Magic Babies

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    Chris looked down on of the many halls of his high school wondering where his girl was. He actually hadn't seen her all day, and wanted to take her on a date tonight knowing she wasn't busy one bit. He brushed out his sweater hoping he looked alright as he walked down the hall to her last class. He'd gotten out early and was planning to surprise her with a little magic flower he'd made that would bloom when the stem was pulled.
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    Lindsey had be hiding from Chris all day. she was having one of those day. she didnt know why. she had a bad feeling. the bell rung she couldnt wait to go home. it was such a long day. she grabbed all her things and fled the class. she was shocked when Chris was standing there in all his glory. every time she looked at him she smiled. he stood there with a un-bloomed flower. she grabbed it and Chris smiled as his cheeks turned red. when she held it in her hand it bloomed. "wow. Chris...its.its beautiful" she hugged him.
  3. Chis smiled holding her tight. "May I take you on a date tonight?" Chris asked looking at her with one of his grins. The blush that had come up slowly fading away. "Just you and me and some stars." he said with a smile fingering the star pendent she always wore. "Pick up some take out or something."
  4. "of-course i will i cant wait! ill go home and get ready pick me up at my house at 8. perfect time for stars. unless you want to walk?" Lindsey looked at him and smiled. "whatever you want to do im fine with" and good thing this isnt a real flower i dont have as one would say a 'green thumb' " she chuckled waiting for his reply.
  5. "Perfect." he said with a smile hugging her again. "Get some of those smoothies you like so much to." He couldn't help but grin broadly at her. Part of him wondered why she'd been MIA all day and it made him wonder but he didn't ask. She'd been acting odd lately. Gone more for some kind of 'lessons' and it made him curious.
  6. "do you want me to get take ou? if so what do you want?" and what flavor smoothie do you want. unless you get it before you get me. and i have a lesson after school for like an hour or so but ill be done by 8" she hated when she lied to him. she just cant tell him the truth yet. she wanted to tell him. but her grandma would kill her if anyone found out
  7. "I can pick it up. No problem. The usual for you I take it." he said with a smile to her kissing her forehead softly. "I can handel it." he smiled at her kissing her forehead again. "What's these lessons for anyway?"
  8. she looked at the ground and stuttered. "umm well.....its.....cello lessons. yeah i play the cello"
  9. "Really?" he asked stunned but smiling, "You should play me something some day!" He smiled broadly. "My girls got talent!" he exclaimed loudly picking her up around the waist spinning her around once. "So eight?"
  10. she cuckled "yeah most defentley i will. not put me down dork see ya at eight" befor he put her down she kissed him on his lips.
  11. "I'm your dork, and you know it." he said with a smile taking the kiss with open arms. Literally.
    He watched her as she walked of and he sighed feeling love drunk as always, but he got it together, and made his way out to his car which was filled with his many many doodles.
    "Its three something... five hours..." he said head meeting the horn with a loud squeal making everyone laugh at him.
    "I'll go to that pottery shop and paint some more." he said with a smile now driving off to the place. Excited to be hanging out with his girl tonight.
    Although he felt like something was going to happen tonight he just wasn't sure what.
  12. Lindsey gathered her things from her locker. and headed to her 'Cello' lesson on they way to her car her stomach was in a knot. must have been the lunch. she kept on getting chills she was feeling regrets about tonight with Chris. she walked to her car tossed her things in and started home. she cant be late again. "i need to hurry!" she cranked the radio up and put her foot down as much as the law would let her. as soon as she got back she started up on her lesson but her grandma wasn't there "Grandma were are you? Its Lindsey. Hello?" no answer
  13. Chris walked into the shop with a smile. Walls of unpainted pottery meet his gaze, and he just couldn't hold in a little grin. He wound up painting a little teddy bear for his dash board of his care, to go with all the other stuff he painted at least. He wondered while he was painting what kind of cello music Lindsey played. She really didn't have a cellist stance to her, but she was one of those people who could pull of anything.
  14. Lindsey looked everywhere for her grandma. she called her. but mot with a cell phone Lindsey couldn't have one of those instead she had to make a potion to see were her grandmother was. wolf's fang, toad stool, leperckan hair, snake skin, "wheres the book! im missing something! well if she was home i wouldn't have to do this. what else do i need?" Lindsey look impatiently around the house for something that looked like it belonged in
    the mixture. "oh i got it!" she ran to her grandmothers bedroom to get a hait brush and carfully picked up one peice with tweaser. if she didnt her DNA would be on it to then nothing would go as planed
  15. Chris sat there wondering what Lindsey was doing. He looked at his cell as he was still painting wanting to call her but instead he texted her 'Miss you hon'. It was true being away from her was a disaster in his heart waiting to happen. The odd part was their love was like magic. They just clicked. Easily.
  16. she finished her potion. and found her grandma. at the store "why cant you leave me a note or a message grandma? you had me worried, we dont even need groceries. lets just go back and do the lessons. i have a date at 8" her grandma shocked said "ohhh my dear with who?" like she didnt know Lindsey was dating Chris. "like you dont know" they went home and she found her cell phone 'Miss you hon' she smiled and typed back 'im busy babe text you soon XD'
  17. Chris smiled at the reply looking at his finished masterpiece of a fancy bowl that would need firing. "I should go pick up a few things for tonight. Like the food." he said with a smile getting up and doing what needed to be done before heading out to pick up food for him and Lindsey. Stars, and all.
  18. Lindseys lesson was to learn how to read amind. not for a long time though. just enough. she had to wave her trainer wand and say "reada ro-reada do reada dee. read the mind of thee" and she did. her grandmas cat was thinking about how stupid she looked. and the lesson was over 2 hours till star light
  19. Chris had already gotten the food and stuff, and was looking at the phone in his hand waiting for Lindsey to call or text. Hanging upside down staring at the clock on his phone. It was like seven something and Chris was just up the street. He was to excited to stay home.
  20. Lindsy was rushing to get read she was exited couldnt wait. i fact she texted chriss to come erly she just couldnt wait anymore. 'its only a half an hour early. im sure he wont mind"