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  1. Welcome!
    You'd probably like to know how this whole war started... so I'll give you a brief summary.​
    Long ago, two friends became Mages. They both had their reasons... their goals... and their opinions. Despite their differences, they worked together, and became vastly powerful for it. Together, they roamed the land, going on adventures, completing deadly trials, and slaying ferocious beasts. They became famous, and world renowned, they were heroes, looked up to by all manner of people, peasants, knights, other magic users... there wasn't a person who didn't know their names.

    One day, that changed, there was a disagreement or a fight... nobody really knows over what... and they split up. They trekked miles away from each other, created massive castles... they went in and locked their doors.

    Ten years passed, and today... they both open their doors, and send messages all across the land. They are both raising an army of fellow magic users in order to claim an extremely powerful artifact for themselves... the Demon Blade... a sword said to channel magic better than any wand or staff could even hope to.

    To put it in summary... these two guys hate each other, and nobody knows why... help one of them get the Demon Sword, and you get a great reward.​

    Now, both are hiring exclusively magic users... so it's best you know what the various magic users are. If you join, then you fall under one of these categories;

    Wizards; They gain their magic by having magic in their blood... for example, Merlin, from the stories of King Arthur, was half demon. Overuse of their magic can tire them out, and even damage them.

    Sorcerers; They gain their abilities by learning them over years of study. Big Hat Logan from dark souls is a good example, he was a character who became famous for his study of sorcery. This can cause insanity if not used carefully.

    Witches/Warlocks; They are granted their powers by making sacrifices to demons. A good example would be the three witches from Macbeth. To become a Witch/Warlock, one must sacrifice their soul, then to use spells, they must sacrifice alchemical ingredients. Their demon normally follows them around as a familiar, and may or may not be able to communicate with others. It also doesn't have to be visible. They are naturally skilled with alchemy, and have the ability to sacrifice a potion's effect to later use it as a spell. Complex rituals can be used to prepare more powerful spells. (It can be anything as long as it isn't as powerful as three polar bears.)

    Clerics; They rely on whatever their patron deity is in order to use their spells. The disadvantage here is that they have to truly believe they can cast the spell they need. One bit of doubt... and it won't work. Clerics can use Dungeons and Dragons core pantheon as their personal deity. But if you'd prefer to make up a deity, I can respect your character's beliefs. A subclass of the Cleric is the Druid, who utilizes the magic in nature itself in lieu of a deity.

    If you had any questions, feel free to ask.

    And so here are the character sheets;

    Format as you'd like.

    Title: (If applicable.)
    Class: (Type of wizard.)
    Spells: (Name and brief summary of their effects.)
    Class origin: (Source of magic blood for Wizards, Years of study for Sorcerer, Familiar for witches, and Deity for Clerics.)
    Preffered Method of Casting: (Wands, Staffs, ect.)
    Equipment: (Non-magical items.)

    The two factions will be up shortly, I will be in charge on one, and GonzoB will be in charge of another.

    Iwaku rules apply, no killing unless both players agree. If you are too injured to fight, ask for assistance in ooc and we'll see what we can do to get you out.​
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  2. Can we play more than one character/limits on number of characters?
  3. Hm... I guess limit will be... three characters.
  4. Ah thank you I am excited for this I must say
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  5. The Silver Owl Covenant

    White Spire Castle.
    At a mountain peak rests a white castle, looking down over the surrounding country, it can be seem from miles away. It is led by the famed mage, Martin, the Ivory Spark.

    One can often see a creature flying around the castle, this is that creature.

    Martin created it himself, and named it Snugs, after his childhood cat. Martin uses him as a personal mount. It is eight feet tall from the ground to it's shoulders.

    Now, to introduce the leader of the Silver Owl Covenant

    The Ivory spark.
    Despite his appearence, he is a little over one-hundred. Most people are extremely surprised by this.
    Not shown here, but he has a huge white wizard hat... it's at least three and half feet from one side to the other. The only explanation how he keeps it on his head is that he is magical.
    He's... eccentric. Other than that, I would prefer to let his personality develop with interactions. His sense of ethics is somewhat loose.
    His slightly boggled mind suggests he is a sorcerer, but he won't tell anyone what he really is. However, Cleric can be ruled out, due to the run-down appearance of the temple.
    He is extremely powerful, and knows countless spells. Though he normally sticks to lightning and telekinetic magic.
    His Owl-griffin is one of a kind, and he made it himself.
    Class Origin:
    As his class is unknown, so is how he got whatever class he may have.
    Preferred Method of Casting:
    A Staff.

    His Staff looks like this. The orb at the end glows red.

    The Castle's lower levels house Owl-like creatures that believe Martin to be a God.
    IMG_20150824_165948.jpg They are half as tall as a human, and can vary in feather color, ranging from various shades of brown to various shades of grey. They do various tasks around the castle.

    Recent events have led to the introduction of a new species all over the country, in both woodlands and cities.
    It's slightly larger than a cat, and is essentially a small version of Snugs. It hunts rodents. It's slow breeding rate and slower metabolism (It can sleep up to twenty hours a day.) Prevent it from depleting food sources. He created because he knew Morningstar hates his owl-themed creations, but if Morningstar tries to eradicate them, he will lose publicity. They make somewhat poor pets, due to needing a larger territory than most homes can provide.

    Expect a more in-depth tour of the castle when the RP starts.

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  6. I am intrigued. What are the posting requirements? Is it an every day thing or?
  7. Post when you can, a few times a week at the least.
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  8. I'm interested in this. If i were to gothe wizard route, would they still have to study their magic to master it? In a similar way to sorcerers? Also what is the minimum age?
  9. Wizards would have to learn and practice abilities, similar to how a regular person may practice a skill, however, they do not need to dive into eldritch tomes like sorcerers do.

    Minimum age for the Silver Owl Covenant is fourteen. (Martin has a loose sense of ethics.)

    Not sure what it is for the other guild.
  10. [​IMG]

    Name: Kazu Yuetu
    Title: The Rabbit
    Gender: male(secretly trans FTM)
    Age: 18
    Personality: rough, blunt, caring, and a bit selfish at times
    Class: wizard
    Spells: enhanced speed, high jumping, water manipulation, and magic arrows: sludge arrow(explodes into sticky material), combustion arrows(they explode), and light arrows(pure magic and endless)
    Misc: Kazu and Andrea are a team and Kazu can use a bow and arrow
    Class origin: half bunny-thing(no one knows what it is)
    Preferred Method of Casting: mostly hands sometimes arrows
    Equipment: bow and arrows
    Faction: Silver Owl

    Name: Andrea Moonstead
    Title: The Red Demon
    Gender: female
    Age: 18
    Personality: stoic, over-protective, affectionate, and sarcastic
    Class: wizard
    Spells: super strength in her demon hand, fire manipulation, and mild telekinesis
    Misc: Kazu and Andrea are a team and Andrea uses a staff
    Class origin: half demon
    Preferred Method of Casting: Staff
    Equipment: short sword
    Faction: Silver Owl


    Name: Kemala Joshi
    Title: n/a
    Gender: female
    Age: 23
    Personality: confident, flirtatious, bubbly, and
    Class: cleric
    Spells: healing/purification, flexibility, teleportation, and shoots sparks from her fingers
    Misc: she is actually more tan.
    Class origin: Caeli Corpus (means 'Sky Body' and is polytheistic but the major god she believes in is Yolma(one who dances) Caeli Corpus believes that the mind becoming in tune with the body will lead to power thus a good portion of her power comes from the confidence she has.
    Preferred Method of Casting: Hands
    Equipment: Daggers for throwing and melee
    Faction: Silver Owl
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  11. Kazu, Andrea, and Kemala are accepted.

    If Kemala uses a tool in order to use magic, add in what it is. Assuming she uses her hands to cast spells, you don't need to edit it.

    (I made an addition to the character skeleton.)
  12. Thanks I will make the necessary edits then
  13. Morningstar (short for "The Morningstar Guild of Arcane Schollarship")

    Morningstar Keep.
    Faction Values: Morningstar prides itself on its sanity and humanity. As such, the guild does not admit witches or warlocks, anyone who exhibits outward signs of demonic corruption, or any sorcerer who has succumb to madness. Morningstar does not accept students under the age of 20, and will not accept anyone who cannot pass a regimen of tests designed to prove they have been studying for years. The school is seen as haughty and elitist, though Master Morningstar would be more inclined to refer to it as "cautious in selection, to the benefit of the students". No one knows why the school was created so many years ago, though there has always been a certain perception that there is more to it than a simple college of the arcane arts.

    Valentail Morningstar

    The Bastion



    Image used with permission of the artist, Gambargin

    He is strict and stern, a trait exemplified in his school's no novice policy. Other than that, I would prefer to let his personality develop with interactions. It is obvious he holds a strict moral and personal code, but it isn't entirely obvious what it is from an outsider's perspective.


    As is usually the case with wizards, Morningstar can only cast a handful of spells inherited through his bloodline, and they all take a similar form. He is able to cast spells that create different varieties of walls, those being fire, water, air/wind, granite, glass, copper, bronze and brass.

    Morningstar hates Martin's Owlbeasts with a passion, seeing them as abominations.

    Class Origin:
    The Morningstar bloodline has been at the peak of magical society for generations, having produced many a famed and accomplished magician. Their inherited magical abilities obviously make them a family of wizards, which suggests demonic heritage, though the Morningstars have always insisted it was dragon's blood that gave them their magic.

    Preferred Method of Casting:
    Hand, voice and mind.

    Expect a more in-depth tour of the castle when the RP starts.
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  14. Name: Landazar

    Title: The Legion Lord

    Gender: Male

    Age: 45



    Personality: Commanding, grim, and serious. Landazar the Legion Lord is a stern taskmaster who demands perfection from those who work with him. He can come across as arrogant, caustic, and proud, but he rewards skill and effort with appropriate praise.

    Class: Sorcerer

    -Detect Magic: A simple spell that is constantly active. It allows Landazar to sense magical essences around him. It takes effort and focus to glean more information about individual essences.

    -Summon: Landazar's specialty. He is capable of summoning a variety of creatures. These are typically otherworldly warriors clad in armor and wielding swords and shields. He can summon multiple weaker beings or fewer, but more powerful, allies. In addition to creating a small fighting force to aid him in combat, these summoned warriors can also perform simple tasks on his behalf, though they eventually dissipate with time and distance from Landazar. If he summons a single weak ally, he can call them forth quickly; conversely, summoning a single, powerful ally or multiple allies takes more time.

    Misc: Landazar is an accomplished soldier and military commander. In addition to his magic, he is proficient in most common military weapons such as swords, spears, daggers, and hafted weapons. He is a far more capable tactician; he uses his tactical acumen in conjunction with summoning warriors to his side to outmaneuver his opponents.

    Class Origin: Landazar earned his magical abilities through years of grueling study, but at the cost of mastering only Summoning magic to the exclusion of nearly all others.

    Preferred Method of Casting: Landazar uses incantations and gestures to enact his summoning spells.

    Equipment: Landazar always carries a military-grade dagger that doubles as a survival knife. He occasionally has a sword or other dedicated fighting implement. He is never far without one of his spellbooks; he stores redundant books at home in case one is destroyed.

    Faction: The Morningstar

    Background: Landazar grew up in a time of war. He was conscripted into the army when he was eighteen and taught the military arts as a frontline soldier. After demonstrating unusual intelligence and leadership skills in the military theater, he was apprenticed to war mages and trained in combat magic. He specialized in summoning to the exclusion of nearly all other magic. With his ability to summon allies to his side and his skill as a tactician, he earned a reputation as a potent field commander and deadly adversary. He spent the next several decades on various battlefields for the sake of his homeland. He spent the last two decades abroad on missions to explore and pacify new lands and only recently returned from his travels.

    While he spent the bulk of the last three decades fighting, Landazar also taught other mages. He believed in both formal lectures and on-the-job training - which, when the job usually involved combat, meant that the learning curve was abruptly quite sharp and often lethal. Those who studied under him quickly learned that he was a harsh, demanding, and intimidating instructor, but also one that pushed younger mages to new limits. Many felt he was the stern father figure no one wanted to disappoint, while some thought he was arrogant and uncompromising.

    He was recalled from conquest of foreign lands to investigate the Demon Blade.
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  15. Landazar is accepted, but I'm making one final addition to the character sheet, now that both factions are up;

    What faction they are in.

    (Slight addition to Silver Owl Covenant was added.)
  16. added a Faction line....will ally with the Morningstars

    @GonzoB. - Landazar is an older age bracket than what i would assume a student would be, and i was envisioning him as a mentor figure; what would his role be in the Morningstar? he could most easily be invited as an instructor there or he has been invited as a consultant by Valentail for his particular specialty in summonoing and war magic
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  17. I am very happy with this. :)

    So, ostensibly, you will be an instructor at Morningstar, but in actuality you'll be a badass addition to Valentail's team he's assembling. Giant walls need people to protect it. A few ogres or the like will be very welcome indeed. :)

    Also, I like his demeanor; I'm trying to make Morningstar more serious and geared toward professionalism than the Covenant, so your character fits in perfectly.

    Remember, you can make up to three characters, so don't hold back!
  18. God I hate your Owlbeasts...

    So evil...
  19. Name: Gaeriel Manetheril

    Title: The Warden

    Gender: Female

    Age: 20



    Personality: Bold, courageous, and idealistic. Gaeriel is a fearless and honorable young woman who cuts a striking, heroic figure. She is noble, honest, and compassionate and comes across as either an exemplar of virtue or a haughty, sheltered idealist.

    Class: Sorcerer

    -Detect Magic: A simple spell that is constantly active. It allows Gaeriel to sense magical essences around her. It takes effort and focus to glean more information about individual essences.

    -Blade of the Wind King: Gaeriel's specialty is aeromancy. With it, she can telekinetically manipulate objects, create bursts of damaging air in a radius or in a focused blast, or create a protective shield around herself or others.

    Misc: Gaeriel is a trained rider and warrior. She is particularly adept with swords, polearms, and bows as these reflect the weapons commonly used by field knights. She also knows how to treat injuries with herbs, medicines, and bone-setting techniques. As a soldier, she is also proficient in basic survival skills.

    Class Origin: Gaeriel earned her magical abilities through years of grueling study.

    Preferred Method of Casting: Gaeriel uses incantations and gestures to enact her spells.

    Equipment: Gaeriel is usually clad in armor and a sword. She occasionally has a bow. Her trusted steed is a white charger called Windwalker.

    Faction: The Morningstar

    Background: Gaeriel came from a long line of knights and was taught sword, bow, spear, and horse from an early age. In addition, she received the classic education befit a noblewoman. Her intelligence and quick grasp of arcane concepts marked her as a potential student of magic once she hit her late teens. She only recently came to the Morningstar Guild, but quickly built a reputation for being kind and studious. In just a few short months, she developed mastery of the rudiments of aeromancy, which became her magical style of choice.

    After having completed her initial coursework, she was finally assigned an apprenticeship. She had yet to meet her new mentor, Landazar the Legion Lord.
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  20. Gaeriel is accepted.
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