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  1. Type: Romance.

    Time: Modern day

    Roles: the mage, the cat (me)

    Plot: The mage lived a lonely life in his apartment. He'd dedicated his time to developing his magic. He was apprenticing, till his teacher disappeared. On the same day a cat followed him home. The cat spent a lot of time hanging out around the mage. And every once in a while the mage would pet her or leave food for her. The cat was walking with the mage one day when he was trying to practice some spells from memory. One of the spells shot out of his hand in the form of a small white light and hit the cat. A flash of light; the cat was gone but in her place was a naked girl with cat like ears poking out of her hair. What would with mage do now?


    Name- Taylor White
    Personality: curious, childish, clumsy, sassy, random
    Bio: she's been a cat all her life till now

    Interested? Message your skelly ^=^
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.