Magi: War of Kings and Magic (OOC/Sign Ups) ~Open!~

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  1. This is a Magi fandom roleplay. Warning!!! Spoilers below!


    ~Storyline~, red

    This roleplay will take place 100 years after the anime, I say anime cuz I havent read the manga so I dont want to get anything wrong.


    After 40 years of continuous fighting Alibaba, Aladdin, Morgiana, Sinbad, and the crew finally defeating Judal, Hakuryuu, Gyokuen, and Al-Thamen thus saving the world from their ultimate goal, to cover the world in darkness and despair. After their defeat all the dungeons around the world disappeared simultaneously for reasons unknown to this day. During the 40 years of fighting the dark Organization, the people of the Kou Empire rebelled dethroning the tyrant of a lord and establishing a Republic like Alibaba started in Balbadd. After so much fighting nobody wanted anything more than to live out the rest our their lives in peace, and so they did.


    52 Years after the defeat of Al-Thamen, the world was more prosperous than ever, the mage country of Magnostadth is now united with and under the protection of the still strong Reim Empire. Balbadd rose from the ashes becoming once again one of the most famous ports for trade in all the nations. Even the Kou Empire, now named The Republic of Veniere, is influencing the cities around it, the lords and ladies have begun to replicate a Republic's way of life, though they still havent given up their title or throne of course.

    But the people feared the peace wouldnt last much longer as Dungeons start to pop up around the world once more, these ones even harsher and darker than the ones of the past. Nobody knows why the Dungeons have come to be once more, nobody but 1 Magi that is. Another Magi appeared a year ago, but this one seemed to take on Judal's way of life, he/she was dark, he/she was cruel, and he/she was evil. All he/she wants is to bring back the Dark Order and bring darkness to the world just like Gyokuen failed to do, the Black Spot and the being it summons is their ultimate goal.


    Its been 8 years since the first Dungeon appeared, only a few have conquered them due to their difficulty. Now the darkness is growing, a new Dark Order has risen causing chaos and strife in the once peaceful world. A contest is currently being held in each major city, a contest to find the strongest, fastest, smartest, and bravest of them all. The reward for winning this contest is the opportunity to join a small group (3-4, including leader) each one has their own skill, to conquer one of many the many Dungeons spread across the world. This group will be led by the contest holder, who can be anything from a Magi, a Magician, a Metal/Djinn user, or just a really skilled human.

    This is a battle of Kings, Queens, and Magic, who will be the heroes, and who will be the villains of this tale?

    ~Rules~, blue
    1. Follow all of Iwaku's rules.
    2. Play nice with others in OOC, I dont want any fighting or bullying.
    3. No OPing, you cant be a master of everything (lol).
    4. 3 Character limit per person.
    5. The villain Magi that I put in the plot must be filled before the roleplay can start.
    6. Put "~Your name" somewhere in your CS to prove you read the rules (ex: ~Zloglasniot Fasada).
    7. No killing other characters unless given permission.
    8. No controlling others characters.
    9. 1 Paragraph minimum per post.
    10. Must post at least once every 3 days, if you cant please let us know via OOC.
    11. This is a PG-13 rp so kissing is okay but any further please take it to PM's.
    12. [Rainbow]Have fun!![/rainbow]​

    ~Classes~, lime
    Djinn Vessel - 1 Spot Available
    Must conquer a Dungeon to obtain a Djinn


    Metal Vessel - 6 Slots Available
    Similar to a Djinn Equip but less powerful due to no Djinn infused in the Metal Vessel


    His sword is his Metal Vessel, it can be any weapon or object that you've worn for a long time.

    Magician - 6 Slots Available
    You must have a substantial amount of Magoi inside you to be a Magician (Magoi is like life force used to fuel magic, use too much you can die).


    Magi - 2 Slots Available (including villain)
    Magi are loved by the Rukh and have an nearly endless amount of Magoi inside/around them thanks to it. Their one of the most powerful beings, near unstoppable if they've had enough training. Black Rukh come from grief and hate, only dark Magicians/Magi's have these, light Rukh is hope and love.


    Humans - Infinite Slots Available
    These are the normal people in the world, though you can still obtain a Metal or Djinn Vessel as one

    Half-Fanalis - 3 Slots Available
    Pure Fanalis - 1 Spot Available

    These are humans born with enhanced strength/speed Fanalis have red hair/magenta hair. Full blooded Fanalis have such a small amount of magoi that they are unable to use Metal/Djinn Vessels, but they are stronger/faster than half-Fanalis


    World Map
    magi map.jpg

    Character Sheet (open)

    Class: (Magi, Human, Magician, ect)
    Location: (Sindria, traveling somewhere, Reim, ect)
    Metal or Djinn Vessel: (Please explain what powers your Metal/Djinn Vessel has, and the name of your Djinn if you have one)
    Magic: (Magicians/Magi only)
    Gear: (3 Max)
    Theme Song(s): (Optional)

    ~Accepted Characters~, #e00951
    Fuy Hashiba|Male|Djinn Equip- @Edge
    fuy hashiba.jpg

    Omorose "Rose" Razan|Female|Magi - @Soñar Gardián

    Crescent "Cres" Alude|Male|Djinn Equip- @Soñar Gardián

    Sazael Kyrenei|Female|Magi - @RaineSensei

    Alexander|Male|Pure Fanalis - @Edge

    Kolvs Skius|Female|Pure Fanalis - @RaineSensei

    Takeshi Kamui "Kau" Iseki|Male|Djinn Equip - @Shoske

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  2. blondes.jpg
    Name: Omorose "Rose" (Beautiful in Egyptian) Razan

    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 128
    Personality: Will rp
    Class: Magi
    Location: Magnostadth
    Metal or Djinn Vessel: A necklace holds her Djinn - Xen that she can call upon at the cost of alot of energy. Xen has power over plants/flowers. She can summon plants/vines to restrain her enemies, or she can create a flower with healing properties.

    Magic: Wind and Gravity, but shes a novice with them.
    Gear: A longbow and her necklace.
    Theme Song(s):
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  3. SuraDesign.jpg
    Crescent "Cres" Alude
    Age: 18
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 208
    Personality: Will rp

    Class: Human
    Location: Sindria
    Metal or Djinn Vessel: Ragnarok "Rag" - Djinn Vessel (the gauntlets in his pic). When activated the gauntlets become engulfed in a bright yellow light that swirls up and around Cres's arms. The gauntlets give him super strength, to the point he can lift a 500lbs boulder no problem, or punch through a 5ft thick stone wall. The tougher the obstacle (lifting 1 ton) though the more Magoi Rag takes from him.
    Hasnt evolved to Djinn Equip stage yet.

    Magic: None
    Gear: His gauntlets and a Kusarigama
    Theme Song(s):
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  4. Maybe. I never finished season 2. xD

    Though, reserve me a Djinn User justtt in case :P
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  5. I recommend finishing it, it has slow spots but it gets better, along with an epic ending lol.

    Will do! Hope you join =D
  6. Fuy Hashiba, #00CCFF
    Fuy Hashiba
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 193 lbs
    Personality: Will RP
    Class: Human
    Location: Traveling
    Metal or Djinn Vessel: Kaze - Djinn Vessel, his Katana. When activated, he gains the ability to manipulate and control wind thanks to Kaze. He can do all sorts of things with this ability and even form a thin 'blade' around the katana to increase the cutting power. So far he has been able to cut through any normal armor, but magical armor might prove to be a challenge.
    Close to unlocking his Djinn Equip.


    Rush: Fuy gathers wind underneath his feet and when it hits its peak, he releases it in a large burst which sends him forward in the direction he chooses at a high speed. He can use this to catch up to others or even use the speed to his advantage and stab someone, impaling them with that much speed and weight behind it. C Rank Skill

    Wind Armor: Fuy doesn't wear armor at all, relying on speed and flexibilty to dodge most attacks, but in the case he needs 'armor' he can form wind around his body like a vortex. Sending the wind in a fast direction, circling his body so when something connects with the wind, it will send the attack to the side. Of course this can't block everything, and it is great for walking through fire. B Rank Skill

    Slash: Fuy gathers wind around his blade, condensing the attack before swinging his blade in an arc. The wind will gush forward, condensed and strong enough to cut through rock. B Rank Skill

    Gust: Fuy simply sends a strong gust of wind towards his opponent to either knock them off their feet or make them slide back and away from him. D Rank Skill.

    Spear: This is currently Fuy's strongest attack that doesn't require Djinn Equip. He manifests a spear out of the wind (Visible, slightly). Not only is this skill powerful in it's own right, when throwing it he gathers the ability of wind to project it at a high velocity speed that can impale through the toughest of armors (Non-Magical). A Rank Skill.

    Magic: None

    Gear: Djinn Vessel (Katana)

    Theme Song(s):

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  7. Yay!! Nice character, hes accepted! Hmm I wonder who would win if him and Crescent dueled....Lol
  8. This looks really coool. I'll try to join when I find time~
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  9. Finally, a Magi roleplay. *_*

    If I may, can I reserve a spot for a magi? :D
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  10. Sure! =D ill reserve it for ya.

    Btw I noticed the headline under your avatar "Ossu!". Is that from HunterxHunter?
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  11. MAGI <3333 I'm... so vert tempted to join.
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  12. Thamk you very much!

    Actually, it is! Well, HxH and other animes, of course. :D
  13. Appearance:
    (Note: Her eyes will be roleplayed as red, not white as shown)
    Sazael Kyrenei
    Age: 18
    132 lbs
    Will RP
    Class: Magi
    Location: Currently in Sindria, but tends to travel frequently
    Metal or Djinn Vessel: Vexsur - her Djinn which is held in her ring, controls space and time (I do realize it's like Koumei's, but my creativity is just ugh). This allows Sazael to create portal-like areas and transport objects/people between them. However, the area in which she can move those objects/people in is limited. Also, larger objects or larger amounts can prove to be tiring for her.
    Magic: She excels at Heat Magic, but is exceptional when it comes to Lightning Magic
    Gear: Her ring is currently the only useful gear she has
    Theme Song(s): N/A

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  14. Your welcome to! =D Theres still plenty of spots left, even Magi spots!

    Your very welcome =D
    Lol I knew it! Well if your interested in a HxH rp I have a mature group roleplay going right now and we're looking for more people! Heres the link if your interested, dont mind the multiple pages its mostly random OOC chat lol.

    She looks awesome! I actually like that someone decided to go for a more Canon-like power =) Shes accepted!

  15. Alexander, red
    (Note: Has a piercing under his lip, like most Fanalis)

    Name: Alexander
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 232 Lbs.
    Personality: Mysterious~ Oooh~
    Class: Pure-Blooded Fanalis
    Location: Sindria
    Metal or Djinn Vessel: No Vessels, but he does have his own strengths and abilities.
    Magic: None
    Gear: Nothing but the clothes on his back
    Theme Song(s):


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  16. Updates: Added the Fanalis race to the classes available. Also added all accepted characters so far to the first post =)
  17. I am keeping an eye on this RP. So I am in between joining or not joining. The interest isn't quite there yet.. >.<