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  1. I've had the idea of starting up a Mage School roleplay, but my ideas of plotting are kinda dim.

    My first thought was to make it a group fantasy and use those interested to help me make an idea.

    The second was to 1v1 it.

    I know this is pretty vague but its all I've got to show at the moment :( Help me! Dx
  2. What kind of mage school? Just like...a regular school, but for mages? Or a school focusing solely on applications of magic? Or something like the Circle of Dragon Age? Because the last one I'd be interested in, but not so much the others. Well...MAYBE the others.
  3. It'd be kinda like the Circle mixed in with Hogwarts XD
  4. And the age ranges for the characters? And the time period? Standard Fantasy? Or modern? And is blood magic legal if used responsibly? Are there different "types" of magic (blessings, rituals, wand-waving, and the like)? Because blood rituals and just blood magic in general is kind of a big thing for me, and it would affect my character's views of the world a little, depending on whether it was frowned upon or praised as a high art. ^~^
  5. I love your grip on specifics x3 Don't stop ;D

    So thanks to all that it goes kinda as the following:

    Blood Magic- such as blood rituals, demon summoning, and voodo, etc- is more frowned upon than illegal, however in the story there will be an up coming law to band it.

    Holy Magic like Illusion, Alteration, Restorative, and all that jazz (including Harmless rituals: Blessings and whatnot) are quite approved; however, the others are loved as well but less due to their occasional comedic use x3

    And it'll be easier if the story took place in Mid-Evil Times. MUCH easier XD
  6. Yesyes. they keep ties to their families? Maybe mine was sent to the school by a particularly affluent family? Nobility, specifically? She's the heir to a County? (As in she's a baroness, first in line when her parents die to earn their title and lands?) Could have a servant, possibly? A maid (in the Downton Abbey/Houses of the Blooded sense), specifically. Maybe nobles use blood magic rituals, regardless of whether it's banned. A Blooding ritual for when they're accepted into a House, an Oath ritual to ensure deals are followed, etc? They'd use them, just not OPENLY, in that case.

    Edit: Also...any supernatural entities? Specifically ones that would be able to blend in, like kitsune and succubi?
  7. I'd prefer the blood magic be like a dirty secret among the family, helps with the story. And yes yes!! I like the sense of nobility, the way you explained it pretty much covers it for your character. She sounds sick! x3 Maybe mines could be an under-dog type of guy. Found on the streets and raised as trash, but has ground-breaking magical ability, etc? Has never known kindness but its drawn to give it, sees justice in his own light, the silent badass really. My only problem is making sure I don't over power him.
  8. Well...could always add "attributes." So they have a magic score and are allowed that many particular effects total? Like one spell with 6 effects or 4 spells (2 for 2, 1 for 2)? But that's overcomplicating things. I can probably make one pretty quickly. I've been making characters for Houses of the Blooded lately. Could always just make another and convert it to whatever sheet you have for this. A freeform sheet would work even better, because mine might be pretty detailed.
  9. That would be nice. I'll work on the freeform.
  10. Not a lot of work for the freeform I mean. Just say the basic stuff you want, and I'll already have something made that supersedes it. ^~^
  11. Sure, I'll put it in this post through an edit. Watch closely *poofs*





    Mage Type:(Battle or Standard, Blood)

    Magic Specialty: (Which magic you're most trained in via Destruction, Restoration, Allusion, etc. Use two for now)


    Weapon: (Battle Mages: Swords or battle staffs. Standards: Wands, daggers, or staff)

    Zodiac Birth Sign: (Note, this may pertain to all Zodiac signs of all types)


    Classes: (Work in progress)

    Edit: Should we allow animal companions?

    P.S Edit: Magical creatures of all types are in this rp XP
  12. Familiars only for those with the knowledge of the rituals...which involve blood magic.

    Also, going to suggest blood mage as a "type", too, since their magic is different...

    I'll post what I have how I have it organized at first. Have to finish first.
  13. Seems fair enough, besides we don't want an accidental summoning of a random stone giant. So long as we can balance magic and use out.

    Name: Erick "Draco" Westbroke

    Age: 17

    Race: Human

    Gender: Male

    Mage Type: Battle

    Magic Specialty: Destruction and Force



    Zodiac Birth Sign: Chinese Dragon

    Weaknesses: He has a mildly short fuse which almost any can exploit if you push his buttons about his up-bringing. The word used to set him off immediately is "Street Blood."

    1) Advanced Destruction

    2) Advanced Force Magic

    3) Battle Training

    4) Elemental Training

    6) Healers Ed.
  14. Baroness Cosette Thorne, House of the Falcon
    16 years old

    Mother: Countess Dara Yvarai, House of the Fox
    Father: Count Abhaz Thorne, House of the Falcon, Dominant
    Arranged Marriage to 34 year old widower Baron Bajinoth Mwrr, House of the Serpent.
    They have a son, Rajh (who is not yet blooded to a House), together.
    Honorable. Sister to all who know her, as she never had siblings of her own.

    Has a maid, Chayan, who serves her well, and have been friends since childhood, despite the class difference. Chayan is never permitted to show her face, and only speaks to Cosette through hand gestures the two of them have assigned meaning to. Only Cosette and her parents have seen Chayan without her mask since Cosette insisted on making her wear it seven years ago. Neither her nor Chayan herself communicates the reasoning, but Chayan has never made a move to remove the mask. Cosette removes the mask for her in private when it's time to eat, and they feed each other. Cosette intends on eventually Blooding Chayan, making her official nobility.

    Cosette also has her own personal guard (a group of 3 guards in gold masks under black hoods, and enchanted black armor, all carrying spears), as well, though they somehow manage to remain unnoticed by most due to the nature of their enchanted masks. The staff of Castle Thorne take care of her child while she is away, and she has a personal guard devoted solely to Rajh's protection. She was sent to the school more for protection than for education (since her family has already educated her through tutors). Because of her education, she is sometimes asked to demonstrate.

    Mage Type: Blood
    Magic Specialty: Transfiguration, oddly enough. Divination, as well.
    Weapon: A hidden, extremely ornate dagger engraved with the symbol of her House, as well as a matching sword.
    Weakness: Combat Prowess; she can't really fight at all, her dagger being used almost exclusively to draw blood for rituals. The sword is solely to show status, but if challenged to a duel of swords (one she thankfully has been able to avoid so far), she must accept in order to not stain her family's honor. And while she is loyal to those she holds near her, she often can fall prey to their wily, wily ways.

    Known Blood Rituals:
    • The Blooding (Used to make someone a noble in her House. Involves blood exchange, dancing, music, acting, and more, varied by noble House),
    • The Familiar (Used to make a familiar...obviously. Involves feeding the animal one's own blood from a few days after birth, in addition to basic enchantment rituals),
    • The Oath (When making deals, she can mix her blood and the blood of others involved in the ink used for the contract, and anyone who breaks the oath is magically branded with the word "Traitor" across their forehead for a year and a day).
    Familiar: Isla - She can cast spells through her eyes, as they share senses, and they can communicate through emotions.

    • Beginning Wards
    • Advanced Transfiguration
    • Advanced Somatics
    • Secret!
    • Secret!
    • Professor: Basic Transfiguration
  15. Well.... We're set XD
  16. We should probably get a couple more people. Just in case.
  17. mmk well, from what i have read seems to be good.
    umm, just a suggestion why don't we make it like a combo of harry potters and skyrim ((more advanced))
    umm question, i am wolf and i would like to make human/wolf have mage ((both able to use)) if so i will form a char. :)
    from what i see we need classes, a linup of them.
    if i see more i will tel.

    i am a maker or rpgs
  18. Welcome aboard then, Amarth. Using some aspects from Skyrim sounds like an interesting suggestion as well. The thought of Anthro Creatures((via Lizard-Men, Cat-People and whatnot)) ands a large sense of selection. But we'll need to keep it a little limited, as far as we know, the build of play seems to feel like a mixture of Harry Potter, Skyrim, Dragon Age, and a bit of imaginative stuff.

    Whatever elements you can bring to the table, go ahead and lay them down.
  19. A'ight ^^ I got this~

    Animal companions would be adorable! But I'd end up having a harmless animal as my companion... I'll figure that out later though. Do you think you could make a list of classes? Or... should I just make them up? Q.Q

    Name: Haven Merideth

    Age: 17

    Race: Human

    Gender: Female

    Mage Type: Battle

    Magic Specialty: Destruction and Restoration (those two seem compatible, eh? Is this combo allowed?)

    Appearance: 5"3 in height. She's the average weight for her height. Haven has light brown eyes and mahogany-ish coloured hair. On most occasions, she can be seen wearing normal clothes. Though you will never see her wearing a skirt or dress of any kind.

    Weapon: Sword

    Zodiac Birth Sign: Ram

    Weaknesses: She admittedly has a soft spot for people in need, which can be good sometimes, but bad just the same. Haven is often very prideful and will almost never admit she needs help, even if it's obvious.

    Classes: {Coming Soon}
  20. ok but what i mean by animals is my char. is mainly wolf and would do mage.
    lol and i will make it after i get the ok for this. :)