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  1. Four continents face the impossible goal of crowning the next Emperor/Empress of all the lands. The four continents are as follows:

    Davonur: Land of persistant storms. Their specialty is Lightning. They are the most ancient of all the continents, though not the strongest. The continent of Davonur is the largest of all the world, complete with high moutain ranges, valleys, and the rest being badlands. Group: Dark Sentinel

    Brudaanos: Land of everlasting fire. Third most ancient. Fire is their specialty. They are the second strongest. The most to find here is volcanoes and deserts. Group: Verianoz

    Pindunavarus: Land of unwavering sea. They control the water. Second most ancient. They are the third strongest of all the continents. Wetlands, swamps, and the like are common here. Group: Crusinava

    Saoina: Land of unrelenting wind. The most powerful of all. Least ancient of them all. Grasslands and highlands can be found here. Group: Notaino

    You are a part of one of these groups. You are looking for ways to make peace, but of course anything goes in a time of war. The Crusivald Castle is a place that lets individuals test their might. The groups were set in place to train only the best warriors for the Crusivald Crusade, the event in which the next person is crowned. What are you waiting for? Test your might now!

    [**Please keep your dialogue in the color of your group/continent**]

    No god-modding please against actual players. all non-npc fights should be fair and square. A show of strength is okay.

    Message me, Aragwen, and the player you want to fight, if you wish to arrange a match. I will set it up, but until it is set up, PLEASE do NOT start the fight.

    NO randomly killing off other players.

    You are one of the continents above, please DO NOT make your own.

    Please make sure you don't overpower your character. This goes for weapons and skills/magic. You aren't a god, you're a participant.

    [Edit: ONLY a maximum of TWO characters can be used, one at a time, and only use your next a good while after you previous has been eliminated.]

    This is likely to be an every month to every two months thing, if people like the idea.

    Other than those rules, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING goes! Well, why are you still here? The throne won't crown itself!
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  2. [The doors to Crusivald Castle open once again, to welcome all of the brave warriors participating in the Crusade. With this, all the best warriors gathered for the feast, as was the custom every five years, before the fighting began. Come one, come all! Test your strength(and writing skills), In the Crusivald Crusade! If any of you are to survive to ascend to the throne, you will need to hone your skills as a warrior and mage. This is not for the faint of heart. (You must have more than one line, and an understandable amount of detailing. Message me for personal matches against another player within this RP). Many of you will lose, perish, or both. Who has what it takes to rise to the top?]
  3. (OOC: Do you want us to post character information real quick or just go for it?)
  4. ((This is the official RP. Please start at any time.))
  5. Pandora trudged her way into the Crusivald, she hadn't really wanted to go to the matches to begin with and she certainly didn't want to participate. But she wasn't going to let her family down. She had been training for this for eighteen years and she wasn't about to back down now.
  6. Selvaria made her way to the castle, looking up in awe. This is SOOO awesome!! I've never been here before! She thought to herself as she walked through the front gate. She walked past Pandora, Yet another I've noticed with bigger tits than me.. She thought as she slightly blushed and gave a scowl. Everyone always seemed to have a bigger bust than her, as she was only seventeen and small, and the youngest to ever participate in the Crusade.

    Selvaria carried her broadsword and fire staff, crossed on her back. She had a dress-shirt on under a lovely designer suit and tie, and some matching ocean blue skinny jeans, as all of her dress pants had been ruined on the trip. She also had a white fedora on, and came from a wealthy family to afford that, but was only in this deathmatch to ascend to the throne and rule the continents as they were meant to truly be governed. Selvaria kept walking to the sign-up area, pushing her dark red hair out of her eyes, revealing one green glass eye, and a brown right eye.

    "Name, age, Continent, any main weapons and, or main skills you go by or use." The hooded man said. "Selvaria Latirona, seventeen, a Dracon Broadsword and Koronis-style fire staff, fire, wind, and dark electric." Selvaria answered. The hooded man paused a minute, before finally breaking the silence and letting her through. Was this something to do with age? No, couldn't be. Maybe her weaponry or skills. Yeah, that had to be it. Dark electricity was developed strictly for absolute death, and the Crusade wanted to prevent death, IF possible.

    ((OOC Hey Scar, could you by chance please put in a tad more detail from here on out? ALSO ALL NPC CHAT DIALOGUE IS WHITE, WHILE YOUR PERSONAL CHARACTER AND HAPPENINGS OF SAID CHARACTER, ARE IN FACTION COLOR))
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  7. (OOC: not right now I can't I just got done reading four articles about infectious diseases for my college class, my brain is sort of mush. Also, I hate starting off posts in other people's rps because I don't know exactly how they want things to go. Normally when I start an rp with a mod/admin, they post the opening scene with a character. I'm still really out of sorts with this site and I haven't rped in a paragraph style for months, I'm working to get back in that grove but you'll have to give me a bit of time. And once opening posts are out it's normally easier to put detail in for me... I just had to get something out there)
  8. ((It's ok, just at least try to put four lines or more in this one. I'd like it to be a more detailed RP than the rest I've made. And as the first post, you pretty much get to choose where you want things to go, at least where my RP's are concerned))
  9. (IDK I'll post more in the morning. It's 1:30 AM for me and I didn't sleep last night, I should get on that. Things will look less depressing after I wake up and my morning classes are over, I'll be back then)
  10. Alex stood up and put out his cigarette. He figured that it was probably time to get signed up. Passed time, actually, but he'd been told by the guard that there was no smoking indoors. He wasn't extremely eager about this thing that he had to do, but he wasn't dreading like he knew some of the others were. If anything, he considered it more of a waste of time than anything else. Who really cares about being crowned? It isn't as if anything will change. Either we'll get an idealist that'll have their dreams destroyed, or we'll get somebody uninterested in change who'll perpetuate the wars. This is pointless. With a sigh, Alex walked inside the gates.

    Alex had on a pair of (once) white pants that were stained many different colours. Some grass stains, some blood stains, and some other stains of a harder to discern source. Along with his once pristine pants, he was wearing his standard ash-gray sweatshirt, hood down, partially covering the small sword that was strapped diagonally to his back. On his wrist, he had a single bracelet and a bunch of bandages. His pale blue eyes quickly scanned the crowd looking for anybody interesting. The only person he noticed was a rather small girl talking to one of the officials. He ran his hand through his hair, at the moment dyed blue, and shook his head. She's so small.... She won't stand a chance against these guys.

    As she moved away, he walked up to talk to the hooded man.

    "Name, age, Continent, any main weapons and, or main skills you go by or use."

    "Alex Amaya, 18, Saiona, my Saionan short sword, Fire, Water, Dark lightning, and Wind." Because Alex was relatively slight, he didn't have the strength to have weapons be his main form of offense or defense. Instead, he had dedicated himself to learning as many elements as he could. His mind was his best weapon, and the elements were the best way to utilize that weapon.

    "Amaya, eh? Were you related to..."

    "Yes, I am," Alex cut him off, slightly annoyed. "May I go in now?"

    "Yes, of course. Good luck."

    ((OOC: So, this is totally my first RP post ever. I'm sorry if I've proven myself incompetent somehow. If so, though, please let me know :D.))
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  11. ((No, you're absolutely fine. I've been hoping for someone like you in my RPs))

    Selvaria made her way to the dining hall, where everyone was gathering for the big feast before the official start of the Crusade. There were so many seats still unattended, but still so so many people there. She looked at a few men who returned her gaze with their own, and she blushed and turned away quickly. Selvaria had found a seat, and watched as a few of the royalty walked to the chairs at the ends of the tables.

    She was in love with their clothing. It looked so comfortable, unlike her current attire. She was hoping for a place for battle armor, because all that Selvaria had was an old heirloom chestplate that had been destroyed just about, two years prior. She waited silently as they motioned for people to hurry to their seats.
  12. Alex pushed past the guard and proceeded into the heart of the castle. He'd been to the castle before, but never any farther than the first room. Civilians were usually only allowed in the front room, unless they had business with the emperor. His father and mother had both been high ranking officials in the during the last emperor's regime, but that didn't mean that their son was allowed into the castle. Shortly after the previous emperor's death, there was a huge uproar because it was discovered that he was poisoned by one of his top advisors. After intense investigations, Alex's parents were convicted with murder and high treason, then put to death. This was just over a year ago, but Alex still hadn't come to terms with their deaths.

    Shaking his head to clear thoughts of the past, Alex refocused and wandered farther into the castle. He followed the girl that had talked to the guard before him. Alex had always had issues with directions. His parents and siblings would joke that he was navigationally challenged. Alex agreed. If he didn't have somebody to follow, he would get terribly lost.

    The girl he was following made it to the dining room. That's right, I guess there is going to be a feast. It should be good food. He made his way up to her and put his arm on her shoulder.

  13. "O-Oh. Hello.. A-And you are? You startled me." Selvaria said, not even giving him a glance. She was in total awe as to even the slightest thought that, if she won, this would be her main area for eating. White walls decorated with Gold and Ruby jewels, designs, as well as a few glorious paintings, was the scenery of this room, and the doors, which were about nine, maybe ten feet tall, were lovely wood, with beautiful gold trim all over the edges, just before all of the indentations that were worked into it.

    She wanted to see more of it, all of it, to see what the emperor or empress saw day to day. "Ma'am, if your name is correctly put, Selvaria, please make your way to the training room, located out the hall to the left, three doors down on the right, and down that hallway all the way to the end, where you'll go left at the fork, to the end." An armored man said, obviously wearing the armor of a royal guard. Selvaria nodded and walked off, wondering if she'd be there to hear the nobilitys' speech, or possibly called out as the first match up before their speech.
  14. Randall walked inside of the castle. Gah, I've waited so long for this!, he thought. Playing with little tiny plasma bolts on his hands, he walked to the signups. "Name, age, Continent, any main weapons and, or main you go by or use.", a man said. ''Randall Tempest, 18, Davonur, Zeus-styled broadsword, Zephyr magic, and Dragonfire magic.''

    Since their empire was weakest, Randall didn't study the regular electric, but Zephyr magic, which was a mix between electric and wind, and was very good for fighting off any Dark form of magic, but sadly, most people can't read the books Zephyr magic was written in. As for Dragonfire, it was used for Brudaanos military. The reason he chose these magics was because they could combine to make the strongest Electric magic, Plasmathunder magic. The man let him go and Randall walked into the dining hall and saw a guy talking to a small girl. He walked over and decided to talk to them. ''Hey! My name is Randall!'', he said. He was usually shy, but he was excited to be here and loved having friends. (OOC: Can we have a dice battle system? Like everyone has 100 hp and there is a 25 sided die and you know, turn based attacks?)
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  15. "Well hello. I'm Selvaria, I've been called to a training room for some reason so I'll catch you two later." Selvaria said, turning towards the doorway, walking out waving goodbye while she walked to the training room she was assigned to.
  16. Turning to Randall, Alex just told him, "We've all been called to the training room. Not just her. You may walk with me if you want to."

    With a sigh, Alex walked along towards the room behind Selvaria. The training rooms were divided by age, with everybody under the age of 25, the young group, getting put into one, and everyone else that was older in another, the experienced group.

    Looking around, Alex was unimpressed by the facilities offered by the castle. It was a sparsely decorated room, much different from the splendor that he had seen outside. In the room were targets, assorted weapons, and some weights. Nothing really exciting, to be honest. Just a typical room. He had heard that the experienced group had a much nicer facility, complete with a break room and food at command by servants. Here, it was just a group of young people and some gear.

    After his first scan through the room, he noticed somebody that seemed familiar. He was a large man, roughly seven feet, and heavily muscled. This particular gentleman had been the first of many people to ostracize him from the community once the royal investigation had been finished. It was because of him that Alex had learned how to use dark lightning. Alex looked forward to killing him.
  17. ((OOC For now, all will go against NPC fighters, until I work out what exactly will happen. Since not everyone has a dice, we will find something. Also, the younger combatants get to choose who they fight. As long as you aren't killed, and do not lose three matches, you are still in the Crusade. If you decide it is your characters tie to die, please have them killed off, and do not post again for a good few posts if you plan on playing it again as a new character. EVERYONE GETS TWO CHARACTERS, IF THEY CHOOSE TO. WHEN ONE DIES, AFTER A FEW POSTS THEY ARE ALLOWED TO BRING IN THEIR SECOND. IF THEY CHOOSE NOT TO PLAY A SECOND, WE ASK THAT YOU DO NOT POST ANYMORE IN THIS THREAD UNTIL A VICTOR IS DECIDED. Sorry for the long OOC))
  18. ((OOC: Okay, that sounds good. Will NPC fighters be controlled by the writer of the post? As in, will they be story fights as opposed to player fights? I'm hoping to bring this character to the end, but I guess we'll see :D. Good luck to everybody here.))
  19. (OOC: Sadly, Aragwen has decided to leave Iwaku for a while, and has left me in charge of all of the RP's she's doing :D I have yet to find out how to battle others.)
  20. (I am still here I just won't be posting very much. I'm taking a break. I will post who goes against who, and until we do pvp, whoever has a character in said fight has control. Main reason for my being AFK so-to-speak, is a bad cold i have. gomenasai everyone.)
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