Magic is the simpilest thing

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  1. Continuing from The Dark Retreat...

    She groaned a little at the taste of him. She opened her lips slightly and wrapped her arms around his neck.
  2. Jake tilted his head, and closed his eyes. The sensation running through his veins, was too amazing to put in words.
  3. Sarianna smiled a little against his lips. She kissed gently down his neck and brushed her hands down his bare abs and stomach, feeling his muscles. She had never done this before and was running on pure instinct. She kissed back up his neck and found his lips once again, kissing him deeper then before, tugging on his bottom lip.
  4. Jake kissed back letting his tongue out to play with hers. He thought he had her under the persuasion we were going to do something. He then pulled away. "I don't want to do anything just yet...we just met." he said hoping not to upset her. He then kissed her neck, biting lightly.
  5. She gave him a nod. She understood and was totally fine with it. She wasn't entirley sure if she was fully ready yet herself. She tilted her head back, exposing her neck to him, her eyes still closed.
  6. "I'm pretty sure I love you." Jake whispered. He thought about her since the moment he got to the retreat. He had no doubt that he actually did. For the first time he actually wasn't just saying it. He finally found the girl he was waiting for.
  7. She pulled back from him a little, starring at him with wide green eyes, unsure of how to respond. She really did like him, but the way he said he was pretty sure, made her unsure of how to respond to his I love you part. No one had told her they loved her or cared since her parents died. She swallowed past the sudden lump in her throat, unable to speak.
  8. Jake hugged Sarianna, saving her the response. He rested his head on her shoulder and rapper his arms completely around her.
  9. She leaned against him and rested her head on his chest, feeling it rise up and down with his breath. She closed her eyes, melting into him.
  10. Jake had a smile on his face. His plan to get her was canceled. She initiated this. He thought about that kiss she had given him back at the cafeteria. He enjoyed it so much, it was just unexpected. Jake's phone floated into his hand. He quietly texted a good friend of his, saying 'I think I found the one. Not sure, but maybe.' he slipped his phone in his pocket then pulled away from the hug. "I think you should try bending that spoon now." she must have been relaxed, and the thought of them being together had to have worked.
  11. She sighed and pulled back from him, opening her eyes.

    "Why? It'll all just go to hell."

    She said, obviously frustrated with her lack of controll.
  12. Jake looked her in the eye. "I doubt it. Come on just give it a try." he said with a sweet smile
  13. She sighed but took her silver spoon from her pocket. She concentrated on the spoon, even though she didn't really want to, and it floated to eye level. She then thought of Jake and locked him in her mind and thought of the spoon bending, still thinking of Jake and nothing else. The spoon slowly began to bend. It threatened to wobble but she managed to hold it in place. Soon it was bent at the neck all the way. She smiled a little at her success and unbended the spoon and let it fall into her hand.
  14. Jake clapped. "What did I say...we'll keep getting bigger and bigger objects, until you're like me. me a favor and turn on that T.V. with out looking at it, or using any hand movements to do so. Then turn the volume down, then turn it of." he knew she could do this and that's why he was drilling her with this so fast.
  15. She sighed a little and closed her eyes in concentration. Like with the spoon, she thought of Jake and nothing else execpt for the TV turning on. She heard a slight static and knew the TV was on. It was on some boring soap oprea show. Once she had the TV turned on, and, still thinking of Jake, turned the volume up a few notches. She smiled at her success yet again and opened her eyes. She threw herself at Jake in an emberace but threw herself at him to fast and they both landed on the floor with a thud, Sarianna on top of him. "Sorry." She muttered, but didn't get off of him. Instead she kissed him again, longer and deeper then she had in the eating area.
  16. Jake kissed back just as deeply moving one hand through her hair and the other on her hip. He tilted his hand and opened his mouth a little. He loved the sensation she gave him when ever they kissed. He smiled on her lips.
  17. She swept her tongue past his lips, their tongues brushing together, and she groaned quietly at the taste of him. God did she love how he tasted. She started undoing his pants, wanting to know how the rest of him tasted and felt.
  18. Jake seemed to like how fast she was going. He was slowly turned on by the fact. He let her unbutton his pants. He then started to tug at her shirt tail, hoping she also got the message.
  19. She felt him tug her shirt and sat up, still straddeling him, and slipped her shirt up and off over her head. She placed her hands on either side of him, trapping him and leaned down and kissed him again, feeling him become hard underneath her.
  20. Jake couldn't hold in anymore. He played with the back of her bra until he got it lose, then let them drop. He left it to her to take them off. He took off his own shirt and started to unbuckle his belt.