Magic Mafia and Rival Families?

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  1. Just because we were once one House does not mean we have mercy for one another.

    Many years ago, a large and powerful family ruled over the whole of Japan. This family was called House Sorrilith, whose origins branch back to medieval times in Europe. They were strong and fierce, hunting down their enemies both in broad daylight and the cover of darkness, using both conventional weapons and magic alike. Several people hailed them as heroes, deeming that they were the ones who purged the streets of scum and villainy.

    House Sorrilith liked to believe that they were a stable family, but such a large number of people making up its ranks meant that it was bound to suffer from internal conflicts. Some members believed that House Sorrilith was not doing enough to protect their people while others stated that their methods were too brutal and merciless. Conflict turned into severe confrontations and distrust, and soon enough, House Sorrilith underwent a massive civil war. After five years of fighting and many mages dying, the confrontations died down. The House was left in shambles-- eventually, it faded away, leaving behind only its legacy and legend.

    The mages who survived the war formed two separate houses: Alicornia, named after the mythological winged unicorn of peace and tranquility, and Gryphes, dubbed after the bestial half-bird, half-large cat creature of legend. House Alicornia vows to follow the footsteps of House Sorrilith; they promise to only hunt the wrong-doers and evil that plagues Japan. House Gryphes, however, is much more violent when it comes to their work, and often innocent bystanders get caught up in their jobs.

    House Gryphes and House Alicornia have clashed for three years now, fighting each other on the street and sabotaging their ranks. The people of House Alicornia believe that House Gryphes should be destroyed, as they are violent and distrustful, while House Gryphes believe that House Alicornia is weak and should be pushed aside. However, one shouldn't judge a book by its cover, especially when mostly everyone is fighting for the same cause...
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