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    Syth is the capital city of the lands of Eversyth, home to the elves known as the Naveri within the First Era. It is the central hub for all things magical within the Allied Kingdoms, and every caster is welcome in Syth's grand and ancient halls. The most prestigious magical school is located in Syth, simply called the Academy of Magic. Towards the end of the First Era and into the Second Era, Naveri shared Eversyth with the Sur and Vuaturi elves.

    Northern Eversyth borders a Neutral Land where the Dragon Wardens presided in most of the late First Era. After the Divide and on into the Second Era, Northern Eversyth borders Thallas and Edros. It is mostly divided from Edros by the ever expanding Twisted Woods.

    To the East is Thallas, and to the West is Edros. Southern Eversyth carries part of the Cliffs of Anova along the Glassy Sea, though the River Hemnen marks the end of these beautiful cliffs.

    Eversyth is rightly known for having some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Allied Kingdoms, and arguably the whole of the Northlyn Continent. Emalnahar, a Sur settlement established after the Divide just before the Second Era, rests within the Pillars; small jutting cliffs that tower above the bioluminescent treeline.​
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  5. Full Name
    William Crutch

    "The Broken One"




    Warrior (uses a scyth)

    Social Class
    Has none/ hired thug

    Doesn't belong to one


    He lacks a moral compass, due to this he is a cruel, sick twisted person. He's energetic and is deemed crazy by any who survive meeting him and loves nothing more than fight strong opponents. He wants desperately to find and fight the strongest opponent, Jax Milford...

    Has no family or friends, and only respects/ loves the strong

    Will was born into a rich, nobel family however, due to the preminitions of holy men, his parents dumped him in a ditch at the mere age of 4. The holy men sensed great evil within him, and feared what would happen if he grew up evil and to inherit his parents power.

    Unknown to them, will survived the fall however hit his head in the process, which in turn broke him and furfilled the holy men's fears. He spent a month living in the wild eating animals like a beast before finally being saved or more like kidnapped by a gang of bandits. For years they kept will as a toy to use for their own desires as well as a slave to kill for them.

    But one night he finally snapped and went and killed every living person in the camp, young, old, male or female. After that he traveled the lands fighting and killing.

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    watch, and know thine betters.
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