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  1. I need a female character for this, for I will be playing the male character.
    And the world is sorta steam punkish.

    This is the pretty much the summary of the idea I have going on:

    The world is basically at war, between humans and magic users. This only started after the Queen was put under a spell by a powerful witch, who also put a spell on their Prince and kidnapped him. Infurriated by such actions, the King declares that all magic (good and evil) is outlawed. The reason that the witch did this, was because she was once beautiful, and also very vain. A powerful wizard decided to teach her a lesson and took her beauty. She is now jealous of other women who have beauty. She travels around the world and seeks out these women and either destroys their beauty or puts them under a spell or curse. Magic users are hunted down and either killed or put in chains- as prisioners. The female character is your average young woman, who doesn't think she is very beautiful, who is now head of the family business, which is a general shop. While her sister owns a bakery. Just as the female was going to close the shop for the night, a young man bursts through the door. The young man is being pursued by the King's men, unbeknownst to the female character. She finds out that he is a sorcerer, when the King's men come knocking at her door, looking for him. Then soon after, she and the young man go on an (adventure quest) to find the witch that has put the Queen under a spell and also the kidnapped Prince.
  2. This sounds like fun. I think I'd enjoy creating a female character for said adventure.
  3. Cool. Alright, by the way the female character can be any age you want her to be. I'll get the OOC up here in a few
  4. Awesome. Give me a few and I'll have a character for you.
  5. Ok, take your time. There is no rush.
  6. oh an one more thing, could you please make the female just human, with no magical abilities?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.