Magic in Crescenta

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  1. Magic has always been a thing of wonder. However, for the people of Grismar it is but a common practice. Ranging from destrutive spells to healing, the art is practiced without restrictions. This can be bad, however the specially trained authorities have made it their life goal to keep it under control. Their land a beautiful landscape filled with mountains, forests, and many bodies of water combine to make a majestic place. Their capital, Crescenta, is home to the King and Queen's palace and a thriving, lush city. Here is also the major headquarters for magic control and education. Anything is possible in Grismar, and it is free to explore for anyone who is anyone.
  2. Luna, age 19, hieght 6.1, brown hair and eyes, loves the world and magic she lives in and uses.,r:16,s:0,i:130

    jolie, wolf, magical, turns into a demon when upset or feels strong emotion. turns into a human when the full moons out.

    Luna found herself walking in the near by field with jolie. she loved to sit and lay in the flowers and stuff. they smelt lovely and nice. "jolie lay i don;t want to play girl please" she said to the wolf. she lay quickly and quite and Luna lay right next to her napping. oh the sun felt nice and the air clean and crisp. the flowers smelt sweet and lovely. the only thing that would possibly make this better would be the man of Luna's dreams. a man to hold and care and love her. someone to cuddle her and tell her sweet things and write her poems. call her on days he was away. she lay there day dreaming the perfect man for her and how that man would have the perfect pup for jolie. it made her both laugh and cry sometimes. she lay there dreaming.
  3. Robin was where he always was, at the target range for destructive spells. He was training as much as he could to join the guard. He would spent hours casting fire, lightning, ice, all draining him until he felt passing out was the best way to handle it. Today, early into his routine, an officer walked over. "Robin, you want work right? Well there was a disturbance out in a field outside the city limits. It doesn't appear to threatening. Shall you take the offer?" Robin was elated. " I shall!" He quickly collected his gear and was off. He ran through the city and finally made it into the field. He knew it might have been a simple task but he took it very seriously. He crouched and using his advanced senses he listened and look for anything off. The only thing he spotted was a lady and a wolf by her. He couldn't imagine them being a threat so he approached without causing a scene. "Uhm excuse me miss. I am here on part of the city's watch. Have you seen anything that might be considered threatening." He wasn't in any way an officer but he was living he dream, even if it was just a small task as this.
  4. Luna opened he sweet chocolate brown eyes and said "why no sir... i've just been laying here with my pup jolie no threatening anything here" she smiled and sat up. jolie wasn't so happy on the other hand. she slightly growling. "oh hush jolie she hadn't growled at anyone ever so I'm sorry for her" Luna said fixing her dress so it wouldn't show anything. "so dear sir what is all this about a threat?" she asked sweetly.
  5. Robin was now caught off guard by the girl's appearance . She was beautiful and he knew it. Quickly regaining his composure he replied. "I was only told that someone reported a disturbance. I don't quite think you would be such disturbance. You, uh, have a nice day then. I'll be off." He walked along but looked back. He wanted to stay and talk to this beautiful girl a while longer but knew that might jeopardize his chance to impress the officers back at the headquarters. He continued along, finding nothing but flowers and trees. Seeing now that whatever the disturbance was had left he made his way back towards Crescenta.
  6. Luna smiled as she watched the man walk off. "how wonderful it must be..." she was still day dreaming. and that man didn't help much. he was polite and handsome. she wondered what it would be like to be held with those nice tone arms. "hmm" she laid back down and jolie to. they lay together dreaming of what could be. then soon it was an hour passed. Luna thought it'd be a good day to go down town. so her and jolie got up and headed down town.
  7. Robin was now back at the headquarters. He approached the officer who gave him the mission. He was outside so Robin never actually entered the building. "Uhm sir, I went to the fields but there was only a girl and her wolf it seemed." "Alright Robin," The officer replied, " I'll let my boss know. You better be sure this report doesn't go sour. I'll find you kid." He laughed and walked off. Robin sighed and realizing it was too late to still practice he headed home. His house was not far from the HQ so the walk was short. He sat on his houses steps and sulked. He wanted a real mission. One that required skill and finesse. Robin also thought of the girl. Would he ever see her again, it would be nice to.
  8. Luna walked down the street. jolie was tied and it was getting dark so she would turn soon. she was day dreaming in her mind again though, that man coming up whenever she thought of the perfect guy. then suddenly her was there. she squeaked and hoped over, jolie already half turned and not happy. jolie held back as Luna stopped hoping got a hold of herself and fixed up her dress slowly and sweetly walking over a shy quite "hello" slipped her plump lips and watched his head fly up in shock and sup-prize.
  9. Robin couldn't believe that the lady he saw from before was walking past just as he thought of her. It had to be the biggest coincidence of all his life. "H-hello..." he muttered back. He couldn't get himself to say anything more. He wanted to but his mouth couldn't speak the words. "Damn!" he thought. He watched her as she walked by and hoped that perhaps she lived close, but it was dark so it might be- that's it! Surely she would need an escort. Robin totally ruled out the fact she had a most likely very capable wolf to guard her. He sprung forward. "Uhm hello miss, do you need an es-escort? It's getting quite dark?"
  10. Luna turned and smile her smile. hook line and sinker she thought as she giggled. "why yes my pups about to turn and run off anyways i would love for you to" she said walking over to him and linking her arm with his. she loved how much taller he was then her and when she was close to him (though it was the first time) the way he smelt. she smiled up at him and tried to make him less nervous witch she could tell because he was stuttering so much. "so.." she said walking with him.