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INTEREST CHECK Mage Machines:scifi-fantasy mechRP idea

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Desaecula, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. So i haven't bothered putting a world together for this yet, thought some group input on the settign would be nice, But The idea is that there are two Waring sides of a war, one nation controls most of the world, the other is defending their territory in a rebellion. Each side has The same advantage-Mage machines. Magic core powered mechanical mobile armor. Each side has their own version of the machine. THe battle system will be based on three simple stats, and there are no limits to the kinds of customization we could add to the machines, I might even work up a few more models other thant he RAIDEN and WONJU.

    Again, this is jsut an interest check, I'm looking for at LEAST TEN PLAYERS to start, And I've already got a few very challenging scenario's.

    Heres the rundown for the three stats.

    ATP=Attacks allowed per RP post
    COMBO=amount of turns you must wait before useing a combo-attacks/ amount of attacks per combo
    DRIVER CAP.= Drivers will be like program functions that add bonus's to your mech, E.I.- a driver that gives your mech one less turn to wait between combo's.




    As you can see, the wonju favors customization and Heavy hits, while the Raiden Relies on being an all-around Mech that needs to be very specialized in it's combat capabilities. I used 13 points to alot to each mech's capabilities to make them as easy as possible for combat purposes.