Mage Clans: Shards of Apotheosis

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    A new era would begin.

    A throng of mages, from different clans and personas, had treaded on rock and soil to reach the Tyarlan Citadel. The crowd goes into the heart of the city to gather outside the walls of the city hall. Their eyes glance upwards to the gilded balcony. They waited for the Head Mage, Calpas Isha’da lire Tyarlae, in muttering rumors, in eagerness, in bated breath. After a few minutes, the voices gradually hushed into silence as two men emerged from the depths of the city hall. Calpas, supported by another younger Tyarlan mage, shuffled towards the edge of the balcony. Calpas was a man who lived to be revered by some, despised by others. He was responsible for the Tribe’s plunge into war, but also of its recovery back to its former glory. He was advancing in his years, and as he aged, he grew less capable of his duties as Head Mage. He was weak, could barely stand nor speak. Now he had come to his decision.

    Today, the trial would begin.

    Calpas held the edge of the balcony with both hands, supporting himself. The younger Tyarlan mage held out his arms in greeting to the crowd gathered below, “It’s a pleasure to see you all here,” his voice boomed loudly and clearly for everyone to hear. “Today we celebrate. Today…,” he paused, smiling, “Today we call forth to the new era.”

    Applauding, cheers resounded.

    The mage cleared his throat, then spoke much, much more louder than before, “Yes, yes! The trial, it begins now.” The noise slowly, oh so slowly died as they anticipated the next words. Calpas, who had been observing mutely, stretched one arm out and opened his palm out to the crowd. A radiant aura began to appear on Calpas’ open palm, like smoke rising from flame.

    “We, gathered here now, to honor our Arch Mages,” the Tyarlan said in a serious tone. The effulgent smoke clumped at the center of the palm, solidifying into a smooth yet jagged crystal, its hue ever changing in the sunlight. It was the Kihrain, the source of power for the Head Mage. Calpas withdrew his arm, and at that instant, the crystal shattered into fine glimmering dust. Undoubtedly, wherever the Kihrain disappeared to, only Calpas would know. “The Kihrain is split into nine shards, hidden all throughout the Wryion Cliff Lands. The trial is simple. Find all the shards and combine them to make the Kihrain whole again. Whoever is the Arch Mage who climbs out with the Kihrain, will be our herald, will hold our council,” the Tyarlan raised both of his hands up, palms to the sky, “Will declare the new era!” Calpas smiled his weary smile, looking over to the crowd below him. True, it did seem simple. However, the Cliff Lands were full of dangers. But what made it really dangerous, was the fact that these dangers never made themselves conspicuous. Not until the last second, but then it would be too late.

    The crowd burst into excitement, wildly shouting their support as most of them stepped back to make way for their Arch Mages. Right below the balcony, the faint outline of a spell circle began to appear, strange runes glowed a faint blue. Each clan urged their Arch Mages forward, all of them would have to stand in the casting area, hand in hand, to be transported to their location.

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  2. Euphemia clutched her staff tighter as she gazed at the runes forming on the marble smooth floor just below the balcony.

    "Hey. Oi, Sel," a mage from her clan settled a hand on her shoulder, rubbing on it as if to comfort her. "Rule 'em. But if you can't take it," the female mage leaned closer with a snarky grin on her face, "Wouldn't be surprised if they ruled ya' instead." The girl removed her hand and stood back, chuckling. The clamor of the crowd rung in her ears. There was movement wherever she looked. A sea of bodies and the sharp, piquant scent of magical energy was in the air.

    Euphemia smirked back at the girl, she was used to this bittersweet treatment. Most of her clan treated each other in such a way, a way that was uniquely Éimhear. The members of her clan playfully pranked and teased each other from time to time, but they were a close knit clan. They held great trust and loyalty to all Éimhears, but never to the other clans.

    Oddly enough, her clan seemed quiet amongst the crowd of mages. No jeering, praises nor shouting, there was just that one hand on her shoulder. Euphemia strode forward. The faint blue aura flashed intensely as she took her first step into the spell circle, blinding her for a second. Blinking, she turned around and waved to her clan with her free hand. They waved back, in a strangely solemn way. So they do care, she thought.

    They had good reason to care.

    Euphemia wondered if she could cope with it all, she heard rumors of the Cliff Lands from left to right. It was dangerous, alright. There was a chance she could seriously be injured, either by whatever lurked in the Cliff Lands or by her rival Arch Mages. This was a challenge, a competition. Euphemia never believed the little speech or that illustrious beam that the Tyarlan mage had given. When things got down and dirty, she was sure get roughened up. After all, there is no second place. Euphemia stood by, waiting for the other mages to join her, meanwhile she tried to think of strategy. Maybe I should team up for a while... then turn them out at the end, she mused. It would start out friendly, perhaps. Look out for each other, look for the shards. But the real battle would begin when it's time to fight for the Kihrain.

    There could only be one, one, just one...

    She repeated the words to herself, over and over again.
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  3. Kyle couldn't believe the day had come for him to compete to become the Head Mage. It seemed like only yesterday that he had become Arch Mage. So much had happened in such a short time, that it was hard to grasp it may be over sooner than later. His belt that was holding his sword seemed to be digging into his hip the entire time. So he readjusted his belt and sheath so that his sword rested a bit more comfortable at his side. He glanced one more time at Tyarlan and smiled at the thought that he may be standing there in the future.

    He started to step towards the spell circle when someone embraced him from behind. It was Marry, the woman he had fallen in love with before becoming an Arch Mage. She let go so he could face her and Kyle smiled at her, "Don't worry Marry. You know how well I can protect myself. I may not know everything about that Wyrion Cliff Lands, but I know more than enough to survive. If I have to I'll forfeit so I can come back to you. I promise."

    Marry smiled with tears in her eyes, "You better keep your promise this time!" She again hugged him and he hugged back. Kyle then tilted her head back so he could kiss her goodbye. They let each other go and Kyle stepped towards the circle, finally getting in after the Éimhear's Arch Mage. He looked her over quickly and bowed slightly in respect. He then looked to his clan who were clapping and smiling, hoping their Arch Mage would come out on top.
  4. Eyes turned toward the balcony and set upon the current Head Mage, Seburo listened silently as the speech was given. A once immensely powerful mage, he thought, now old and gray. It was a shame the man hadn't been young and able at the same time that he was, he might have made a powerful opponent. He somewhat pitied the man as well, like as he was to pass with old age. He would only be satisfied dying a warrior's death, felled in battle with a sword in one hand and a flame in the other. Perhaps that would be granted during this trial, maybe one of these other arch mages would grant him an honorable death.. Or maybe he would extend them the same honor. Such would only be known when came the moment of truth.

    Seburo turned his attention away from the balcony as the speech ended, watching as the first, and then the second of his fellow Arch Mages stepped into the runic circle. He recognized neither of them, but understood their candidacy meant they were like to be the most fiersome combatants their clans could provide. Eager to join them, the bare chested young man took his first step away from the crowd of his kin, many of whom were sparring amongst themselves turning their eyes to him as he moved. Words of encouragement were spoken here and there, but it was all white noise to Seburo, whose focus was directed entirely toward the mages gathering before the Head Mage and the collective of mage clans.

    The Phiali clan's representative took his turn to step into the ring, unphased by the dazzling lights cast up at him as he took his place amongst the other Arch Mages. He turned to each of his competitors, his fiery amber eyes locking with theirs in a short but meaningful gaze that he'd share with any further entries. Seburo's arms folded against his chest as he stood somewhere between the other two mages, expressionless and appearing unphased by the gravity of the events that would soon take place. For him, this challenge to decide the next to take the seat of power was more a test of skill. Claiming the Tyarlan's title was his clan's ambition, his own simply to further improve his abilities during this trial.
  5. Boy were they a bunch to deal with, Zeph thought. "W-whoa!" Zeph jerked forward when a clanmate heartily give a good smack on his back for support. He laughed loudly as they almost pushed them forward. "Alright! I'm going."

    He stepped into the circle and stood right beside Seburo. He beamed a wide grin back at his clan, it kind of gave him a carefree air. His grin disappeared as he glimpsed at the mages near him. He tried to observe them. His "Hello," was a distracted hello. Zeph ran his jet black hair over with one hand. The girl looked serious, like deep in thought about something. Likely an Eimhear. The Phiali, he could obviously tell from the guy's physique, could worry him if he didn't watch out. But the Ilonrian, Zeph saw him say a goodbye to a woman. They appeared close to eachother.

    But what then if he dies? Leaving that woman to mourn? What if... I die? Zeph thought of the younger boys of his clan who looked up to him as their older brother. They looked up to him as their protector. Wouldn't he leave them mourning? Trampled on by others without his protection? The relationship of his clan with other clans were still pretty strained and tense.

    He gave his clan a reassuring smile. He felt fear. He felt afraid of dying. But he'd die fighting before submitting to defeat.
  6. Eyrin was almost marching to the circle. Back straight, chin up and cheers behind her. She was confident. She touched the hilt of her rapier when she entered the circle, blinking at the brightness of the aura. She was about to stand beside Euphemia, but then she turned around, her eyes narrowed in caution. She didn't trust an Éimhear.

    "Hmph," she crossed her arms over her chest, frowning at Lark. "She went to squeeze her way between Seburo and Kyle. Her clan was still cheering. Her clan, competitive, tried to drown out the other voices with their loud banter. "Is it me, or does something smell funny?" she murmured enough for the Arch Mages near her to hear, particularly Lark. She could sense his Silaes'raan unbalanced energy from a mile away. She glanced at Lark from the corner of her eye, smirking.

    "Good luck you don't get eaten by Wyrions. They chomp down on anything that smells funny or just y'know, disgusting." She looked back to the crowd and smiled charmingly as if nothing happened, her hand waving. The crowd cheered even louder and she kept the innocent face all along, unfazed by her earlier rudeness. She badly wanted to win, and she'd do everything in her power to secure the seat to herself. Tyarlans were head mages from the beginning that clans were formed. She didn't want to break the tradition, but most of all, she wanted to prevent the power from falling into the lap of an Éimhear or a Silaes'ra.
  7. Haimi was given pats on the back by fellow Airith members. Her mother and father stood behind her, holding each other close for comfort when they heard the news of their darling daughter being sent to such treacherous lands. Haimi had given her hugs goodbye to them though, and walked past all the other mages as she made her way to the shining blue runes below the balcony where the Head Mage directed.

    The dangerous journey to retrieve the Kihrain stone seemed a bit unnecessary for deciding who would become the new Head Mage. But it also made sense. One had to make crucial decisions in the time of great crisis, needed a sense of survival and the mind to withstand these types of environments. But the way this was all designed made the Airith Arch Mage have a strong feeling that people would die. Whether it would be unnecessary deaths or not, she wasn't certain. None of these thoughts or feelings showed on her face, however. It only showed stoney character, and no emotion whatsoever.

    Each Arch Mage had reached their position in their blue spheres before Haimi. She had already managed to take in her fill of them, but she nodded to the group respectively as she stepped into her own circle. It was a nod of acknowledgement. Acknowledgement of what was to come, and the risk of all their lives for this single spot.
  8. Once all mages were situated inside the casting area, the tumultuous uproar reached to deafening heights.

    "Ee'shal ruol du'kar," the Tyarlan, who up until now still had his arms raised to sustain the energy of the runes, spoke in a deep, resonating voice. His tone cut through the air, forcing the multitude of voices into the background. "Ee'shal ruol du'kar," he repeated once more, abruptly dropping his arms down as though he had relieved himself of a great burden.

    From the perspective inside the circle, the glow intensified into a spectrum of light. The images before the Arch Mages, of their clans, the Tyarlan Citadel, all swirled into hazy blends of color. It was equivalent to dipping a finger into water, pulling it back to see one's reflection, now distorted. The marbled floor beneath them seemed to sink, like fluid being absorbed, and in it's place arose barren ground. Then slowly, life sprung up. Scattered blades of grass grew in a steady rate. The blend of faces and color swirled for a few moments, until finally, clarity began to form. The intense flare of light began to subside into a mute glow. The mute glow into low light, then vanishing to nothing. The runes, seconds before where imprinted on marble, faded into the soil. They were here.

    Now it would begin.

    All of them were located in the fertile side of the Cliff Lands, they stood in the middle of a forest clearing. Trees whose leaves shimmered silver and grey surrounded them from all sides.

    For now, it was quiet. But that was only for now.
  9. Euphemia nodded back to Kyle in acknowledgement, the man seemed peculiarly polite. She then turned to face the crowd, redirecting her attention. The riotous Phiali clan caught her attention. Shortly after, another Arch Mage joined her, looking quite intimidating with his brief stare. She made a mental note to steer clear of his bad side. Next, another male stepped in. Euphemia thought he seemed so calm and easygoing, as if he wasn't even thinking of the difficulties he'd later face.

    It hadn't even started, but the Tyarlan had already decided to cause some tension to thicken in their midst. Euphemia raised an eyebrow as she heard Eyrin's sweet, yet offending voice. She blinked. Well, that's not important now, she thought. The last of them, an Airith, showed hardened resolve. Euphemia admired that, hoped she displayed the same facade. Though it may be strung up in battles and fights, this was just as much of a psychological test of endurance. She could scale those cliffs, albeit by expending a lot of energy, if she was ever driven to desperation. Although, it would ultimately forfeit her from the trial. In that very moment, she couldn't choose whether all of this was worth the risk, but also in that moment, her thoughts were washed away.

    She felt dizzy, gazing at the lights and the changing, luminescent light. She glanced down, watched in wonder as the ground beneath her feet changed. The voices of the crowd gradually ebbed away.

    Then silence, the rustling of leaves and foliage.

    Her gaze shot up, for a few seconds, she took in the sight before her. Thankfully, they weren't transported into the heart of the forest. Euphemia, without so much as a single word or glimpse to the other mages, immediately walked ahead. She was brisk, yet she didn't plan on running away right off the bat. It was too dangerous to do so. It would send the wrong signals. She glanced behind her shoulder, eyeing them warily. Almost leaping to the edge of the woodland, she turned around, now standing under the shade of a few of trees. The sheen of the silver leaves drooped above her, providing some shade. It was still the peak of the afternoon, shade in many areas were limited at this time. But at least, she was in her element, even if it were minimal. She held her staff with both hands, gazing at the group and watching for whoever made the first move. Euphemia hadn't activated her ability to blend in the darkness yet. Too early for that. However, her stance seemed guarded and cautious.

    "So, here we are."

    An attempt at pleasantries, without any pleasant tone in it at all. Her tone was flat and dry as she tried to prepare herself for what may happen next.
  10. Kyle watched quietly as everyone came into the circle. Everyone acknowledged each other and seemed to be respectful. He wasn't sure if he could trust any of them since he hadn't really associated himself with them. However, if reputation of the clans was true there were a few trust worthy people. The usual tension brought forth from the Éimhear Clan was unfortunately brought up by the Tyarlan Arch Mage. She now stood between the Phiali Arch Mage and himself. Kyle kept his slight smile, but truly did not like how the Tyarlan treated a fellow man, let alone an Arch Mage. The thought soon passed and he waited in anticipation for something to happen.

    Soon enough he heard the faint voice of the Head Mage say something in the magic language. Unfortunately he could not make it out, since the crowd was still too loud. The circle then brightened and Kyle looked up once more to see Marry. He smiled one last time before it all rippled away. Everything began to blur and it didn't take long for the transport to be over. When it was he looked around. It wasn't hard to tell that this place was very desolate and almost lifeless. Even though they were standing in what seemed to be a more fertile part there wasn't much to see.

    He watched as the Éimhear woman walk to the edge of the woodland and turned towards them. She seemed to be ready to defend herself and then announced, 'So, here we are.' Indeed they were, but why try to sound pleasant and take on that stance? It didn't matter, the area was much to dry for Kyle, but he quickly picked up moisture in the air from the southwest. #There must be a big body of water over there.# He took a few steps to the southwest so he could see everyone, "Let's try to be civil until we at least find the first shard alright? I'm not sure how you all want to handle this trial, but at least for now I'd rather not fight." He again looked at the other Arch Mages and bowed quickly, "If you need me for any reason, I'll be at the biggest body of water." He turned and started walking southwest. He purposely left his shield on his back, since he was turning away from his possible enemies. Kyle hoped though that they would not attack, at least not until shards were found and the want for them brought out a fight.
  11. Zeph gnashed his teeth together in anguish. His hands were fists at his sides. He tried to resist pulling out his daggers and starting a commotion right then and there. That one was just pushing it way too far. He opened his mouth to reply angrily, but then decided against it, grumbling to himself. Not smart. So Zeph decided to just swallow down his pride and anger, he could have all the chances to turn on her later. He didn't want his clan to see him enraged. And it also wouldn't help to tarnish the Silaes'ra clan's image any further by displaying himself as a violent, riled up brute. That was probably what the Tyarlan wanted.

    He sighed deeply, hardly noticed the last mage enter the circle. Then dizziness. A lot of dizziness and swirls, like he was hallucinating. He closed his eyes and only opened them when he heard the quiet of the forest. He was a second late, the Éimhear already made her move. The Ilonrian started to walk away. Clearly she didn't trust them. He didn't trust her either. But the Ilonrian seemed really nice, maybe they could be allies. Yet Zeph didn't fully trust anyone yet.

    "Yeah. Here....," he replied and started away from the group. "Let's start looking, or if someone here wants to start something. Bring it on." He stood away from the group and started unsheathing his daggers. "I'm ready. Would be better if we didn't start like this. But if someone likes to have her way, so I wouldn't complain now," Zeph glared at Eyrin, his voice was edgy with dislike.
  12. Once everybody was in their respective circle, the Head Mage started speaking magical words and soon the runes glowed brightly and the images of the outside world blurred. Haimi squinted slightly from the bright light and calmly waited for their transfer to be completed. It didn't take too long before they were in the Wryion Cliff Lands, the runes disappearing into dark soil and the image of the forest clearing distinctly appearing. Trees were not of green, but of silver and grey leaves that surrounded them as a whole. It was quiet but that did not mean to take the area lightly.

    Haimi watched as the scene splayed out and, to be honest, she almost growled. The Silaes’ra mage was already putting up the offer to start something. The Éimhear had been somewhat friendly, and so had the Ilonrian. But the Silaes'ra... he was the one that was going to be trouble. She could sense it, though the Éimhear woman did not seem very trustworthy either. And the Tyarlae... well, she seemed to give off that brat vibe.

    In Haimi's opinion, she thought it best to work together until all shards had been found. After that, then they could all fight to their hearts' content for the Kihrain and the right to become Head Mage. But she did not know if everybody could be civil and trustworthy, so it was only possible if they agreed to act as so. But she would say none of this, no. Only when it deemed the right time. Or when the woman found herself agitated enough to speak.

    Stepping out of her spot, the Airith began to follow Kyle silently. It was smart to access and gain resources as early as possible if one were to become trapped. She just hoped that they wouldn't come across any Wyrions in the trek.
  13. All the while the Tyarlan's voice rang through the air, Seburo had remained still and silent. Only when the area around him began to shift did he appear to have lost his balance, stumbling momentarily before taking a knee. The way the scenery changed was disorienting, and he could only bear to watch for a short time as the backdrop melted away, lowering his head and forcing his eyes shut. How weak he must have seemed, to be overpowered by this dizzying sensation when the others seemed to fare so much better.

    Once the area around him settled, the young man exhaled, having forgotten to breathe in that moment. His head lifted first, eyes shifting between each member that had joined him in this unnerving method of travel, watching and listening closely despite the somewhat distracting sick feeling the teleportation had left in his gut. It appeared a few of the other Arch Mages were already moving, eager to get this underway he'd assumed. There was obviously some tension here, but he didn't expect anyone would make a move against eachother yet, one of them actually suggesting cooperation for the time being.The Phialic's eyes set on Zeph and lingered momentarily, a hand shifting to rest atop the hilt of a sword sheathed at his hip. Though he understood the Silaes'ran's challenge was directed at the young woman who'd insulted him earlier, he'd been tempted to face the fellow himself.

    Seburo resisted the urge, turning his attention back toward the Ilonrian who'd suggested seeking out a water source. This would be the most reasonable task to first undertake, considering the likeliness of an extended stay in the area. Wouldn't do to die of dehydration, after all. "Sensible, Ilonrian", the bare-chested mage nodded, shifting to take a few steps toward the young man who suggested temporary peace shortly after Haimi. The muscled warrior-mage stopped a few feet away from him and watched him in silence, patiently waiting for him to lead on.
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  14. "U-uhhh, euuuugh," Eyrin was groaning dizzily when the transportation happened. When it was over, she rubbed her eyes and sighed. "Hmph," she smirked and giggled gleefully when Lark challenged her, "Not like you can match me anyway!" She mumbled a few quick, words. Just a minor spell intended to annoy him instead of injure. "Weeell, goodbye! Tell the Wyrions that I said hi! Unless they eat you first," She turned around, laughing and skipped to the West, just a little ways apart from the three mages that were going southwest. She had used a weak uproot spell on him, the tiny wisp that came from one of the trees formed behind Lark and made impact on his back. It exploded, but only had enough force to make the Silaes'raan fall forward, flat on his face. Not enough to injure, just enough to possibly infuriate the guy even more.

    She was going west now and deeper into this weird forest of silver leaves, if he was going to run after her then fine. But if not, then better, so she started speeding up. The place was quiet, way too quiet for her liking. She sensed something wrong, but immediately brushed it off, so she went farther west, hoping to reach one the fruit bearing trees.
  15. Towards the Southwestern direction, the trees with their gnarled trunks and silver leaves slowly began to diminish towards the edge of the forest. It would take several more minutes to reach the lake on foot. By the edge of the forest, the moist and somewhat muddy embankments of the lake led to eerily still waters. The lake seemed tranquil and unmoved by any creature that might, or might not dwell in its' waters.

    Although the liquid looked clear and had the unmistakable lack of odor that water had, once it was drunk or had contact with skin, it had the restorative power of any minor spell. It refreshed the soul. But this sanctuary was not solely for mages, after all, the Cliff Lands were the territory of beasts. The monsters hidden within the vast lake would only resurface when hungry, or disturbed by outside forces in their habitat. The telltale signs would be the rippling effect in the otherwise still waters, and the fluids they gave off wherever they swam. When the water's sweet, healing taste turns into the taste of blood, like liquid copper and rust that burns the throat, chances are that a creature is now merely a feet away or rather, a few feet deep under the intended target.
  16. Ash approached the edge of the clearing where the mages arrived at, staying in the shade, hidden. She had arrived with direction on her own accord, not caring for the bustle of the city. She watched the slight interaction between the Airith and the Silaes'raan. She decided to wait until groups broke off, or something interesting happened. For now, she settled into a dim bush, watching.

    Ash had not originally wanted to come to this event. She however made her way here after she was called out by some of her few friends in the village. Seeing as every other arch-mage was attending, it would look badly if she didn't show. So, here she was. Waiting for an opportunity to ally with someone for a bit.

    For a moment, she eyed her fellow Éimhear for a moment, but decided against approaching her for now. Perhaps in time, but right off it would be better to make friends with other clans. Seeing the hostility between the Airith girl and the others, perhaps she wasn't the first to approach.. It all would work out in time, and with the sun up, little could be done as of yet.
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  17. Ninoorut adjusted his focus to the sounds those who'd arrived at the clearing. Having just recently trekked his way to the Cliff Lands in order to participate in the trail he decided it would be best to catch his breath and regain his strength. Propping himself against one of the trees, his arms folded across his chest, as he reclined in relaxation; a luxury that he was soon be foreign to him as the trial progressed. Opening one of his vibrant lavender oculars towards the sound of conversation, not paying any particular attention to the conversation topic, but to the distinct dialects of those who spoke. In doing so he was able to determine who all had arrived and exactly who he'd be dealing with in later events.

    One individual in particular drew his attention; a fellow Ilonrian and from the sounds of it a male. Making the rational decision to head towards the largest water source, for obvious reasons. He'd have to agree with his kinsmen in that decision and once fully rested, Nin would make his way there as well.

    His attention was then quickly averted to the sound of someone moving through the foliage near his position. A slender, jet-black haired woman came into view some distance away from. From the looks of it she appeared to be of Éimhear descent. His hand cautiously shifted the hilt of his weapon, not sure if she posed an immediate threat although you could never be to wary. She appeared to be observing just as he was; scoping out the cast before making any definitive decisions. His hand remained at his weapon, his gaze now fixated upon the woman. He decided he would proceed with his plans after he was certain that the woman wouldn't pose any problems.
  18. A spark against the floor, further increasing to a roaring flame before a black figure appeared in the the vortex. Which seemed like a armored figure, a man himself did step from the newly made flame his charcoal hair fluttering behind him as he stepped out of the inferno. His crimson Iris's staring at the group before him, he drew in a long breath and exhaled slowly as the flame behind him dispersed into the air. He was quickly scanning what he was going to be with on the mountain, The clans standing in one place at harmony for a moment was...very interesting to say the least. He had come from his own property as the loud roaring crowd and the royalty would make him feel to, over confident and lead im to make terrible mistakes. So to avoid the whole fluster of confidence he came from his library, his armor singed on the corners from the flame which he has yet to completely learned to use.

    He spoke up to clear the air of the awkward surprise entrance, " Ignis Gentes " he bowed forward " Phaili clan, nice to meet fellow mages " he stood erect again. His eyes seeming as if they would burst into flames at any moment. His face is usual in a stern look but at this moment a small smirk could be witnessed on his face, his mind processing slowly which clans could do the most damage to him at the moment.
  19. Kyle ignored the possible fight, but he did look back to see the Phiali and Airith Arch Mages following him. He smiled at the two and kept walking forward. That is until he felt a chill in the air, #Ninoorut? Are you here?# He thought to himself, trying to figure out if the familiar chill was the other Ilonrain Arch Mage or something else. Then he heard fire erupt back where the other Arch Mages were still standing. He turned and put up his right hand, now covered in water, to defend himself. He made sure to move to the left, so that the Arch Mages following him didn't think he was aiming at them. Fire was not something he found comforting, even in life threatening cold. He usually made a dome of magical ice to keep warm at night, if he was outside a city/town. When he saw it was just the other Phiali Arch Mage, he dropped his hand and kept walking towards the large body of water.

    #I shall not greet someone who uses fire so recklessly. To make it worse he was not even officially sent here. Although I guess it does not matter seeing as this is for all Arch Mages, whether they wanted to participate or not.# Kyle's thoughts went on and on as they walked towards the water. It was a wonder that the small group was not attacked by creatures on the way towards the water. Of course that could change at any minute and hopefully Kyle was ready for it. One reason that he was so care free was his healing capabilities. He never sustained a wound he could not heal, but he also had the time to heal it. The thought that this was a life and death situation and that he wouldn't have much time to heal didn't even cross his mind.
  20. Aware of other presences, not by sensing their energy or anything but rather picking up faint rustling sounds from directions he'd not already seen people, Seburo paused momentarily to look back over his shoulder. He couldn't determine much more than the general direction they were in, perception not so finely honed that he might pinpoint them precisely or determine what they were, but enough that he wouldn't be completely caught off guard. One new arrival, however, hadn't taken to stalking the group for even a moment. He'd appeared before them in a flash of fire, this paired with his fully armored form should have made the clan he hailed from overly obvious.

    The considerably less clothed Phialic stopped in his tracks with the new appearance, turning briefly to face his clanmate. Instead of greeting him with the sort of warmth or familiarity you'd expect of two from the same flock, Seburo simply gave a short bow of the head and the same brief gaze he'd given the other Arch Mages that shared transport with him. He did, however, examine him a short moment longer than he had with the others. The man was, as were most of their kin, quite obviously a warrior. Someone he expected could prove a good challenge in straight-up physical combat, which was what he generally leaned toward in most cases. It's not that he wouldn't use his spells often, he just generally preferred to focus solely on his swordplay when they weren't necessary.

    After a moment the corners of his lips twitched upward, as if to smile, but only very briefly. It could have been the sense of kinship with this other Phialic, but it was more like to be the idea that another competitor.. Or perhaps a few more had just joined this trial. There was sure to be no shortage of fighting once they'd all gathered the shards, if not before then. Finally Seburo turned back toward the Ilonrian, who'd drawn out a small ammount of water seemingly from nowhere to weild in a defensive stance. He tilted his head slightly as he watched, but seemed otherwise unphased. Without a word of question he followed the young man when he began to move once more, not stopping again until his group would reach the water source their leader seemed sure he'd find.
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