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  1. ((Hi! You may join, just do a basic character sheet for a vague idea! Accepted already! >.<))
    Name: Mila Abernorth
    Age: 14
    Personality: Lazy, outgoing, loud, sarcastic, bad-tempered, a bit of a delinquent
    Magic Type: Unknown
    Dere Type (optional): Tsundere
    Band Position (once it is formed): Drums

    Mila sat in Basic Potions for the third year in a row, her face slightly red.
    "Miss Abernorth," her teacher started. Mila slunk down, pretending she didn't exist. "First of all, stop slouching. Next," He gave her a disgusted look. "Why the hell are you still in Basic Potions? When I was your age..."
    "I don't care," Mila whined.
    "Miss Abernorth..."
    "I mean, face facts. Everybody hates Potions, and only a few of us will become potioneers, so..." She closed her eyes. "What's the point?" Now was the perfect time to take a nap. However, another hand shot up in the air. Mila opened one eye.
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    Name: Kendall Cooper
    Age: 14
    Magic type: fire
    Band position: Lead guitarist
    Personality: Short tempered, sarcastic, quiet around strangers but talk more if she knows you, careless

    Kendall was obviously late for class. She walked through the halls with headphones in her ears.
    She should be in getting to class but decided against it after getting to school late, now she only wandered the halls. If she were to get caught out of class she could easily escape to the roof.
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    Name: Hailey Desmond
    Age: 14
    Magic Type: Illusions and Hallunications
    Band Position: Electric Keyboard
    Personality: interested in everything

    "Actually, potions add up to many elements of Magic," Hailey piped up quietly from the back of the classroom. She'd been home-schooled by her parents on their houseboat, and was a new student. It was the first thing she said, and she hoped it didn't create a bad impression to her peers. "But then, so do spells. So do ancient languages."
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  4. Name: Larken Renada

    Age: 17


    Personality: Reliable, Calm, Nice, Stand-Up Guy, Smart

    Magic Type: Anything to do with water: Forming Ice, Moving water, Boiling...

    'Dere Type: I don't know anything about 'Deres. (O.O)

    Band Position: Singer/Bass Guitarist


    As a Student Aide, Larken was responsible for helping the teacher with grading papers and writing responses to incorrect problems. However, Larken had finished that already, and had brought out his guitar and played some chords. The low, rhythmic strumming was quiet, but if students were quiet and listening they could hear it. Now, though, Larken watched the teacher scold Mila. Standing up confidently, he strode over to the teacher and student, flashing a smile.
    "Now, Mr. Hunter, don't be so harsh on your student. We all realize you want the best, but some kids need a lot of... time to learn things." Chuckling slightly, he added, "Not to offend any time-magic students here." Winking at Mila, he walked back to his desk, next to the teacher's, and sat on top of it, resuming his chord-strumming.
  5. Mila went red slightly as Larken, one of the Student Aides, stood up for her then winked at her, then went back to strumming a guitar. "Er...thanks...not like I needed any help..." She sighed and tapped the desk in perfect rhythm. Five minutes and she would be out of here...
  6. Hailey frowned, the chords were distracting, even with the chatter of the class (which was more distracting), and the class hadn't really paid attention to what she'd said. She didn't want to cause trouble anyway. She wondered how long it would take to see that she wasn't invisible. She was guessing all eternity. She supposed that was what happened when she put her hand up and the teacher didn't choose her. Hailey preferred to be homely educated.
  7. Larken spied the clock above the door... 5 minutes left. Then the bell would ring, and everyone could go to lunch. His eyes lit up as he remembered something he wanted to say, and he jumped off the table he had been sitting on. Looking at Mr. Hunter, he asked, "May I say something to the whole class?" When he got approval, he smiled and nodded in thanks, then stood in front of the class and cleared his throat. Most didn't notice, but the ones who did, heard him state, "Umm... this lunch hour, I'm going to be providing lessons on how to play the guitar." He sighed and commented, "I'm actually looking to start a band... but I'm virtually a stranger to everyone here." He chuckled nervously, then added, "If you want to get more information about the guitar class or perhaps starting a band with me, hehe... just come to the Music Room during this lunch hour."

    That was when the bell rang, and everyone left to do their own things. Larken packed up his own things and held his guitar to his side as he exited the classroom.
  8. A band? Hailey thought. Maybe that was a good way to make some friends. Besides, she knew how to play the keyboard. She stood up and walked into the music room to find it empty, apart from Larken. She wasn't sure whether she should sit or stand or anything. "Umm...hi, I'm Hailey..." She hadn't been in the music room yet, and she looked around, interested in all the instruments inside it.
  9. Name: Kokai Swallow
    Age: 15
    Personality: Uh... I'll let you figure that out, I suppose..
    Magic Type: Shape Shifter (animals only)
    Band position: backing guitar/vocals..?
    Appearance: image.jpg

    Kokai hurried down the hall, pausing to adjust the bag on his back, before carrying on again. As he reached the music room, he skidded to a halt outside, opening the door to walk inside. He'd heard there was a band forming here, and he was curious. He needed to get his guitar anyway, so he might as well take a look. "Uh.. Hi.." He looked at the other two in the room, shuffling his feet a little, before walking to the back of the room where his guitar was kept, leant against the wall. He knew it was his, because it had 'KAI' written on it in bold red letters, and the silhouette Of a swallow underneath, painted in black. "Just came to.. Get this." He mumbled, picking it up and looking around for the case, which again, he'd managed to lose.
  10. Larken came to the Music Room soon after the bell rang. He held his guitar in both hands and was about to begin playing it when Hailey had entered the room. Smiling at her, he put the guitar on the stool which he was sitting on and stood to shake hands with her. "Thank you for coming! Welcome, Hailey." He released her hand and inquired, "So are you looking for guitar lessons? Don't worry about money, it's free."

    Then Kokai came into the room, as well, and Larken looked at him. He was amused at Kokai's partial nervousness, and waved a little when Kokai said 'hi'. He watched Kokai pick up a guitar and smiled excitedly, asking, "Hey, you wouldn't happen to be in a band already, would you?" Larken rubbed the back of his neck as he explained, "I'm sort of, ah, starting a band. I'm looking for members."
  11. She shook his hand, glad when he let go as she was so nervous she was worried she was going to start sweating. "Well, I can play piano. Which means I can play keyboard, and I see them in bands all the time," she said, anxious still and quiet, especially after Kokai came inside. She'd been taught to not boast and often it was difficult to not feel proud.

    She glanced at Kokai and his own instrument. It would be difficult to bring her piano into school. She was interested to see how well he could play it. Perhaps he'd show Larken. "It'd be fun," she added quietly, though, like it was in class, it was barely a whisper.
  12. "Uh... Well. I guess I've been looking to join a band?" W shrugged a little, sitting down on the ground, cross legged as he looked around the small group that had formed. "I'm not bad at guitar." He added, smiling a little as he placed the instrument in his lap, looking at it, running a hand over it, almost lovingly. He gave his head a quick shake, getting back to reality. "Anyway... My name's Kai, If you didn't already know... Nice to meet ya" he offered a quick smile at the others once more, before letting out a quick yawn.
  13. Name: Violet De La Croix
    Age: 16
    Personality: bubbly, mischievous, childish, shy around new people, always hungry for knowledge, loves sweets
    Magic Type: divination

    Band Position (once it is formed): vocalist/bass

    Appearance: 1231232_1371096846829_full.png


    Standing outside the music room, Violet can hear the faint murmurs of students talking inside. She heard earlier that there will be guitar lessons given today and she is always interested to learn. Holding tightly on a bag full of sweets, she entered the room and saw three students talking.

    "B-bonjour, i-is this w-where the guitar lessons will be t-taught?" she said with her face flushing red.
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  14. Mila ran to the music room, carrying a small set of drums. She gave a small smile to Violet.
    "Am I late? I'd better not be...can somebody...AARGH!" She had just tripped over her cymbals.