Mages and the various elements.How would you name em?

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  1. Hayo, just wondering what the honest folks would name various mages with an element in their name.Example is like the pyromancer, he controls the forces of heat and fire!Hydromancer etc. etc.
  2. Reason for this:Multi-class magic RP?
  3. Well, if you already figured out Pyromancer and Hydromancer, what's stopping you from the rest? Tsk tsk tsk. Other than the pyromancer, the others are typically latin-based so:

    Earth: Terramancer
    Air: Aeromancer

    That covers the four basic (and oft-repeated) elements, I suppose. Going further... To weirder lands:

    Lightning: Electromancer? (I admit, I don't fancy this one)
    Light: Lumenmancer? (Or Lux-mancer. I know, it got weird)
    Dark: Umbramancer (Slightly better)

    Just Google Translate the respective elements if you want more.
  4. Photomancer*


    Also, I'm not sure this is the place for this.
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  5. LOL. I guess light isn't a great element to add a -mancer to. Photomancer sounds like he'll have the power of selfies.

    And you're right though, this thread should probably be in the Roleplay Institute.
  6. Shunah, crap, well screw it I'm bored and got nothing else to do.Honestly I don't explore this site enough :blah:
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