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  1. @Midnight Justin

    My character:

    Name: Naomi Silykre
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Naomi is a shy socially awkward teenager. She isn't very good at making friends - the only real friend she ever had was <insert your name here>. She is a book nerd, and will read pretty much anything, from romance novels to sci-fi comics.

    Midnight Justin's character:

    Justin Dalin, 16
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He's a kind a funny person whose very sweet to his best friend. Though he has a stubborn additude for things he doesn't like or believe. If he's stubborn or angry he will no doubt be rude.

    Basic plot:

    You are a regular teenager who goes about their day-to-day lives. I am your best friend. You don't know it, but I am secretly a wizard. When you find out, at first you don't believe me. Soon however, you understand the everything on this planet is created using magic, and decide to join me.

    The basic plot of the story is that you find out that magic is real and ask me to teach you it. I then have to get you to learn everything there is to know about magic and how to use it.
  2. Justin has woke up in from his sleepy state since he was tired though he had another day of school that he likes to call, torture He only goes there because he has a best friend named Naomi and she usually with him. It was something he never really talked about of why she and him were best friends.
  3. Naomi woke up from a horrible nightmare. It was about the Stone of Merlin, the power source of all magic. It had been stolen from its rightful place at the top of Mount Kidinly. Naomi's powers had been destroyed, and she couldn't use any magic whatsoever.

    She got out of bed and got changed into her school uniform.

    @Midnight Justin
  4. Soon he just went to Naomi's locker and he waited there. She was always late though he never knew why when ever they make a time to meet she'll be there but maybe like five to ten minutes late. Though that's why he always tells her things earlier than anything else.
  5. After she got ready for school, Naomi grabbed her bag and walked outside. She looked at her watch. 8:30. Dammit, she thought, I'm late. She ran the rest of the way and went to meet Justin at her locker.
    "Hey Justin," she said.
  6. Justin just chuckled and snickered "I swear you being late is gonna be the death of you" he teased her but smiled. He was smart enough to bypass her lateness. He just sinply grabbed her hand and went to their class.
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  7. Wait... Did he just grab my hand?

    Naomi walked down to class with him. Many students giggled as we walked past them - we were holding hands.
    "So then... are you free after school?"
  8. Justin didn't care for holding her hand. He might be popular but he had Naomi the girl who he most trusted. He didn't care if people giggled at him holding her hand. "Yeah you know I'm always open when school is over" he said to her honestly.
  9. Naomi smiled.
    "Meet me at the forest at 5 after school."
    She didn't give a reason.
  10. He sighed and looked at her "Can we make it 4:50 it only takes thirty minutes to pack up and go to the forest" he said to her and sighed. She was going to be late so that's why he said that to her.
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  11. "Umm..."
    Naomi wasn't sure. She planned on doing something that she couldn't do anytime before 5. Still, she agreed.
    "Sure, but we won't be able to start until 5."
  12. He nodded "Alright then I'll see you at 4:50" he told her and smiled. Then soon looked at her and walked off to his own classes he didn't have any classes with her which he was upset for that.
  13. "See ya!"

    Naomi walks to her first class - maths. She didn't have any classes with Justin. Because of this, she spends most of her lessons alone.
  14. Justin just was doing all his work class after class came and he went to where she asked him to meet up and he went at 4:50 assuming that she will be late like always.
  15. After school, Naomi walked home to collect her things. For the first time in forever, she opened the box under her bed. Inside was a smooth stick with a blue orb on the end. Her wand.
  16. Justin just sighed and kept looking at the time she was always late and he knew it and this wasn't a first she was late. "Why does she not have a concept of time" he sighed and leaned against a tree.
  17. She looked down at her watch. 4:59.
    Dammit, she thought, I'm late again!
    Quickly grabbed her bag and putting her wand in her pocket, she rushed out the doors and headed to the forest.

    As soon as she arrived, she said, "Sorry I'm late - again..."
  18. "Your always late you don't need to apologize you know" he said to her for the millionth time. Sure he was popular but he used to only have Naomi though he did sports and became popular though he never left her behind.

    He just gave her a slight hug and smiled "Why in the woods is it because you would want to make out in the forest?" He teased her and snickered.
  19. "No, no! Why would I want to make out?!" Naomi disagreed.
    Of course, she didn't realize he was taking the mick. She pushed him away from the hug, a if she didn't think she was ready for that stuff.
    "I got you to come here so I can show you something...
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