Magic, Fantasy and Heavy Romance

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  1. Story Plot:

    In a world of fantasy, magic, dragons and elves and dwarves, a young man finds himself desperately running for his life after his own magic had gone astray, causing havoc in a nearby town because he didn't know how to control it. He is wounded and cornered, fearing that that rainy night would be the last of his days as the guards, or town police reinforcement, approach upon him with weapons drawn and malice on their faces. Just when he believes that those faces are the last things he'll see before he dies, he is suddenly saved by a magically powerful woman with a small dragon draped around her shoulders...a dragon that can talk. She defends him, scares off the guards, and then offers him a smile, a reassuring one almost as if to tell him that everything is okay. The woman takes him to an inn and treats his wounds, all the while trying to get to know him and his situation better. When the morning comes, the woman says it's time for her to move on, but that he's free to travel with her if he so chooses. It goes without saying that he decides to tag along, drawn to this lovely woman and her dragon and the adventures she partakes in. She helps him learn to control his powers, their closeness drawing feelings from the both of them; soon, they have fallen in love and learn that they don't have to be so alone in this vast world of the unexpected as they partake in a variety of adventures, come across great drama, have their love tested and even experience great heartache together.

    So, this story could have a lot of elements, but it could be something amazing what with battles and fights and magic and the like. It all depends on the kind of partner I have who's willing to contribute creatively to this story as much as I am.

    I will be playing the woman in this story and am looking for someone to play the man that she saves. I do not want for this man to be some frightened little boy who's overly submissive. Rather someone who's confused by his powers and even afraid of them because he can't seem to control them. We can discuss the rest of his characteristics later on if anyone is interested.

    I would like for my partner to be somewhat active throughout the day. I'm not saying you have to post every hour on the hour, but I'm not a fan of one-post-a-day. I will lose interest quickly and more than likely just drop the rp altogether. So, if you feel that you are someone that can only post once every couple of days or so, then we are not the right partners for each other.

    No one-liners, please. They are one of my biggest pet peeves; I never give so little that you can't come up with something more than just one sentence. I'm not saying you have to write paragraphs upon paragraphs- though you can if you want, I can do the same. At the least, I would like to see two paragraphs. Details and emotions and character thoughts are loved in an rp with me and those alone can make two paragraphs.

    I am looking for someone to play the male, yes, but that does not mean my partner has to be a male. Any lady rpers that would like to play the male in this rp are more than welcomed to pm me! I don't discriminate between gender.

    Lastly, this rp will have lots of romance, sex, adventure, drama and the like, just to sum it all up for you. If anyone is interested, send me a PM and we can talk the rest of it through. Thank you for reading.
Thread Status:
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