. It was only fitting that he was the one to carry out her revenge, to make her killer suffer a thousand times worse than Lizzy's parents when they died, victims to a fatal car accident by some drunk driver.

    Lizzy stuck her hair behind her ears, revealing her half burnt face, a result of having been another victim of the accident, the only survivor aside from the drunk driver. She was alone, and the only one who'd see her in the near future was going to be a demon, there was no point in hiding her wounds. Her right eye had lost its sight almost completely with the fire, but with the other one she could see perfectly right, so she opted for not using glasses. She just closed her bad eye in order to read.

    She sat in meditation, inhaling and exhaling deeply, getting her mind to quiet down. She put the required stones and used her wand as instructed by her mother in the grimoire, and started chanting in a strange language; she wasn't able to know if the language was ancient and dead, or made up by her mom. She felt a surge of energy coming out of her and gathering from her surroundings too. A dark mist crawled up from the floor and concentrated in a point in the air in front of her, slowly gathering more and more mist to form a solid, big form.

    "You're here." She said with confidence. "Your instructions are simple. Torture and kill--"

    "Instructions? HAHAHAHAHA!!!" The demon asked clearly amused, and his voice when he laughed made Lizzy ears hurt. Her heart started racing. "Listen you little runt. You're nowhere near your mother's level. You couldn't even channel enough energy to give me my true form. Look at me! I'm half black cloud-half black man!" His last words had a more angry tone.

    "Your mother was my mistress as I couldn't escape. But now she's dead, and I have no obligations with you." He tilted his head. The white fangs he flashed at Lizzy were the only thing on his body that weren't black for the moment. "Maybe you'll be enough of a meal to at least solidify my tail, what do you say?"

    Lizzy didn't wait to hear another word. Her mother's grimoire still had emotional value for her, so she grabbed it, and her wand was still in her hand, but everything else, she left it there. She ran as fast as her feet could carry her. She didn't cry for help, who could help her? But when she felt the powerful, putrid presence of the demon coming near from behind, she couldn't help but to scream in fear.
  2. Hansi- RWBY Version.jpg
    Name: Hansi | Status: Magical Girl | Age: 18 | Gender: Female |Size: 5'11, 130lbs
    Bio: A Magical Girl from Earth, Hansi has spent the past 5 years fighting minor crimes and small demons as Jini Rani, the Magical Princess! She was granted her powers by a magical dove, Kosa, who only she can communicate with.

    Before becoming a magical girl, Hansi was a ballerina, training for a professional career. She's become a little less rigourous since becoming a superhero, but she's still a pretty big name in the local dance field. She still indentifies mostly as a dancer, and most of her magic is based around music and dance movements.

    Persona: Hansi is a bag of contradictions, being a mix of a valley girl stereotype and a huge nerd. She's chatty and sarcastic, but she's not very socially bright. She's got a bad penchant for holding grudges, and has no patience for "idiots" or people who annoy her. She's also really, really boy crazy, and falls a little bit in love with every boy she meets.​

    Hansi's shoes were not made for this level of physical activity, but she knew complaining wasn't about to get her anywhere. She had given up on her heels earlier, and had made the magical transformation into Jinirani a few blocks back.

    "Kosa, come back here you stupid bird- where are we going??" It wasn't unlike the white dove to come rapping at her window at all hours of the night, leading her into the streets to fight some minor monster or stop a burglar (or even one time, catch a midnight flash sale on chocolate pudding), but this was a little excessive- it was a friday night and her favourite DJ was playing at the club downtown, the stupid bird didn't have to ruin her good time.

    She wished her magic came with the power of flight. But noooo, she got music as her magical power. "I swear to god, if this is another stupid shopping trip, I will like, Idunno, back you into a pie and serve you to my grandparents." She said, following the dove around one last block.

    Well, that was one possibility ruled out. She sure as heck wasn't going to find a sale at this old run down house. She could sense something inside, however- something less than good.

    "Heeeerrrreee!" The bird said, flapping his wings at her. "You will find your destineeeeeeyyy!!"

    "You say that every time you drag me out to the middle of nowhere, and in 5 years, I have never met my destiny." She scoffed, tugging at the doorknob. No give. "Ugh, fine." With a little sonic blast, she kicked the door in, dashing into the house.

    "Be calm, for the hero of magic and music, Jinirani, will protect you!" She said, her magical staff appearing in her hands. "Wait, what the actual heck is going on here?" She said, taking in the sight of the room.

    "Oh. My. God." She looked the dark haired girl before her. "Ok, so, like- Did no one ever tell you not to mess with Ouija boards? For real, what are they teaching kids these days?" With a roll of her eyes, she turned to the demon. He didn't look terribly tough- and if he was a minor summon by a teenager, he shouldn't be a problem.

    "With my song of light, I banish you!" She sang, holding out her staff of light and beginning an intricate dance. The dance, while indeed magical, had little to no effect on the demon, besides distracting it.

    Eventually, Jinirani stopped. "That has literally never not worked, so like." She turned back to the girl. "You kinda screwed up big time- which means we probably need to run." She cast a bubble around the demon, grabbed the girl by the wrist, and dragged her back out the door and into the street.
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  3. Lizzy stopped on her tracks when suddenly the door before her was flung open, fearing this was one of the demon's tricks (though the demon should be trying to lock her up instead of freeing her, right?). Her mouth dropped open and she was left without words at the strange sight before her. She didn't notice the bird, she could just see a strange witch in a pretty dress, talking as if she was in some cartoon, wielding an overly decorated staff. The demon stopped to stare at the girl in a dress too, surprised by the unexpected apparition.

    "Ouija boards can't summon demons!" Lizzy replied in a heated manner, the demon subtly laughing behind her. Every *actual* witch knew ouija boards only worked with ghosts and spirits, not demons. Who was this wannabe? And why was she blocking her only escape route? As Jinirani started dancing and singing, Lizzy turned to look at the demon, hoping that the girl was way stronger than she seemed, and that this would put and end to his problems.

    It didn't.

    The demon just laughed more and more, and wondered out loud which of the two he should eat first. Lizzy raised her wand to try and put up a fight, but then Jinirani grabbed her wrist and pulled her into running before she could do anything. Shortly after the demon burst the bubble open, and came chasing after them.

    "We can't stop him! We have to hide or he'll eat us!" Lizzy yelled at the strange, colorful witch. Feeling the demon cast a ray of dark energy behind them, she raised her arm. A bright force field formed around them, moving with them as they ran, but a single ray from the demon took her force field down. She wasn't sure she'd be able to shield them a second time, and surely the demon had way more energy to attack than she had to defend.
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  4. Jinirani nodded abruptly- a little confused by the girl. "Uh, yeah- hiding. Totally possible in my literally magic dress." She looked over her- "Wait, no, I'm supposed to be saving you! You don't get to like, tell me what to do!!" This was not how she was used to people treating her. Where was the "oh, thank you, magical lady" or "wow, you're so cool?"

    The ungrateful nerve of some people. She raised her want to cast a shield, but one popped up before she had a chance to say anything. "Where the- wait, did you do that?"

    She looked over at the bird. "Wait- what is she? Is she a- " She looked back at the girl. "Oh my gosh, I never thought I'd meet another magical girl, ohmygoodness! Wow, are you like, my sidekick? Or wait, am I yours? No, wait, I have the talking animal, so I guess that makes me the leader? Wait- am I a space princess?" There was an audible gasp as she slapped her hands to her cheeks.

    "HAaaannnnssiiiii- pay attentiiioonnn!" The pigeon called, landing on her head.

    Jinrani slapped at the bird. "I told you not to call me by that name when I'm transformed you stupid-" but the bird was already gone.

    She gave a deep frustrated sigh, before returning to the matter at hand. "Ok, hiding. Fine- not really the magical girl way, but I'd rather be a bad magical girl than dead." She affirmed. "Split up, or what, stay together?"
  5. The only reason Lizzy didn't stop to stare at the strange girl and double check if she was crazy or just dumb, was because they literally had a demon chasing after them. And what was all this talk about magical girls and side kicks as if they were superheroes? Had her witchy education really been so terrible?

    Unless... Oh no. This poor girl must have just popped up into the world as witch, instead of coming from a lineage, and thus never had anyone to educate her. It happened from time to time. Determination took over Lizzy's features. This poor witch had been abandoned in the world, no one to teach her, not killed by misuse of her own powers by sheer luck. Now, she had decided, they had to survive. And then she'd take care of this poor, ignorant baby witch.

    "Follow me!" She said, roughly grabbing Jinirani by the arm and pulling her to the side. The street they were on now was a bridge over a street below it. During the day, jumping to the street below was surely suicide, but at this time of the night hardly any cars passed. It was still quite the risky move. She kept dragging the strange girl and made her jump with her. Lizzy was never the athletic type, so she hissed as she sprained her ankle with the fall. It could have been way worse though.

    She quickly moved to the side of the street, where there was some grass and bushes. She reached into her pockets, pulled two lipsticks, and tossed one to Jinirani. "Put some on your lips, quick!" she whispered heatedly. Her own lipstick was green, and after the green pigment covered her lips, the glamour took over quickly, turning her into a small, youthful tree. If Jinirani decided to apply the lipstick tossed to her, it would be black lipstick, turning her into a fluffy black cat. Hopefully with those harmless appearances the demon would think he lost them.
  6. Hansi was taken by surprise as she was suddenly yanked down the street by the girl. Follow her? "Not like you're really giving me a choice!" She yelled, running as fast as she could to avoid having her arm yanked off.

    She almost yelled at the stupid girl as she made to jump off the bridge. "Ok, suicide is not the ideal response to being chased by a monster, what are you-" She burst into a scream as she was literally dragged over the edge of the bridge. Maybe that stupid bird had been right about her destiny- it was to die jumping off a bridge with a girl who had summoned a demon.

    How wonderful.

    She came to her senses before she hit the ground, and broke her fall with a roll. Sure, it was really painful on her arm (which was still in the strange girl's vice-like grip, but she hadn't broken her leg or split her skull. "Sorry, or whatever, the suicide plan failed- lipstick, why on earth would I need..." She watched in awe as the lipstick turned the other girl into a tree. Wow, was that her magical girl ability? Tranforming? Or was it makeup?

    "How come she has cool powers? Music and dance, what kind of a set of-" She popped open the lipstick, which was an ugly shade of black- not anything she ever would have worn herself. She carefully smoothed it onto her lips. "Nope, your power is not makeup, this formula is gross, I'm wiping this off right meow" She suddenly felt very different. She lifted a hand- a paw? And rubbed at her face- muzzle.

    What on earth was she? "Meow, meow, meoooowwww!!" She started panicked, wiping at her lips as though she could get rid of the lipstick on her now non-existant lips.

    She paused as the demon came over the overpass above them, and dashed away, hiding in a patch of tall grass before them. Hopefully it left them alone now, and they could change back and figure out what the hell was going on.

    Or, wait- what if this change was permanent? What if she was a cat forever???
  7. Lizzy held his breath -or rather, held her leaves still- as she waited for the demon to pass by. The ugly creature soon appeared in her range of sight, but just as she had hoped, the demon didn't think they were more than a regular tree and a worked up cat. This concerned the witch a little bit, but animals tended to be on edge around evil beings, so the demon didn't think more of it, and luckily didn't attack the cat for a good laugh. The demon went away, and they were unharmed.

    She waited for a good time, wanting to be completely sure that the demon wouldn't be coming back. Then she willed away her transformation, turning into a petite witch again, and looked for the black cat. Upon locating the strange witch now turned cat, Lizzy lifted her up by the armpits, and gave her a good shake. This undid her transformation. Lizzy stepped back as Jinirani turned back into a human, pretty dress and everything, and sighed in relief.

    She looked up and down the tall girl, before speaking. 'With that colourful dress I take it you don't usually practise moon magic? If not you should change your attire. Anyone could see you doing your spells from a mile away.'
  8. Hansi was not ok with this- any of it. Being turned into a cat, being handled like some kind of toy, and then being turned back into a girl like some kind of Magicians assistant. It had started off as a bad night, and this girl's condescending attitude was kind of irritating.

    "Sorry, but I have like, no idea what you're talking about. My dress looks great... unlike yours, but that's not the point. I don't practice moon magic, or whatever. I'm a magical girl- Like, defender of Justice and Truth and innocence and stuff?" Hansi paused in her monologue, looking for some reaction from the girl. Sure, she talked fast, but she didn't think she was unintelligible. "Did you not get the spiel from your magic companion? I have a magic companion- guess that makes you the sidekick. But like, don't worry, I'm not gonna be all superior just cuz I have a stupid bird that tells me what to do."

    "Also, if you're gonna make black lipstick, you should at least make it Matte- have you ever worn makeup, ever?" She asked the girl, wiping at her lips again to get any of the excess lipstick off her face. It didn't match the blues and purples that made up her dress.

    "Ugh, wait, I should be like, nice to you or whatever. I'm Jinirani, and I'm a magical girl!" She waved her hands in front of her face, a slight sarcastic look spoiling what would have been a rather innocent display. "Well, it looks like you're not dead, so you're welcome, and I hope you never do anything that stupid again. Buh-Bye." With that, she turned to leave.
  9. The slightest sign of offence taken crossed over Lizzy's features, before she was downright baffled at Jinirani's words. Defender of justice, truth and innocence? What was wrong with her? She guessed the magic companion bird she referred to was her familiar, but she wasn't using the correct term for it.

    She blushed a bit at the complaints about the lipstick. She lowered her gaze with a pout. 'The lipstick it's all natural. The beeswax makes it shiny. It's hard to make natural matte lipstick. To make it mate you have to put some kind of dust over it yourself...' She mumbled. So what if she didn't know how to correctly apply make up? Not even the best make up artist in the world could cover up completely the wound on her face. She didn't need any fancy make up, as long as her reliable glamour magic made her look normal. Because of that, she barely knew how to apply eyeliner without stabbing herself in the eye.

    She was pulled out of her self pity trance by Jinirani's new introduction. Her eyes widened. 'Wait!' She called out before the girl went away. Magical girl. She knew that term. 'You mean you are the same as Card Captor Sakura? Or Sailor Moon?' She had watched those shows on the TV as a little girl. The protagonists wore colorful dresses, waved sparkly heavy looking wands, and fought for nice things like truth and love.

    'I- I think you're confused. Your magical companion... That's a familiar. It seems like you're a witch, but haven't had a mentor educating you.' Poor girl. No wonder that when strange things started happening with her powers, she had turned to the things that she knew, like magical girls. 'I can help you out.' Of course, for Jinirani, Lizzy seemed to be a magical girl with an awful dress that didn't live up to the magical girls standards.
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