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  1. Okay, so, every Magical Girl RP I join never actually take off. And that makes me sad :c So I was thinking that a group of us can plan out a Magic Academy (so there wil boys and girls) RP so, when the threads are made for it, it can start and last for a while because a group of people know the plot and can help move the RP forward instead of just one person.

    This is also an interest check to see if anyone would even like to do a Magic Academy RP.

    Any ideas?
  2. I'd be interested in joining this
  3. Woo!

    Do you have any ideas for the plot? Or, should people just throw in plot twists whenever they want to keep it interesting? And it'll be like regular Academy life?
  4. I say it can start with just regular academy life and after some time, a dark wizard thought to have been long dead returns and casts dark spells and such on the world forcing some students to band together
  5. Isn't that kind of the plot for Harry Potter?

    I like it, though! And we can have them deal with other little things (like magical creatures going wild, classes, breaking rules, etc.) but the dark wizard would be the big problem.

    The band of students could be the only ones to defeat him/her. Like, The Chosen Ones.
  6. I never been a fan of harry potter so i'm sorry D:
  7. It's all good, don't be sorry!
  8. So we just need more people to be apart of it!
  9. Yup!

    We can make the thread now and let people join, if you want.
  10. Sure go ahead and make it. We'll just wait for others to join and we can start!
  11. Okie dokie!
  12. I wouldn't mind joining, no real specific ideas though.
  13. Hopefully it'll be up today.....the OOC/Sign Ups
  14. It's up!


    I feel like I could of done better, but, eh....
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.