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  1. The Land of Pangea, The land liberated by the Telos now stands free and due to advancements of technology, they are now able to explore the rest of the world; The Shadow Fields. Thee shadow fields surround pangea, making it vulnerable for attacks. The 4 united clans stands as a government and military group for the people of pangea. The Telosans had dispersed into the sacred mountains. The Sidliners rule the sky. The DeltaSmiths Reside on outposts; land or sky. The AlphaTroops peer vision and The OmegaBlades sharp edges rule the grounds. All of the clans leaders form the council of Olympus, Residing in the flying city of Ayodhia. What awaits for those branded in darkness...?

    When the world was created, there are once a being, one who banished the darkness, and brought upon the new light. He is known as Telos; the beginning and the end.He sought the world to be pure, but foresaw the return of the darkness. He anointed chosen ones, they're dubbed as Telosans. Telosans are a race of magical affinity, able to bend the elements and use them at will. But with the advancement of humans, the darkness sought to return...

    Telosans Telosans are beings of pure magic; also known as the mages.Most of them resides in Sacred mountains. Telosans are born with two affinities, one is the natural affinity and the other is the Divine affinity. Though no one had tapped into the Divine affinity, rumor has it that the Divine affinity is the mightiest.
    Infera- The Fire affinity
    Lightninzan-The Thunder affinity
    winrulan-The wind affinity
    Subbufun-The ice affinity
    Spascrarce- The physical affinity

    Character Sheet-Telosan

    Appearance:(Picture or description is fine by me.)
    Half-breed:(Choices: Half-shadow breed, Half-Human breed. Half-human breeds have only one affinity. Half-shadow breeds are corrupted and mostly black hearted.)

    Humans Humans can take on many occupations, most of them are in hunter clans. Thanks to their advancements in technology, they can now soar the skies using a blimp.
    There are 4 hunter main clans:
    The OmegaBlades- They are among the ranks of A to S classed hunters. Let's say, they're the best.
    The Sidliner- They have ties with the omegas, most of them are in the 'great' category, specializes in reinforcements
    The DeltaSmith- These guys specializes in weapon making and recon. They have Hunters that are supposed to be in the Omegas but decided to stay.
    The AlphaTroops- These men also specializes in Weapon making and recon. They're the ones who should be sent head on for scouting.

    Character sheet- humans/Clan member

    Alias:(Hunter name)
    Appearance:(Without armor)
    Armor:(This is usually associated with the clan's field color. OmegaBlades are Red. Sidliners are yellow. DeltaSmiths are green. Alphatroops are blue)(Description is fine, just state the materials used.)
    Rank:(D- is a rookie, C- are amateurs, B- are ones who are respected, A- are experts, S- are usually leaders and among the best.)
    Half-breed:(Shadow or Telosan)
    Breed:(Shadow or Telosan)

    Shadow breeds Ones which are down enough to be consumed by darkness. They can control, manupulate, and summon shadows unto their will.
    Character sheet- Shadow breed

    Appearance:(Human form)
    Shadow form:
    History:(The very reason why he/she was consumed by darkness)
    Half breed:(Optional)

    Shadows The dark beings. They're the darkness that the telos onced banished. Now rising, will they enlist the help of the shadow breed.They have multiple forms.

    1.Thou shall be polite and shalt post inappropriate posts.
    2.Being active is a must.
    3.Don't ever, and i repeat. DON'T EVER post short posts.
    4.Pure Half-Shadow breeds are the only ones who can do such things as a shadow breed could do. Human Half-shadow breeds can only keep shadows away and summon dark alloy(Their weapon). Telosan Half-shadow breeds can only use Dark Affinity magic.
    5.You can have up to 5 characters only per player :D

    "Heaven's thunder" Solus





    Timothy "Orpheus" (B rank)





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  2. There are several pieces of information I require clarification on, before I can make a character:

    1. If Half-mages can only take one affinity, how many affinities can pure mages have?
    2. What does "Personality:(This could determine this character's wheel)" mean?
    3. What does "(Optional, this could also determine redemption or fall)" mean?
    4. What is the actual setting of the RP? Are we talking flying cities and airships or more ground-level?
  3. Here are me answers!
    1.Pure mages can use 2-3 affinities, the others could be learned from mentors. But they're not that strong as the natural affinities
    2-3.About that, it could be for plot calls for redemption. Redemption is more on 'Reconciliation' kind of thing. If pure shadow breeds will be redeemed, they'll be move to the heroes side. Most of the shadow breeds could either be Enemies or half-shadow half-other kind.
    4.More on both, actually. I haven't thought of the Headquarters of the clans yet, but here's what i think. Most of the recons take place on ground, and a few battles will take place on air.(Especially the main enemies.) So airships are indeed, a must for all clans.
  4. so if I understand it right, "wheel", "redemption" and "fall" refer to character development? If so, character development is done by the players and they probably already have a plan for what's going to happen to their character before they even finish writing the CS, thus saying that certain aspects of the CS will determine character development is rather redundant.
  5. oh, in that case, i apologize. I may be able to change that~
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  7. hehe, no prob!
  8. Name:Timothy Periston

    Armor:Iron Chestplate- A regular chestplate.Worn under his clothes.
    Iron boots- Regular iron boots. Engraved with Sidliners Green Sigil
    Weapon:Cannogabang(Cannon)- A cannon designed by a friend from the deltasmiths. Made out of Different alloys, this cannon can fire 3 types of ammunition!Laser, Cannonballs, Blunderbusses, you name it, this cannon is a well crafted cannon! The only disadvantage is it's weight...
    Iron Balisong- An unsuspecting knife-

    Personality:Cocky, arrogant, cheerful.
    History:Born from a deltasmith and a telosan woman, this man learned to craft different weapons. upon reaching 16, he was admitted to the Sidliners. He is great at long-range, experienced mid-range and close range but usually gets careless. Though half Telosan, he hadn't discovered his affinity.
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  9. Id love to sign up for something but do we have to send you our sheets first?
  10. Just post it here!
  11. Name: "Heaven's Thunder" Solus
    Gender: Male
    Large Image (open)

    Give it a second. It even takes a couple to load on mine when the data's already downloaded for it.[​IMG]

    Age: Unknown, but legends of Heaven's Thunder span back several centuries.
    Affinity: Divine + Lightning
    Personality: Solus is a very mysterious entity. He never removes his armour, or even lowers his hood. What is under the hood is masked by a mask made of the same material as the armour, which is simple in design and resembles a theatrical stage mask. His entire entity emits a wispy white mist that veils the sharp edges and generally makes him a blurry spectacle to behold. His speech is muffled by this mist, but uses masculine pronouns and phrasings, which is the only way people know him as male. Since he doesn't appear very often in taverns, only rumours of his personality get out. As such, he is considered to be the stern-silent type with a strong eye for justice.

    The name "Heaven's Thunder" has been around for eons. He was one of the first Telosan to master the Divine attribute, but has been known to use all other attributes besides darkness. He switches which attribute he uses once every 50 years or so, though the attribute he changes to is always complimented by Divine. Heaven's Thunder is known as among the most powerful of mages and is viewed as a hero by most people, even those who have only heard the legend of Heaven's Thunder as a child.

    Weapons: None (ignore the sword in the picture).
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  12. Accepted~
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