Magic, Fantasy, realistic? Partner please!

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  1. So I has some ideas! Yay!

    Mage- Violet (Mage info: )) has been in a terrible battle and has collapsed on the sidewalk, bleeding heavily in a coughing feet. "H-Help.." she said hoarsely. Her healing spell did not work, she hadn't mastered healing.

    Fantasy- Acer is an elf with superb archery skills. He works for the Darchea clan, a friendly to the Toru clan, but their enemy, Ketra, has kidnapped him. Vale from Darchea has teamed with (you) from Toru to help rescue Acer, but Acer is in very bad shape. (Vale is a background character. The plot starts with their finding Acer)

    Realistic- A girl, Jae, is new at school and the Football Jocks like to push her around. Their latest trick included trying to push her into the school fountain, but she fought, but only ended up cutting her arm on the edge and falling into the fountain. She climbed out, bleeding and soaking wet. You can be one of the football team, a bystander, an administrator, etc.

    I'm also open to Any types of ideas you have!

    I usually play FxM (a little romance allowed here, nothing mature) but I don't do MxM romance or FxF romance. I can do FxF or MxM plots though.

    PM me or post here if you're interested! I'll change it to 'filled request' when I find myself no longer bored, so as many people can reply as they want =)
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  2. I'm interested in the first idea of yours, the one with the mage called Violet. Pm me if you want with more details about this rp, and I'll make sure to create a character in the next few hours. I'm thinking of a male one right now, and I kind of get the feeling that I want him to look like this :


    Then again, your rp idea may need a completely different character, so fill me in and I'll adjust to it. Oh well..

    Till we meet again~
  3. The fantasy one sounds interesting, pm me for more information please :)
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