Magic Island

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  1. Welcome to Magic Island! Where all cartoons that were ever created live!

    There's the famous Fantasy Land where all the magical creatures live!

    There's Frontier Land, where folks live in the wild swamps, especially if they want to live a simple farm life.

    There's the Haunted Mansion where all the creepy creatures live at! Including, ghosts, wearwolves, vampires and so much more!

    Then theres The Future of Tommorow! Where the city there is full of all different types of technology and advanced equipment, along with the brilliant inventors!

    It first started when some ignorant toon started eating some veggies he didn't know about, they were blue and full of white spots. Those crops conatined the T virus! A disease that slowly kills any toon then brings them back to life as one of the dead.
    Once the toon ate it, he turned within three days and started biting others, infecting them as well. Soon all of frontier Land was filled with infected, slaughtering toons by the bunch and turning them as well, with the survivors that were left there were either smart or lucky.

    Aria, Princess of Fantasy land sent her gaurds to make a bridge around the kingdom saving her people for now, but everyone knew that The Future of Tommorow was the place to go if you wanted to survive the longest.

    (Princess Aria)

    The young woman stood outside her castle in her short purple night dress as she watched her men gaurd the walls, she wasn't sure how she was going to transport her people out safely to The Future of Tommorow but she needed to think of something fast.