Magic at Tristain Academy (Familiar of Zero)

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  1. Join in where we go into a world of magic, adventure, and familiars. Even be a familiar if you want, just have a partner. You don't have to make long paragraphs in here it's just to have fun. Anything goes except you know uuhh what's it called,....... oh yeah overpowered so yeah let me know what you think.
  2. Hmm, kinda interested.
  3. Did you say...

    Zero no Tsukaima?

    Oh boy, let our date officially begin.

    So, can we get seperate people to play our familiars or do we play both familiar and magic guy?
  4. I don't really care you can have someone that's if you know someone wanting to be a familiar or you can just have some mystical creature to play as along with your character either or really.
  5. I would like to play as a familiar if that would be alright.
  6. Oh hello Zero no Tsukaima this piqued my interest.
  7. Also what are restrictions on what a familiar can and can not be? As I said earlier I would like to play one and I have a human in mind but I don't know if you are going to allow that and if not could it be a human that's well not so human anymore?
  8. The only restrictions I have on you being a familiar is nothing overpowered and you need a partner to be your 'master' and/or summoner so go all out man whatever you want.
  9. Yay, now I just need a summoner. Anyone want a familiar?
  10. Depends on what kind of familiar you wish to be. First, what is your intended element?
  11. I can make a familiar based around any of them so that would be your choice on the intended element of your mage and I can work with it. All the familiars I can/will be are going to be human just to let you know.
  12. Based on what I know of the series, only those of Void element can use human familiars. That is, unless the restrictions of this rule are lifted.
  13. This is what Sasha said so....
  14. I'm kind of a person who prefers to stick with closer-to-canon concepts when it comes to anime fandom RPs. Sorry about that. I'm unsure if I can be the master.
  15. It's alright.
  16. Well I still need a summoner so if their are any takers i'm here.
  17. I'm gonna wait another week or two before I actually start it so try and find someone and if you can't find anyone you can be my familiar.
  18. Thank you, I will wait for more people to join and will ask them if they want a RPer controlled familiar.
  19. You're very welcome.
  20. I'm interested.
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Not open for further replies.