Magic in the Flesh

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  2. intrested
  3. Unfortunately one player does not an RP make. Hopefully more people will join up. I will be patient and give the sign up one or two weeks. If by the end of that time we do not have at least 5, I'll scrap it.

    Feel free to post characters here and use this thread to interweave backstories. In the surprising event that we get a lot of players twould be nice if some of the characters already know one another in game.

    Also, I like it when players bring new elements to the game so feel free to propose any additions to the setting, whether they go along with your character or are simply cool ideas you'd like to see incorporated.
  4. Ill join :P.
  5. Sounds good Nikk. Don't take me the wrong way, but I've been at this long enough to know not to count anyone in until I see a CS. I'll start the IC once we get 5 complete submissions, though, I'll keep recruiting after. Willing to handle as many as 10 players in most RPs.
  6. can you make the CS so we know what you want included in our characters?
  7. ....I don't make CS's. I covered this in the Q&A section. Making a character without such an aid is a hurdle I purposely erect in many RPs which I feel are advanced and/or reliant on player creativity and input. Your submission should describe your character, their appearance, their history, whatever you deem important. That's all I can say on the matter.

    I'm guessing I confused you by using the term CS above. It is unfortunate that character submission and character sheet have the same acronym.
  8. I'll play if you get enough people
  9. @Stheno Enough is five. If you really want the game to fly I'd recommend being one of the five instead of waiting for the the RP to fill to that number. From the look of things so far, it's gonna be close.
  10. Are the character sheets supposed to be posted here as well
  11. @Stheno Yeah, consider this a general OOC thread. Character subs, game questions, game ideas, etc.
  12. okay I will work on it and post something tomorrow