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    "Ye also want to apply, bud?" the innkeeper shrugs as he laughs in your face. His wooden eye rolls blankly, followed by his good eye scrutinizing your very soul. "So, scrub, what's your name?"

    You: <insert name here or any dialogue involving your name>

    "Hah! What a name for a scrub!" the innkeeper grasps his beer-belly in a fit of chuckles. "A'right, a'right. How old are you then? Still, you don't look like a mage to me."

    You: <insert age and appearance dialogue>

    "You don't look that young." the innkeeper narrows his vision on you. "Meh. I've seen worse. Anyway, you must be a mage, right? What's your power majingy then?"

    You: <insert ability/power dialogue>

    "Oooooohhhh, scaryyy." the innkeeper spoke in a tone so sarcastic that he could be the king of sarcasm at any moment. "You think your power is enough to keep you alive? Hah! The last time that Darain asked for an elite squad, none came back alive. Although, Darain still lives-- the mission was accomplished still. But, the reward stayed with Darain since... well, dead people don't need no gold."

    You: <insert any comments your mage might say-- this will reflect your mage's personality>

    "Yeah, yeah. Just talk to my left hand...." the innkeeper extends his left hand to you. "'Cus yer decision ain't RIGHT! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" the burly man rolls on the floor in extreme fits of laughter. After a good minute of laughing, the innkeeper stands up and sighs in glee. "Whatever. Here, take the ad, and go to that hill. Good luck, scrub."

    You: <your mage's parting words. Something that will reflect his purpose and insight in joining the squad>

    1. You're not really required to submit the form above, but I will HIGHLY LOVE YOU if you do. It gives me the chance to know your mage better. If you do not submit the form above, just give us your mage's name, age and power in your first IC post.
    2. Keep powers at a considerate level. This means no powers which will obliterate people in a single flick or stare. You get what I mean.
    3. I will be tossing in some lore snippets from time to time. These snippets are important to the plot, and to your mage as well.
    4. You can invent your own lore of the world-- this is a sandbox. Make things as you go, but make sure it is logical.
    5. Romance is acceptable, but you know where the border stands.
    6. There will be DEATHS in this RP, and these DEATHS will occur if your mage does the wrong decision or choice. This rp will attempt to stimulate your noggin'.
    7. Have fun :D

    The Current Cast

    Standing atop the hill with the shades of the leafy Viltis dancing around him, stood Lynx Kreed, the leader of the band of mages. His carefree attitude is unlikely of an archmage yet his eyes bear wisdom that might have never been seen so far. Walking gracefully uphill was the cryomage, Naomi. Her frozen glare is enough to demand respect from even talented mages, but is she really frozen inside, or will a fire burn within her glacial soul? A petite figure also walks towards the hill, her aristocratic image tells a tale of a stern education. A young yet potentially powerful mage arrives, and with her mystical aura, Luna Fawkes, is the example that the strong don't necessarily have to come from a large package. The shadows also loomed over the Viltis. Not every denizen up in the northern realms would ever dare to traverse south for fear of the discrimination, especially against mages. However, October Garret or notoriously known as Hellfire, defied all reasons and odds... maybe because of his own reasons?

    The party left for the Salome, and while they did encounter a terrible creature known as the Ouroboros, they managed to overcome this threat. A figure danced with the wind whilst he made his way towards the weary group of mages. It was Ian Silvermane, a noble yet troubled warrior whose openness to the idea of death would baffle almost anyone.

    The tale is about to begin. Sit down, child. I will tell you a tale of how a group of mages realized that every gold had a price, and how every price unveils a crown.

    Now, sit. Our tale begins... in Trejold.
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  2. -Reserved for Lore Snippets-

    Snippet #1: Archmage Lynx Kreed

    Lynx Kreed (open)


    History: Lynx was one of the distinguished mages during his time. As a child prodigy, Lynx gained a wide array of fame that gave him the chance to hone his already great magical potential. In fact, Lynx could be considered as one of the youngest mages ever to hold the title of Archmage. During this time, Lynx was dissatisfied with the way his job as an Archmage would be which is to attend trials and magical tests every day. It was boring, hectic, and repetitive. So, he embarked on a mission to lead the group of mages who would escort the famed King Darain to the new summit.

    Magical Ability: Will be Revealed

    Snippet #2: Mage Ranking and Hierarchy

    Mage Rankings (open)

    In the world of mages, there exists a system which governs all authority, magical capacity, and responsibility instances of all mages. In order to move up a rank, a certain test has to be taken.

    Arcana Majoris Caste
    ~This caste is known as the highest, and most of its officers are tasked for government issues such as laws, punishments, and edicts. Only one of the best mages could hope to even reach the lowest of the Arcanum Majoris.

    Overseer- The highest rank attainable by a mage. The Overseer is considered as the leader of the mages, and as such, his power is undeniable. The Overseer leads in the making of laws as well as diplomatic and violent cases.

    Seer- The personal assistants of the Overseer. Seers are also powerful mages who have at least garnered enough fame for them be elected as a Seer. Seers are also sent to different countries to negotiate and the like.

    Sentinel- Sentinels are the steadfast guards of the Arcana Sanctum, the headquarters of the entire Magical World. All mages report to the Arcana Sanctum, so the tasks of these Sentinels is to make sure that their base will never be destroyed.

    Arcana Minoris Caste
    ~The caste known for delivering the punishments or verdicts called down by the Arcana Majoris. You could view this caste as the military and combat representative of the mage foundation.

    Elder Archmage- Elder Archmages control the different guilds sectors assigned to them. They typically have a lot of mages under their disposal, and they can be considered as the generals of the mage world.

    Archmage- Archmages would always amount to 10 in number, and unlike Elders, their task is to hear trials alongside the Overseer and Seers. They aren't more on the military aspect but on the discipline side of things.

    Arcana Nobis Caste
    ~This caste is composed of the lowliest of mages. They are working either as mercenaries or low ranking officers.

    Magistrate- Magistrates oversee the entire operation of the Arcana Nobis caste-- collecting taxes for the Sanctum. They could be seen as tax collectors.

    Senior Mage- These mages could be one of the most common sights around. They are typically decent mages who know how to put up a fight-- could be viewed as the middle class mages.

    Mage- This class is the lowest, and most magicians start here.

    Snippet #3: The Council of the Ten
    The Council of the Ten (open)


    The Council of the Ten; or shortly known as the Council, denotes the 10 Archmages who oversee discipline and order in all of Tannatha Faela. These 10 mages are known to be incredibly skilled and versatile in the arcane arts, and only those who have done noteworthy deeds are promoted via recommendation by a former or current council member. The 10 archmages represent the ten districts of magic in the land, mainly: Tyjal, Aschecia, Cassia, Reavan, Nyondol (now known as the Southern Wrecks), Qua Nimis, Brutan Isles, Qua Noctis, Quasa'i, and Trejold.

    The following archmages are assigned to the districts:

    Ublabur Ullu-she > Tyjal
    Nisthujah Ukwi > Aschecia
    Eofurion Thoo-hoti > Cassia
    Bahlwe Krik > Reavan
    Kayleigh Candlebay > Nyondol/Southern Wrecks
    Satha Thenju > Qua Nimis
    Rose Figfruit > Brutan Isles
    Shade Blackthorn > Qua Noctis
    Miade Ome > Quasa'i
    Lynx Kreed > Trejold

    These 10 districts are under the supervision of Arcanum Sanctum, the capital city of every mage.
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  3. Does this still happen to be open?~
  4. Well, if enough interest shows-- it's always open :) I might just go ahead and create the IC if more people will join.
  5. I'll create a character sheet in a little bit, probably in an hour or so :D This sounds super interesting, and I'd love to see where this can go!
  6. Do you want the character sheet to be in the IC thread or here? Either is fine with me, I just want to know which you prefer ^-^
  7. Also (sorry for all the questions), but around what time period would this be set in in terms of technology? Because I've got an idea for my character that would only really work as long as the rp is set during or after industrialization. If you're idea works more for medieval fantasy, then that's fine, too, since I've got a character already made up for that :)
  8. The time period is around the late medieval ages, probably to the level of muskets and cannons. Also, glad to have you on board!
  9. You can post ur cs either in the IC or OOC... depends on u :)
  10. I think it's time for some fun. Quite a bit of fun, really.

    It's time to test out an ability of mine that I have been itching to experiment on.
  11. Glad to have you, Ms. Crow! Looking forward to RPing with ya.
  12. Added the cast list, although I opted to make it more... different.
  13. Okay ^_^ I'll post my cs later today.
  14. Looking forward to it!
  15. I've posted :D Yay!
  16. I'll be starting chapter one :)) thanks for Joining mates!
  17. After Crow (Luna) has replied, I'll be starting the subplot where Luna is the main character.
  18. Smells like a blast. Well, hope this isn't a death flag.

    Because the only flag I need is-

    - I got nothing. Well, to face beasts, you need to fight like beasts.
  19. Seeing that even October was affected, I presume that the four main elemental spirits (Undine, Sylph, Gnome, Salamander) are affected by the Ouroboros right? Maybe Salamander can stand a chance being unaffected, due to it being more beast-like than the other three.