Magi: War of Kings and Magic (Open!)

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  1. This is a Magi fandom roleplay. Warning!!! Spoilers below!

    ~Storyline~, red

    This roleplay will take place 100 years after the anime, I say anime cuz I havent read the manga so I dont want to get anything wrong.


    After 40 years of continuous fighting Alibaba, Aladdin, Morgiana, Sinbad, and the crew finally defeating Judal, Hakuryuu, Gyokuen, and Al-Thamen thus saving the world from their ultimate goal, to cover the world in darkness and despair. After their defeat all the dungeons around the world disappeared simultaneously for reasons unknown to this day. During the 40 years of fighting the dark Organization, the people of the Kou Empire rebelled dethroning the tyrant of a lord and establishing a Republic like Alibaba started in Balbadd. After so much fighting nobody wanted anything more than to live out the rest our their lives in peace, and so they did.


    52 Years after the defeat of Al-Thamen, the world was more prosperous than ever, the mage country of Magnostadth is now united with and under the protection of the still strong Reim Empire. Balbadd rose from the ashes becoming once again one of the most famous ports for trade in all the nations. Even the Kou Empire, now named The Republic of Veniere, is influencing the cities around it, the lords and ladies have begun to replicate a Republic's way of life, though they still havent given up their title or throne of course.

    But the people feared the peace wouldnt last much longer as Dungeons start to pop up around the world once more, these ones even harsher and darker than the ones of the past. Nobody knows why the Dungeons have come to be once more, nobody but 1 Magi that is. Another Magi appeared a year ago, but this one seemed to take on Judal's way of life, he/she was dark, he/she was cruel, and he/she was evil. All he/she wants is to bring back the Dark Order and bring darkness to the world just like Gyokuen failed to do, the Black Spot and the being it summons is their ultimate goal.


    Its been 8 years since the first Dungeon appeared, only a few have conquered them due to their difficulty. Now the darkness is growing, a new Dark Order has risen causing chaos and strife in the once peaceful world. A contest is currently being held in each major city, a contest to find the strongest, fastest, smartest, and bravest of them all. The reward for winning this contest is the opportunity to join a small group (3-4, including leader) each one has their own skill, to conquer one of many the many Dungeons spread across the world. This group will be led by the contest holder, who can be anything from a Magi, a Magician, a Metal/Djinn user, or just a really skilled human.

    This is a battle of Kings, Queens, and Magic, who will be the heroes, and who will be the villains of this tale?

    World Map
    magi map.jpg
    ~Accepted Characters~, #e00951
    Fuy Hashiba|Male|Djinn Equip- @Edge
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    Omorose "Rose" Razan|Female|Magi - @Soñar Gardián
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    Crescent "Cres" Alude|Male|Djinn Equip- @Soñar Gardián
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    Sazael Kyrenei|Female|Magi - @RaineSensei
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    Alexander|Male|Pure Fanalis - @Edge
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    Kolvs Skius|Female|Pure Fanalis - @RaineSensei
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    Please put this at the first your post so everyone knows where you are/whose nearby.

    Location: (Example) Sindria - Marketplace
    Nearby: (Example) Crescent, Kolvs, Alexander​
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  2. Djinn Equip, red
    Location: Sindria - Contest Arena
    Nearby: NPC's

    Cres sighed as he watched the small but growing crowd of what looked like mostly thugs and wanna-be's gathering in front of the Arena. The news had spread of his contest to find the most skilled of people to journey with him through the dungeon a few clicks off Sindria's coast right in the sea. The dungeon was aptly named for the eerie black fog that surrounds it for a good 40 ft, Şeytanın nəfəs (Devil's breath). Many had ventured into the fog but none had returned, for the last year nobody had even attempted to conquer the dungeon in fear of being eaten alive by the fog, if not the horrors the awaited them inside.

    But Crescent wasnt gonna let abunch of riled up rumors stop him from his goal, he will conquer Devil's breath. At least thats what he thought, but looking out on the crowd from where he sat on a window seal, he started having doubts. 'Isnt there anybody thats not a soulless thug or naive brat thats willing to strive for untold riches and glory?' Contradicting his own thought though was his own intentions, he honestly didnt want either of those.

    'Well at least the news spread like I hoped...' Deciding it was time to start the "games" Cres stretches his arms above his head before leaping down from his window. He lands with skillful ease on a small wood platform in front of the crowd, there was many citizens in the seats surrounding the arena, all were here either to cheer a contestant on or to enjoy the show.

    At his arrival theres a cheer from the crowds, they were obviously excited for him to start. Slowly standing up out of his semi-crouch, he looks out on the crowd of contestants in front of him, his azure eyes piercing with their intensity. 'Well here goes nothing...'

    "My name is Crescent Alude, you have all been summoned here by me to win a chance to accompany me in my quest to conquer the dungeon, Şeytanın nəfəs! I must warn you, even with the most skilled group this task will be dangerous, you could very well die. Now if your prepared for that, if your brave enough, please step over here,." His deep, rich voice rings out clearly through the arena, gesturing at the end to his right. "If you dont think you can stand it, and I dont blame you, then please exit the way you came." Cres watched as a couple of the wanna-be's hesitated before taking his advice and departing the arena. He waited a few minutes as the ones that stayed and the ones that quit separated before continuing.

    "Alright then! Everyone that has stayed please separate into groups of 3 about 10 ft apart in a circle if you will." He waits another minute as the crowd complied with his order. "Now...Let the games begin!" Suddenly theres a loud rumble as the ground begins to shake like a earthquake, a moment later 2 ft thick stone walls rise from the sandy ground. Each wall rises inbetween the groups cutting them off from the others. After about 30 seconds the walls stop rising, ending about 20 ft into the air. If you looked from above the walls have created a giant labyrinth, each group starting from different paths, some intertwine with others.

    "This is your first test! You must make it through to the center of this maze within 4 minutes, watch out there will be traps. Now...Begin!!" He calls out as he watches the contestants, his platform just high enough to see into the labyrinth
  3. Fuy Hashiba, #00CCFF
    Location: On a Ship, heading to Magnostadt
    Nearby: No one

    The ship steadily rocked on the calm ocean waters, the seagulls chirping in the distance. People hollering to one another half way across the ship and this is how Fuy has been traveling like this for the past Month. However today they were suppose to be docking within the Magicians City today and he could finally get rid of his sea legs and walk again. How he missed open land, but he planned on traveling to Sindria after this and that would require another ride on the water. Maybe he could speed things up if he used his Djinn.

    "Come on already...I can see the port from here." He was muttering to the ship as he was displeased on how slow they were going. It was ungodly slow and he just wanted to pull out Kaze and move this thing forward. He was eager to get off and view the city.


    When the ship docked, Fuy was the first one off and he was stretching his arms and legs. A smile as he looked around. So many Magicians walked the streets, and he wasn't anything special. He had a Djinn, which could use magic technically, so it was like he could use magic. His eyes wandered around the magical city, the buildings stood out and the people wore pretty funny robes. He didn't laugh however, his own attire was foreign as well. He wore a Kimono, with half of it down which revealed some of his abdomen and his chest, his body was strong and muscular from having to fight. He wasn't going to beat a dungeon by being a skinny weakling.

    "For a Magical is pretty grand, but I was expecting better. Maybe my hopes were too high." He let out a soft sigh. He was expecting more, cooler things since the place was full of Magical Users, but it wasn't. What they had would have to satisfy his mind for now.
  4. Sazael Kyrenei, blue

    Location : Sindria - Heading towards the square/center.
    Nearby : NPC's
    A rather loud sigh escaped from Sazael's lips as she strolled the streets of the city of Sindria. It had been nearly 3 months since she docked here and the thought of moving to Magnostadt or Reim floated around in her mind. She never liked staying in one place, so the thought of leaving and venturing towards Magnostadt or Rein didn't seem bad. However, as of now, she simply didn't feel like boarding boat and riding the bumpy waves of the sea. Instead, she strolled right into the city's square.

    Immediately,Sazael took a seat on a bench and let out another sigh. If she had a companion to travel with her, surely she wouldn't feel so bored or lonely. Subconsciously, she began to rub the ring on her right index finger, which held her Djinn, Vexsur. If anything, he was the closest thing to a companion.

    Above her, birds flew around and chirped a melodious tune. The sound of children playing could be heard, though somewhat distant from where she was. Even if Sazael decided to leave Sindria, it would definitely be top on her list of places she's visited. It was so peaceful and the people of Sindria were all very happy people. Everything just seemed so in sync.

    Kolvs Skius, orange
    Location : Reim - Marketplace
    Nearby : Nobody/NPCs
    Chattering, salespeople advertising, children playing, and other noises filled up Kolvs ears. Occasionally, she'd hear people murmuring about her blazing red hair and the fact that she was a Fanalis. Not that any of that really bothered her. Over the years, Kolvs had learned to be proud of being a Fanalis despite much hate in certain countries.

    Kolvs stopped in front of a place selling fruits and began inspecting the apples, her favorite fruit. After thoroughly examining them for a moment and picking the 5 best ones, she handed the person some money and left. She bit into one apple and carried the rest in a small bag while scanning other stores. From swords to food, this market sure had it all.
  5. Slave, blue
    Location: Reim - Marketplace
    Nearby: Kolvs, NPC's

    Sagira stumbled as the chain that connected the iron collar around her neck and her masters hand got yanked, again. "Hurry up slug! I'm thirsty can me some wine! The good stuff!" Her master barked his orders at her, clenching her fists she slowly bows though it went against every shred of her being. "Yes Master." Smirking the cruel slob of a person unlatches the collar with a key before shooing her off toward the marketplace, a couple other slaves were carrying him through on a fancy royal litter.

    Clenching her teeth she makes her way through the throngs of people, keeping her head down so she didnt make eye contact. She was wearing a tattered and simple white cloth dress that fell just short of her knees. Chains clanged against the stone beneath her feet, shackles still connecting her feet, proving her slavery. Gira was pretty good at navigating through a crowd without being noticed, but it seemed even more crowded today than usual. 'Guess some kind of event is going on...' Oof! Suddenly Sagira's face connects with someones elbow, covering her nose and mouth with her hands she stumbles back slightly her eyes automatically watering from the impact though she was use to the pain.

    The owner of the elbow, a burly looking man, turns to face her with a unpleased expression. "Stupid wench watch where your going!" He grouses. A fiery gleam comes to her scarlet eyes as she looks up at the man with no expression, wiping off the blood that had started leaking from her now most likely broken nose with the back of her hand. The man glares down at her "Got something to say scum?" He threatens. Sagira's knuckles turn white from clenching them so tight at her sides as she slowly drops to her knees, bowing her head low before the man. "My apologies sir, I'll be more careful." She says blankly. Suddenly the man plants his foot on the back of her head forcing her head to the ground. "Hmph, mindless servant. I wonder what your master would say if I told him of your stupidity?" Sagira stays silent, gripping the ground beneath her imagining it was the guys throat
  6. Takeshi Iseki, yellow

    Location: Reim - Marketplace

    Nearby: Kolvs&Sagira, NPCs


    Takeshi was roaming about in the market place, his stomach empty along with his pockets. He pulled out a few coins as he stood in front of a fruit stand. He only had enough change to buy a single apple, and so he did. He walked away from the fruit stand, his eyes gleaming as he looked at the apple. He took a large bite out of it, until someone bumped into him from behind causing him to choke on the apple and drop it. He managed to spit out the large piece of apple stuck in his throat. He looked down, not even aware of what was going on behind him but looking at the travesty of his fallen apple. All his money...gone within a second, never having the chance to even geniunely enjoy he.

    Takeshi turned, his eyes filled with rage as he saw a young slave girl being ridiculed by the larger man. The same man who knocked his apple over. A smirk appeared on his face as he walked over to him from behind and tapped on his shoulder three times. "Excuse sir, I believe you owe me money in order to compensate for my apple which you knocked over. And I also believe you owe me extra money for almost having me choke to death" Takeshi looked up at the large man, without the slightest hint of fear.

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  7. Kolvs Skius, orange
    Location: Reim - Marketplace
    Nearby : Takeshi and Sagira, NPCs


    Kolvs turned around when she heard the words of a slave and those looking down on her. Her eyes immediately caught onto a young female who had scarlet eyes, which were quite beautiful. Despite not actually being a slave, but still ridiculed, she couldn't help but feel angry at the fact that this girl was being treated like that. With a rather scary expression on her face, she took long strides towards them. However, just as she was making her way over, a large man towered over the now bowing girl, only to increase her silent anger. When she took another step, a smaller man was tapping the the larger mans shoulder with an odd smirk, as if he was, too, angered about something. Whatever it was, she decided to back him up.

    With a few more steps and the last bite of her apple, half of the core still in her mouth length-wise, Kolvs stood beside the smaller man, but her attention was turned to the girl. Pushing the core to the side, she spoke, hoping the man beside her wouldn't mind her intervention. "Hey, scum. Would you mind taking your disgusting foot off her head? God, people like you are so sickening, I just want to puke." Her tone came off as rude with a sense of irritation, which was perfectly fine with her. In fact, she was hoping he'd get angered by it. Atleast it would give her a reason to hurt him.
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