Magic is real... (1x1 RP, looking for someone to play as a human who doesn't believe in magic

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  1. Magic is real...

    You are a regular teenager who goes about their day-to-day lives. I am your best friend. You don't know it, but I am secretly a wizard. When you find out, at first you don't believe me. Soon however, you understand the everything on this planet is created using magic, and decide to join me.

    The basic plot of the story is that you find out that magic is real and ask me to teach you it. I then have to get you to learn everything there is to know about magic and how to use it.

    This will be a 1x1 RP. I need someone who will write detail. I would like a couple of paragraphs per post. However, I will make an acceptation for a couple of sentences when the two characters are having a discussion. I expect there to be lots of detail in every single post.

    Anyone interested?
  2. I might be interested.
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  3. Question:

    I am nee to this website, so not entirely sure how things work here.
    Do we post CS's on here, or in the RP thread?
  4. Here let me pm you.
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